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  1. You can still order the entire line of Gunze aqueous paints from the states here:
  2. And here is a pic showing both the Mirage 2000 and the F-15 Mod Eagle in the same shot: The darker gray on the Mirage 2000 is not even close to the darker gray on the F-15, which is FS 36176.
  3. Lightning and computer monitors aside, here is a picture that shows both a Mirage 2000c flying with an F-18C for comparison: We all know that the lower color on the Hornet and its aft nose cone is 36375 light ghost gray. Note the color of the radome on the Mirage. It is darker and thus leads me to 36231 and not 36375 as suggested. Also, the lighter gray on the Mirage is slightly lighter than the lighter gray on the Hornet.
  4. Not sure about your color approximations. If the nose cone is 36375, then the lighter gray should be even lighter than 36375 as opposed to the darker 36300 as stated. The darker gray is not even close to MOD Eagle Gray 36176: To my eyes, the nose cone is FS36231 Dark Gull Gray, the lighter gray is FS36375 Light Ghost Gray, and the darker gray is FS35164 Intermediate Blue.
  5. Lay down a couple of light coats of Tamiya white surface primer in a square bottle, thinned 50/50 with Tamiya lacquer thinner, then gloss white on top.
  6. Hey Steve, my custom avatar no longer shows up ever since the forum change over, and there isn't an option to update the default avatar under profile settings. How do people change their avatar nowadays, sending it to you?
  7. My custom avatar no longer shows up ever since the forum change over. I don't see a way to change the default avatar in my profile settings. There isn't an avatar option anywhere. How did people change their avatar?
  8. I, too, no longer get e-mail notifications
  9. And Gunze H51 Gloss Light Gull Gray is a great match.
  10. You can order Gunze acrylics from the states here: Most are available and ship within a week.
  11. You could use MM Acryl Flat, but use multiple light coats. On the other hand, Tamiya relatively new XF-86 Flat Clear is excellent and trouble-free.
  12. Try comparing the colors outside under natural daylight and report back. Also, use color chips, not color cards.