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  1. The deal killer for me is the awful weapons from KH - gaps and misalignment everywhere. A missile shouldn't need hours to assemble, putty, sand, and rescribe. I was ok with the build of my Su-35 but when I got to the weapons I lost all interest. I'll probably get the GWH kit.
  2. Bill - I tried to message you - the total is $65 shipped. If that works for you my paypal is jgrease1417@gmail.com John
  3. I've got the following kits to sell I take PayPal: 1/32 Wessex from Fly Models $100 shipped in the US 1/48 Hasegawa IDF Brakeet $50 *SOLD* 1/48 Hasegawa F-14A with resin exhausts, wheels, and cockpit PE $90 PM me here if you're interested or want to make a sensible, fair offer.
  4. Is the problem that you're not able to post links or photos properly? I'm really interested in these decals but I have no idea what the company name is and I have no idea where to look for them. Is there any chance you can just type the web address or the facebook page name so we can look at it?
  5. No link, no additional information. Awesome.
  6. The only rough part of that kit was the camera bay. Outside of that the fit was great.
  7. Nine posts and I can guarantee they were all clever insightful thoughts.
  8. You do that - all that Tanmodel did was announce what kits they PLANNED on doing. But you got my attention so I guess you win.
  9. You couldn't be more hopelessly wrong - Tanmodel hasn't continued to push the notion that the Bucc is right around the corner. There was initial posts about it and some CADs floated around. Tanmodel has been building up their company through some kits of Turkish subjects for their home crowd. But again you're pissing all over the guy while he's recovering from a serious health issue. Your happiness through a plastic model airplane is the priority after all.
  10. Uh, the man was sick but if that gave you a giggle then...
  11. The owner of the company had been facing some medical issues which took him away from the plastic model business. I believe he's still recovering. Health comes first. I think there's a huge difference in approaches taken by AMK vs Tanmodel.
  12. Agreed. It's a disappointment in an otherwise very good kit. I've been pleasantly surprised during construction so far.
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