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  1. looking great... how to get one..?
  2. THX you all. I have Revell Fox on the bench not that bad, not perfect but not that bad. For single siter I will someday probably buy Meng, or Eduard...
  3. How would Revell F/A-18F in 1/48 compare to rest of the available models ?
  4. Those J22 Killers should be J21 killers.. (J22 is wrong... )
  5. yup... don't say this twice.... .. πŸ™‚
  6. As I had heard, LUN is going to Patriot park in Moscow...if this is correct, so next time I'm in Moscow again Patriot park is on the list again... ( it was planned for october but due to co-vid , it got canceled, I hope next year... ) .. Bummer.. not Patriot park in Moscow, but other Patriot park somewhere else... 😞
  7. For Academy/Eduard Su 27, replacement c-pit is necesary... if you get in Eduard ofering PE set for seats and c-pit and you are ok with PE look of it?, or buy resin one from aires ( 20€) + exhausts (20€) and if you are sattisfied with look of HB c-pit. for me ,if I was on your place try to get Academy Su-27 for resonably cheap price and invest in Aires c-pit ( total let say 50€) ...it is catch 22....
  8. Yes you can fit Aires Cpit into Revell/Monogram E/F Tiger. little bit of work but can be done..
  9. THX for the info on Revell A-90... I might order it... every model have issues πŸ™‚
  10. nice one... I was in Moscow last year and saw it in Khimki museum...If I came across some diecent model, I just might build one..
  11. I don't know where to put this.. has any one else had problem assembly ( bending ) Eduard Flaps PE set for FW190A8 in 1/48. I started to build FW190A8, bought PE Flaps, and I just can not figure it out how to corectly bend movable part of flaps… ( part No.5. )
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