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  1. just before end of 2018 I have finnished REvell Saturn V in 1/144, but there are some "new"stuff from revell on the event horizont... count me in..
  2. Tomcat Fan

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Brain P. I Will drink on your comment… cheers.. spot on.
  3. Tomcat Fan

    Park Patriot 2018

    WOOOW... excelent … so next time I'm in Moscow 1 additional stuff to visit..
  4. Tomcat Fan

    What came in the mail for you today?

    Revell Saturn V in 1/144 and Revell Mustang D 1/32....
  5. OUUUU YEAAAA.... want one..
  6. Tomcat Fan

    Alclad troubles

    I have learned my lesson the hard way.. :) THX guys
  7. Tomcat Fan

    Alclad troubles

    Yes, never give up... :) lesson learned. what type od gloss coat do you use on alclad, not want to deviate from nice metal finish..
  8. Tomcat Fan

    Alclad troubles

    Just fix it.. :) carefull masking of stenciles.. very narow strips of tamiya tape over stencil just gently put don on it, and light spraying of alclad... aperantly decal sollution made reaction with aluminium in Alclad paint and made it darker - Alclad 101 after reaction looked much darker shade of aluminium... maybe usefull for weathering...
  9. Tomcat Fan

    Alclad troubles

    Hey All I'm curently doing modeling on truly model from HELL.. building Yeager's Glenn III in 1/48 - NMF first I "Xcrew" up one decal put B6 in wrong position 6B insted of B6 - fix that then decals with stars cracked..removed decals respray alclad - fix that now anothed disaster striked... decal setting sollution made some reaction with alclad and area around decals turned much darker alu... how in hell to fix that... mask decals - stenciles and respray alclad ? or throw everithing in the trash bin.. ? any help apriciated.
  10. Tomcat Fan

    Roden 1/48 Pilatus Turbo Porter help Needed

    Skratch build them and use some Eduard PE set...
  11. Tomcat Fan

    Trumpeter's 48th Scale MiG-21UM Canopy Flaw

    cold weld similar as metal cold weld during casting process. to cold tool or material...
  12. It is about blody time to show up some Su 34... :)
  13. Looking for decals in 1/48 scale. 1. Tornado GR1 - desert storm, pinky Tonka 1/48 2. Mustang P-51D - Chuck Yeager Glamorous Glenn III 1/48 both sets can be leftovers, preferd option is to trade some decals from my stash..
  14. Tomcat Fan

    New Su-34 in 1:72 from Zvezda?

    I want one in 1/48 scale,,, ;)
  15. Tomcat Fan

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    First criuse vF1 and VF2 Tomcat would be nice...