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  1. Great build you have there and also nice photos too! Regards
  2. Pompeo, Adicionado aos meus favoritos. Excelente site by the way! Abraço
  3. Stunning work as always, mate. Love the colors and the final paint results! Congrats for another beautifull build.
  4. Hey Jerry, Thanks for your reply. I do have in fact the Squadron Walkaround book, ref. 5544, and in fact there a few pics from the avionics bay, but they are far away and we can't see them in detail. http://pla.gr/catalog/images/squadron/SQ5544.jpg Regards
  5. By the way: does anyone have some "decent" photos of the electronic bays of the A-7? I want to add more detail to them, but couldn't fine any nice images of it. Any help will be great. Thanks in advance
  6. Hello gents, For a long time way from the workbench, so it's time to return to it. As for this return I've to build the A-7 E II Corsair, scale 1/48 from manufacturer Hasegawa. An Aires cockpit will be the only aftermarket goodies on the kit. The markings of the will be that which came with the kit: "Valions" So here go the first in-progress photos: The box-art and the AIRES cockpit Dry fitting of the cockpit after remover the panel glare of the kit: Overall dry fitting of the main fuselage. It's a really good work from Hasegawa Sanding and more sanding to fit the cockpit under th
  7. Great job you have done, as ALWAYS! Congrats on such a beautifull building. Kind regards
  8. With all that extra goodies, it will be a beauty on your hands, that for sure. Already a great start... I already bought popcorn and a few drinks to see this build on the front row. Kindest regards
  9. Hi ALex, That's a lovelly build and an amazing work on the weathering.... I think you should share you technic with us ... A nice base will be great too! Congrats on such a nice build. Regards
  10. Lovelly work! And also fast! :lol: regards
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