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  1. You're very welcome! Certainly quite a few issues as per usual with any KH kit - I keep hoping they will learn from their past, but no such luck... If I desperately wanted to build another Su-30, I guess I'd have to learn from their mistakes and try and do better. I would pick GWH over KH any day. We'll all be waiting at that bench. LOL
  2. Thanks very much Rich - I call it like I see it, and I hope to keep things entertaining. John
  3. Having built the Su-30MK, I've got to say that for the most part the fit is great. Two trouble areas are the fit of the nose onto the fuselage and the lower fuselage engine covers (sorry but I am probably using the wrong term). Aside from that the cockpit fit well and everything else was not bad. The decals are ambitious but awful in use - they don't react to setting solutions except to become kind of rubbery. The instructions are awful - constantly shifting view angles and lack of detailed installation diagrams for many parts. And now the lack of weapons - all of this for $70? Honestly, I bou
  4. Really nice work - have one in the stash and you're making me want to build it! John
  5. I've finally test-fitted the nose, and it was quite a good fit - but like everything else in the kit there is no positive locating tabs. John
  6. Exactly. I really wanted to hold off installing them, but no dice. Ugh.
  7. Your guess is as good as mine. I got the latest boxing of the Su-35 with resin nozzles, figures, and the Russian Weapon carts for $71. No logic to that.
  8. Part 2 is now available - thanks again ARCers for supporting me!
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