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  1. I know exactly how an airbrush works. No where in my post did I say pulling the needle out back will put paint into the air channel. Common man. Go back and read my post. When you pull the needle back, some paint on the needle will make it past the seal and all the way back to the needle chuck. The paint will dry in the needle tube back there, making removing and inserting the needle harder.
  2. To me "true acrylic" means "true water based acrylic" that's composed of acrylic pigment, acrylic binder, and mostly water as the solvent/carrier. Some examples are MM Acryl, AKAN acrylic, LifeColor, Pactra acrylic, and Mission Models.
  3. I find the new formula easy to apply, spreads nicely, and sands easily. So far I can't see anything wrong with it.
  4. That's Zero Paints Gloss Clear Lacquer You can also achieve the same amount of glossiness with Gunze H30 or Tamiya X22:
  5. Have you tried spraying it at 30 psi to push it through the small nozzle opening? This is one drawback of the product since it needs to be sprayed at a fairly high pressure.
  6. Sweet. Just want to double check.
  7. Try priming your landing gear with MRP fine white surface primer first straight out of the bottle. Mr. Surfacer 1500 white primer thinned with Mr. Leveling Thinner also works great.
  8. For the particular S-3B Viking VS-29 that took part in OIF shown below, SuperScale Decal Sheet 48-951 calls for an overall color of FS 36320. I thought low viz S-3B Vikings are painted FS 36375 overall. Is this aircraft a special case? Some pictures of this aircraft can be found at https://www.midwaysailor.com/midwayhangar/viking.html It does appear to be an overall Dark Ghost Gray on my computer monitor from the photos.
  9. Sprue Brothers in the US now has these back in stock: 1:48 Wolfpack S-3B Viking Wing Fold Set
  10. This is my experience with MRP clear gloss as well even though I shake the bottle vigorously for 30 seconds and spray a very wet final coat. It dries to a more satin finish:
  11. So the change happened before Iraq 2003? Good to know.
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