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  1. THX you all. I have Revell Fox on the bench not that bad, not perfect but not that bad. For single siter I will someday probably buy Meng, or Eduard...
  2. How would Revell F/A-18F in 1/48 compare to rest of the available models ?
  3. Those J22 Killers should be J21 killers.. (J22 is wrong... )
  4. yup... don't say this twice.... .. 🙂
  5. As I had heard, LUN is going to Patriot park in Moscow...if this is correct, so next time I'm in Moscow again Patriot park is on the list again... ( it was planned for october but due to co-vid , it got canceled, I hope next year... ) .. Bummer.. not Patriot park in Moscow, but other Patriot park somewhere else... 😞
  6. For Academy/Eduard Su 27, replacement c-pit is necesary... if you get in Eduard ofering PE set for seats and c-pit and you are ok with PE look of it?, or buy resin one from aires ( 20€) + exhausts (20€) and if you are sattisfied with look of HB c-pit. for me ,if I was on your place try to get Academy Su-27 for resonably cheap price and invest in Aires c-pit ( total let say 50€) ...it is catch 22....
  7. Yes you can fit Aires Cpit into Revell/Monogram E/F Tiger. little bit of work but can be done..
  8. THX for the info on Revell A-90... I might order it... every model have issues 🙂
  9. nice one... I was in Moscow last year and saw it in Khimki museum...If I came across some diecent model, I just might build one..
  10. I don't know where to put this.. has any one else had problem assembly ( bending ) Eduard Flaps PE set for FW190A8 in 1/48. I started to build FW190A8, bought PE Flaps, and I just can not figure it out how to corectly bend movable part of flaps… ( part No.5. )
  11. agree it is horrible kit, but can be build in to nice model.. If you add neomega Office, eduard PE for exterion and exhaust. rescribe it you can turn it into nice model..
  12. fit is OK.. I build Italeri Mig 23 few years ago. not much sanding required… but as with any kit and resin C-pit, test fit first…
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