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  1. I don't know where to put this.. has any one else had problem assembly ( bending ) Eduard Flaps PE set for FW190A8 in 1/48. I started to build FW190A8, bought PE Flaps, and I just can not figure it out how to corectly bend movable part of flaps… ( part No.5. )
  2. agree it is horrible kit, but can be build in to nice model.. If you add neomega Office, eduard PE for exterion and exhaust. rescribe it you can turn it into nice model..
  3. fit is OK.. I build Italeri Mig 23 few years ago. not much sanding required… but as with any kit and resin C-pit, test fit first…
  4. A thanks… recently I build one from curent time in 1/48 scale...
  5. great build, but why "winders" ? you should put 2 x FAB250 instead
  6. Tomcat Fan

    Avengere turet

    Hello All, I'm building Italeri / AM Avenger in 1/48 scale, have troubles with assemly and fiting of the turet into the fuselage.. any hints?
  7. CY-57 in 1/48 Me like it... 🙂
  8. 231 pages and counting.. , must me new world record.... someone should get some life and have a cold one or two…
  9. Interesting.. wasn't Vic Thud names PuXXy Galore ?
  10. just before end of 2018 I have finnished REvell Saturn V in 1/144, but there are some "new"stuff from revell on the event horizont... count me in..
  11. Brain P. I Will drink on your comment… cheers.. spot on.
  12. WOOOW... excelent … so next time I'm in Moscow 1 additional stuff to visit..
  13. Revell Saturn V in 1/144 and Revell Mustang D 1/32....
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