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  1. Berkut, Many thanks for that. Excellent additional references. Only a few of these come up on a Google image search. Shots like 80831 clearly show the correct location of the radome compared to other surface features like the door.
  2. I am researching the same requirement for the Modelsvit 1/72 Il-86, working off available photos and correcting for perspective where possible. I have not found any accurate drawings - the set of four Vrilov drawings are good, but include anomalies like the belly fairings which do not appear on 86148. Jennings drawing has the main radome starting too far aft, as it is clearly in front of rear of the port cabin door. It also has the big blade aerials, which seem to have only appeared on 86146 and 86147. Happy if anyone can point at better source material than a regular Google search on Il-8
  3. I am looking at the Hasegawa, Fujimi, Academy and Italeri kits, and here is the analysis so far. Concur with the comments on the clean Hasegawa. Italeri has heavy detailing. Concur with issues on fin height on Italeri and Fujimi - and the other two are not the same. Weapons bay - Fujimi best, Academy second, Italeri just plunged in (straight side walls with no detail) Main gear bay - Academy best, Italeri done as an insert, Hasegawa and Fujimi only do the open rear part of the bay, and that as a plunge Nose gear bay - Academy as an insert - all the others as a plunge Cockpit - All have
  4. If those are centimetres on the grid, then I think there is a problem. The wing span looks OK at just under 23cm for a 4B, but the fuselage is significantly less than the 25cm it should be. It looks to be just under 24cm. which would be correct for a Comet 4. This seems to match your diagnosis on airlinercafe, where your image shows that the AModel 4B and Welsh Comet 4 are suspiciously similar in length, and much shorter than the Airfix 4B. So we have a kit where the wings are too short for anything but a 4B, and the fuselage is only the right length for a Comet 3 or 4. It might be intere
  5. Humbling that my Chinese walkaround on primeportal is referenced as a source in the review. Looks like one for the stash list.
  6. Energia Buran from Amodel now in at Hannants at £399.99 Howard
  7. Hannants just announced availability of the Buran Orbiter alone (code 72023) at £153.99. Shows as Kits (injection) but would be surprised if not the usual Amonster glass fibre with injection details. I think I will wait for 72026 with the boosters. HowardM
  8. Now if you were talking about the 1/96 card model I would agree with you......which you were. I thought hacker was talking about the original topic. Serves me right for spending too much time on the Shapeways site, where printing parts has a different meaning. Sorry.
  9. It would work better at 50% - 67% gets you 1/107.46, which probably matches at least one Revell kit from the fifties. Howard (being picky)
  10. Hannants in the UK have them on pre-order at 10% discount at GBP 360. Not cheap but better than EUR 700. Modelsua.com is usually cheaper, but not on the list yet. Howard
  11. You might find 747 LCF Walkaround of some use. Howard M
  12. As someone who worked on Concorde as an apprentice, the kit saddened me. Some key errors include: Incorrect fin shape Incorrect shape join between fuselage and nose Nose gear bay in the wrong place Cockpit windows too low Wrong fuselage section Belly fairing needs scratching Wrong wing camber and leading edge shape And the fit is appalling. Dick Ward even had to redesign the decal sheet when he got the test shot, as he had assumed the correct shape. Howard
  13. According to the program manager: "We start with the 767-200ER already type certified, commercial passenger aircraft. We add to it some DASH-300F series wings, DASH-400ER auxiliary power unit. Some doors, some tanks, some cargo features, and we turn it essentially into a 767-2C freighter which has the structural capability to do the tanking mission. We add to that all in the Everett facility there in Washington, body tanks, freighter cargo door and floor, an enhanced flight deck. When it comes out of the factory there at Everett it will essentially fly over downtown Seattle a
  14. Thanks for your inputs, which confirm that the HB kit differs from production aircraft in the complete engine installation shape, the ventral fin, tailcone and the shape of the cockpit windows as a minimum. Howard
  15. Hannants have the new 1/72 Hobby-Boss Z-10 helicopter in stock. Has anyone seen the actual plastic, since the boxtop art and the previous test shots shown on this site seem to have the original upward facing exhausts rather than the current side facing exhausts as exhibited recently? Thanks
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