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  1. Back to the IP - where did you read/see/hear about this? Just curious because there's nothing on their FB page, nothing on their YT channel and nothing on their website. Seems pretty significant though. John
  2. I think that Meng's F-4 kits make for a pleasant build. No fuss no muss. You can debate the panel line depth and heat shields all day. I'll take ten. John
  3. I know it's a long shot but my KH F-5F has a completely shattered windscreen and canopies. I will gladly pay for replacements if someone has a kit they are parting out. John
  4. Just found this build and it looks awesome! Looking forward to more. John
  5. I've ordered from Ali Express a few times with minimal hassle. The kit prices are good and I've only had an issue once where the kit arrived damaged due to poor packaging, but that's on the seller not the website. The shipping times are reasonable and you can find good buys. John
  6. Please let me know what you think of the Buccaneer kit - I'm actually looking forward to the RAF version!
  7. Nice! I've got plans to do one of these soon - just waiting on the Babibi IPs. John
  8. I haven't built the Tamiya -B yet so I can't speak to it. However, having built the Hasegawa and now working on the Meng, I have to say that the Hasegawa is simpler but the Meng is a pleasure so far. The detail on both is not complex but the Meng is the better engineered kit of those two. John
  9. I just sprayed my Kinetic F-16C with RC245 and it just seems way too light. The gray in the scrap piece underneath is gunship grey for reference. John
  10. Looks interesting so far - looking forward to more. John
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