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  1. Thanks 👍. I've been dragging this thing out long enough. It's time to wrap it up. Will post some more pictures after I glue the canopy on.
  2. Belly brakes are now bolted shut and the nose cones on the Rb 71 are resprayed in a lighter shade of gray:
  3. Found a side view picture of the Skyflash that shows the gray shade on the nose cone:
  4. I didn't know the belly airbrakes were bolted shut. Thanks for pointing that out. Will try to fix.
  5. Thanks. I did also find some pictures on my end. Below is my attempt: I painted the cones on the Rb71 before seeing the picture you posted above, so they turned out just a little too dark. Too late to fix them now.
  6. I just listed my four Iwata double action gravity fed airbrushes for sale in the Classifieds for cheap. You might want to take a look 😉
  7. I have four different genuine Iwata double-action gravity feed airbrushes for sale. All are in excellent cosmetic and working conditions. Iwata Revolution HP-AR: 0.3mm needle, 0.9 ml gravity feed paint cavity, $60 plus $9 shipping to CONUS Iwata Revolution HP-BR: 0.3mm needle, 1.5 ml gravity feed paint cup, $60 plus $9 shipping to CONUS Iwata Revolution HP-CR: 0.5mm needle, 7 ml gravity feed paint cup, $60 plus $9 shipping to CONUS Iwata Eclipse HP-BS: 0.35mm needle, 1.5 ml gravity feed paint cup, $85 plus $9 shipping to CONUS Each airbrush wi
  8. Not a problem. I would give airbrushing a try. You never know, you might be natural at it.
  9. Airbrush for sure unless you are good at blending/feathering the new paint into the existing paint with a paint brush. Learning how to use an airbrush will pay dividends over time. Just like learning how to write cursive, it's not that hard.
  10. Of course the blade will dull over time, but replacement blades are cheap. You only need to get the blade and not the entire housing.
  11. Yes, the knife blade will partially go through the mat. What you want to do is set up a custom cut setting for each material. For the 0.5mm styrene, take an existing material setting that almost cut all the way through and create a custom cut setting from it by slightly increasing the cut pressure or the multi-cut. Repeat the process for thinner material.
  12. Now that wasn't so hard was it? So 5 drops of diluted Ammonium Hydroxide (not pure Ammonia) in a 100 drops of solution will attack the brass. Okay. Got it.
  13. You are still not answering my original question.
  14. Yes, several times. However, I asked first. It's a simple question because I'm curious.
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