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  1. Humbrol 127 and i followed the instructions from AMK Kfir, which i found in the internet, because wingmans instructions weren't clear about it. AMK suggested Gunze H308(FS36375).
  2. Well kit went well Edward, it didn't require much putty and it was a pleasant built, thanks! Enrywar67 thank you, you're so wright...unforunatelly can't repair the nose wheel now but i will sure put the wingtip lights! Just forgot to glue them!
  3. Hi just finished the F-21 in ghost sheme. I used humbrol, lifecolor and alclad colours.
  4. What a a fantastic painting and weathering!
  5. What a beatifull Barak, you have done an amazing model, congradulations!
  6. Amazing model, thanks for sharing!
  7. I really appreciate your comments Matthew. Next time I'll built an aggressor I'm going to ask for your help. Aggressors and adversaries are my favourite subject. My next project is a F-21 kfir in 1/48, I'm expecting the kit this week.
  8. Thanks Matthew but i saw this photo and i used this pod.
  9. What a beatifull Tomcat collection! Excellent models all three of them, well done!
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