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  1. Agreed. It's a disappointment in an otherwise very good kit. I've been pleasantly surprised during construction so far.
  2. Unless you had some Su-17s or Su-22s in the back, that's entirely irrelevant except to prove the point I already made. Maybe if someone draws some red lines on a photo that will prove the man wrong. 🙄
  3. This thread shows how off the rails a lot of ARC members truly are. The one guy in the conversation that actually worked on real live Sukhois is told that he's wrong by people posting photos that probably haven't been within miles of a real Sukhoi. Can't figure out why nobody takes this seriously...
  4. Not to the red line brigade. I feel the same way - it's my hobby and not a lifestyle.
  5. You are absolutely correct. I don't have a dog in this fight and even I can see places where it doesn't even look like some parts were sanded, and other parts look to be over-sanded. the photo of the misalignment between the forward fuselage and rear fuselage was consistent and my first thought was "why didn't he just push down on the assembly?" The ejector pin marks are inexcusable but the poor assembly is just...poor assembly.
  6. We're still talking about a plastic model airplane, right?
  7. So much LOL in your responses. Why did you even post anything if you're going to crap on every response you get? Don't go away mad, just go away.
  8. I questioned the method used for an in-box review of the Su-34 from Kitty Hawk and got banned from BM. Apparently they thought I was someone else - kept calling me "Matt". My name is John. LMAO
  9. Enjoy your vacation - well deserved!
  10. Just my two cents - I've been using Ammo thinned 50/50 with Mr Leveling Thinner and it's been behaving quite well for me, spraying between 15 and 25 psi depending on the application.
  11. I ordered the kit on Amazon from Kitty Hawk, and despite another buyer review saying he got the figures with the kit, my kit did not come with them. Just obnoxious that there's no rhyme or reason to which kits got them aside from the review kits.
  12. Not "lathered" at all. This is about a plastic model airplane. I can write without getting upset. Honest.
  13. Zactoman - this thread is overwhelmingly based on speculation - I'm sure if we were to count the posts that actually contained information from AMK and compared it to the posts that start with "I sure hope..." and the posts that used the AMK photos and comparisons to real-world photos there would be little doubt this is an EXTREMELY speculative thread. All of the hard information has been provided by AMK - nobody else. You may have learned stuff about the kit from this thread, but all of that info came from the manufacturer, not from the countless wish lists posted here. If you want real information about the F-14 go buy Danny Coremans' book. As I said - the speculation is silly and pointless. "I sure hope AMK does this or that" is meaningless and doesn't change anything AMK has done or will do. Did AMK take feedback from folks and use that feedback? It would appear that they did at some points but not always. It sure seems like the only thing this thread was good at is shutting down the interaction between AMK and the folks that were interacting with them. Further, I stated "when the kit is released we'll all be able to make informed buying decisions". That is a statement of fact - until there is a box with a product available from AMK nobody has any way of knowing how the final product will look or what will be in the box. "If not for this thread and what I have learned from it, I would not be able to make an informed buying decision." - ?!? Ok, if that works for you then good on you! Nothing contradictory in my two statements - they're based on reality and not on guessing or some iphone photos of a test shot on a table in the Philippines or a bunch of hopes and dreams from the folks on ARC.
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