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  1. 1/48 Sukhoi-37-35 ....and Su-47 berkut please
  2. Can you show us pictures of the kit please .
  3. I thought no one was going to answer me ?? Thank you very much for these details, I will go for a standard version which costs less than version 2.0 Thanks again 👍
  4. Hello guys, I would like to know the fixes and modifications made to the new model kit V.2.0, compared to the first version ? Has anyone noticed a difference between the two models ? Correction for the fuselage, canopy, weapons ? Thanks
  5. Pre-order at Hobbyeasy with 10 € less than AMMO ; https://www.hobbyeasy.com/en/data/rem5lt60z2x2v8ege4ag.html?t=1598946684 64.43€
  6. Nino is a good guy, he is insightful, the model kit is his guts that can be seen, he contributes to this forum in his own way, he is really a big help, like his motivation ,
  7. 1/48 First 3D-renders of new Su-57 by ZVEZDA
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