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  1. I just sprayed my Kinetic F-16C with RC245 and it just seems way too light. The gray in the scrap piece underneath is gunship grey for reference. John
  2. Looks interesting so far - looking forward to more. John
  3. Great work Chuck - glad to have you back at the bench! John
  4. That's a great build - your paint work around the exhausts is very effective. John
  5. Thanks very much for the feedback - I really appreciate it! John
  6. A host of Ukrainian manufacturers are still proudly producing their wares. What's your point? John
  7. Looks great so far - sorry to hear about the seat but it sounds like you've got that handled. Looking forward to more! John
  8. Wow - glad I found this thread! Great work so far. John
  9. Seems like the start of a lawyer's commercial, but I'm wondering how many people are missing entire trees from the 1/48 kit. I had received mine and didn't think to check it until I went to build it a couple weeks later and I'm missing trees G and H. Mentioned it to my buddy and he had the same exact issue. I've sent an email through Squadron's "contact us" page, but I haven't received any response. I highly recommend checking your kit to verify all parts are in the box. I hope Brandon will find a solution for this. John
  10. I bought mine from Squadron and it was missing trees G & H and I had two of tree E. John
  11. Thank you very much! It was actually an enjoyable build. John
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