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  1. Looking really good, congratulations! What color did you use for the blue/grey? Regards frequent_flyer
  2. @spike7451 Thanks a lot for your answer. Seems like you need a degree in computer science just to mount some bombs to a plane these days - but then they are not just simple "bombs" anymore. Regards frequent_flyer
  3. Just a side question: why do these weapons codes have to be entered into the jet in the first place? What is this done for? I guess the days where you just hung some stuff making boom on a plane and be done with it are gone. Regards frequent_flyer
  4. That sounds like a good idea. Where exactly did you cut it? Regards frequent_flyer
  5. Great looking model, brilliant paint work How did you treat the large decal on top? I have the Austrian Draken in my stash, but so far i couldn't rack up the nerves to start it - this decal gives me headaches every time i think about it. Regards frequent_flyer
  6. If you put it that way, it really looks simple but to the unitiated eye it appears like a random sprinkling of the words "Mr", "Hobby" and "Color". Certainly not the way to avoid confusion among your customers. Regards frequent_flyer
  7. Well, this depends on which Tamiya thinner and which Gunze paint line we are talking about. Tamiya acrylics thinner (X-20A) is actually perfectly suited for Gunze acrylic colors (called something like Aqueous Hobby Color - they keep changing the name, so I'm not really sure if that's the most recent one, but Aqueous should be in it). Gunze "Mr. Color Thinner" is best for the Mr. Color enamel colors or some of the clear coats - not to be confused with the Product "Hobby Color Thinner", which is the acrylic thinner from Gunze (also it does not have Aqueos in it's name) and quite similar in compo
  8. Need (definitely) more Regards frequent_flyer
  9. Thank you all for your replies, an FGA.9 it will be then. I'm not sure if I can rack up the nerves for that conversion set though, looks like major surgery will be required. Regards frequent_flyer
  10. Hi everybody! What would be the best option to build a Swiss Hawker Hunter (i.e. a Mk.58)? As far as I know, Academy does (or did?) two Hunters in 1/48, a F6 an a FGA.9. Which would be the best starting point for a Mk.58? Are there any alternatives to the Academy kits? What would I need to change to get a Mk.58? Are there any conversion sets to aid in the process? I already found the thread Swiss Hunter questions here on ARC, but it confuses me a bit. There's this statement answered by this I wonder if the addition of a brake chute qualifies as "looking like a Mk.9", but as I don't h
  11. Can I use this French Mirage Blue from Vallejo also for a Mirage 2000 or would a different color be more appropriate? Regards, frequent_flyer
  12. Thanks for the explanation . It's really great to be able to talk to people with "hands on" experience. Greetings frequent_flyer
  13. Aha, good to know that. Do you know why this is so? Does each radom get a different color already during production or does the radom color perhaps fade more quickly and more "randomly" than the airframe colors or what else could be the reason? Greetings frequent_flyer
  14. Thanks a lot! Do you happen to know the radom color also? Greetings frequent_flyer
  15. I'm also building the Tamiya Adversary F-16 and want to do the grey/light blue/dark(er) blue scheme. What would the FS numbers for this scheme be? Thanks in advance frequent_flyer
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