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  1. VF-143 Pukin Dogs USS Dwight D Eisenhower

    How time flies when you are busy building kits.
  2. Bombs for S-3A Viking

    Of course. Makes perfect sense. I got the colors reversed.
  3. Bombs for S-3A Viking

    Thanks. The orange paint is live and not inert, correct?
  4. Bombs for S-3A Viking

    Thanks. Does anyone have some color pictures of the Mk.52 mine? I was not able to find any.
  5. Bombs for S-3A Viking

    I'm thinking about doing the S-3A CAG aboard the USS Enterprise circa 1975, so I can't arm it with the QuickStrikes.
  6. Bombs for S-3A Viking

    Found the 1/48 TER by Eduard: Mk.82 bombs with air brake: Mk.84 bombs: Found the Mk 65 Quickstrike Mine by Shapeways: I think I'm all set :)
  7. Bombs for S-3A Viking

    Great stuff Thanks.
  8. Searching for a paint brand

    Here you go: AMMO of Mig Interior and Cockpit Colors
  9. Bombs for S-3A Viking

    Yes, that's an S-3B only thing. S-3A can't carry or fire Harpoons. If your S-3A model has Harpoons on it, then you did it wrong.
  10. Bombs for S-3A Viking

    I am not sure what "slant loaded" means. Do you have an example picture?
  11. Bombs for S-3A Viking

    Thanks for the great info. I'm thinking about starting the 1/48 S-3A that has been sitting in my stash since the mid 80's. I don't think the kit came with wing fuel tanks, hence my question in the first post.
  12. Bombs for S-3A Viking

    S-3A Vikings are not equipped to carry Harpoon missiles on external pylons. However, according to Squadron walk-around book, the S-3A can carry iron bombs but doesn't mention what types. Does anyone know?
  13. Tamiya extra thin - new formula?

    Quick Setting might be useful when gluing bomb halves together or missile fins to missile body since you would only need to hold and press the parts together for a second or two while the plastic melts.
  14. Mr. Color fluorescent color issues

    Have you tried using less thinner and airbrush in several light coats?
  15. some more F-35A help Please

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe the RAM panel tape has those metallic speckles in it.