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  1. Love to see these coming out. Any chance of getting CD72053 A-1E/AD-5 Skyraider reprinted?
  2. I don't need the entire sheet but if you have any of the gray birds you would be willing to part with that would be great.
  3. Probably a long shot, I know, but looking for 1/72 Cutting Edge NB-52B decals. Don't need the entire sheet but specifically looking for the later mission markings.
  4. With the upcoming 1/72 Tall Tail B-52 sheet has there been any thoughts about artwork for NB-52B "Balls 8"? Cutting Edge did a sheet years ago but nearly impossible to find now. The last releases of Monogram/Revell 's kit the artwork is only for the earlier X-15 flights. Would love to see some mission markings for later flights too.
  5. Amazing NMF. Should do a master class.
  6. @KursadA curious to any update on producing the H-34 set in 1/72 scale?
  7. I think most of us are familiar with the attractive Michigan F-4C's in ADC gray but what about in SEA camo? I just found these pictures today. If you ever think about re-releasing 72023 this might make a nice bonus add on with stencils.
  8. I am a big fan of line jets, but there's a special spot in my heart for Duluth birds. I hadn't seen that scheme, yet. Thanks for sharing.
  9. I wish I would've thought of doing it that way or waited until you made the plugs. I ended up heating up sheet styrene and forming it to the shape of the fuselage and wing roots. It took a while to get the right shape plus a LOT of putty but in the end I think it turned out okay. Made mine as a C-9A. Need to finalize the markings and will post pictures once fully completed. In regards to where to post, you would probably get the most bang from Airliners. Not sure how many people even know about the C-9 let alone want to tackle that build. However, few airliner modelers probab
  10. Great build, Fred. I'm with you when it comes to lumpy-bumpy, cargo/commercial aircraft. In a similar vein I have a penchant for commercial planes that I could see at my local regional airport turned into military jets. I have just finished converting the old Aurora DC-9 into a C-9 Nightingale and will soon be turning my sights on my Aurora 737 conversion to a T-43. Your build inspires me. And I'm with Dutch on your museum. Perhaps your wife could start a thread on ARC geared towards helping our wives learn to cope with our hobby and just let us turn a section of the house int
  11. Nicely done. Got that one in my stash waiting to be built with Minnesota Air Guard markings. Mmmmm, now what other project can I put on hold to start that🤔
  12. Well done. Your paint shading is top notch. I've also built a cadre of those Esci kits and while not a fall together kit can be made into a nice kit. Yours is a show stopper. Nice work. It looks like you added fuel staining on the external fuel tank caps. I've never seen that on an F-16 before though my interests are mostly limited to USAF birds.
  13. @KursadA I know you've been busy lately but wondering if you have any updates on the release of the 1/72 F-105D sheet. Also, curious about the status of CD 72072 Sikorsky H-34 sheet. I have a H-34 in my stash just begging to be built in USAF rescue markings.
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