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  1. viking73

    1/144 Roden C-133 - For Sale on eBay

    Looks like this kit is already for sale on eBay from Eastern Europe! -Derek
  2. viking73

    1/144 Roden C-133 - For Sale on eBay

    Well I'm happy to report that my "Weenie Wagon" arrived safely today from ModelsUA! Only 11 days to get from the Ukraine to Texas, pretty impressive. The box arrived in great condition, wrapped in brown paper on the outside. The box was encased in cardboard, the kit itself was shrink wrapped and as a further precaution, the sprues were bubble wrapped. Very nice. Once all that was removed, the box seems over-sized for what is inside: Surface detail is nicely done. The panel lines do seem a bit overdone for 1/144, but this is pretty common for this scale I'd say. Here's the tail section inside and out: The cockpit is complete with four seats, yokes, and instrument panels. The crew door on the starboard side is molded open and a door is included. A cargo floor is provided. The big let down is of course with the decals... Hopefully Kursad will come to our rescue like always!! 🙂 These were just some "quick and dirty" shots with my cell phone camera. I can post more/better ones if anyone wants to see them, just let me know. -Derek
  3. viking73

    B-52 RESIN....B-52 RESIN...someone wants inputs!

    Engine pods would be cool to use on the Monogram/Revell “D” kit to turn it into an “F”! -Derek
  4. viking73

    1/144 Roden C-133 - For Sale on eBay

    Got a got an email today from ModelsUA saying that my kit has shipped! Hopefully I’ll have it in 2 weeks or so. I’ll be happy to post photos here when I get it unless someone else beats me to it. -Derek
  5. viking73

    1/144 Roden C-133 - For Sale on eBay

    Has anyone received their kit yet? I paid for mine on the 18th so I hope it will be here in a few more days via airmail from Eastern Europe... Here is a sprue shot I found: https://www.facebook.com/groups/greenmats/permalink/2237482082977988/ -Derek
  6. viking73

    HB 1/72 TA-7C OOB

    My thoughts exactly. Since the intake is separate, it should lend itself more easily to the HB kit. -Derek
  7. Any news on a release date yet?!?!
  8. viking73

    Different color/tone of plastic?

    Wow, you’ve built three Monogram B-36s?! My hat is off to you sir! I can’t even seem to finish one 😂 -Derek
  9. viking73

    HB 1/72 TA-7C OOB

    What about grafting a portion of a Fujimi A-7 kit intake to replace and improve the squashed look on this kit? I have thought about trying it but I wonder if anyone else has done this before I ruin my TA-7 kit?! -Derek
  10. viking73

    HB 1/72 TA-7C OOB

    Makes me want to break out this kit from my stash and get working on it! I even have the Quickboost resin parabrake housing for the tail and that same Xtradecal sheet. How was the fit Collin? That paint scheme is very eye-catching! -Derek
  11. viking73

    HB 1/72 TA-7C OOB

    Looking great! -Derek
  12. viking73

    1/144 Roden C-133 - For Sale on eBay

    Well I just ordered one from ModelsUA (thanks Homebe) so hopefully I’ll have it in a few weeks... -Derek
  13. viking73

    1/144 Roden C-133 - For Sale on eBay

    This might be a really great option for C-133 markings if you would be open to it Kursad. A set of MATS/MAC tail bands and some serial numbers. Good idea Dutch! -Derek
  14. viking73

    Wolfpak Decals Spring Release

    Mark, Those B-52Fs are pretty cool looking. I’ll have to buy this one and figure out how to do an F model at some point 😃 -Derek
  15. viking73

    Boeing B-52F 57-0163

    Hi Chris, Any progress on your build yet? -Derek
  16. viking73

    B-47 suggestions?

    That one has already been done on one of the fairly recent (?) Warbird B-47 sheets. -Derek
  17. Thanks for the heads up. Just watched it on demand. Pretty cool 👍🏻 -Derek
  18. viking73

    2020 IPMS Nationals is in.....

    As a vendor? It will be great to finally meet you and shake your hand for all the excellent decals you’ve brought us! -Derek
  19. Hi, I'm looking for some 1/72 decals for my Monogram B-52 that I am planning in starting soon. Pretty much anything would work - any of the Cutting Edge options from one of the 5 (?) B-52 sheets, options from the old Microscale sheet 72-152, or even the B-52E option(s) from Wolfpak sheet 72-039 would be great. I am unsure yet if I'm going to do a camo bird or a silver and white scheme. Did/does anyone else do early B-52 decals that I haven't listed? Let me know what you have and I can offer many other 1/72 decals in trade (some rare/OOP) or I can buy them from you. Thanks in advance, -Derek (in Texas)
  20. Thanks gents. Dutch - I thought that Carcal's sheet was going to be for short tailed G and H models only. After re-reading that thread I see he's going to have some tall tail BUFF options too. I guess I had forgotten that! Don - I'll shoot you a PM. -Derek
  21. This is awesome news!! Any idea on a release date?! I know a couple of former army helo pilots that trained at Fort Wolters that I’ll be building these for as gifts! 😀 -Derek
  22. viking73

    CD144013 - 1/144 C-97 / KC-97

    Mine arrived a few days ago as well and they are outstanding looking as expected! -Derek
  23. viking73

    New 1/35 N I K E - Hercules kit!

    Hi ARC, I'm not sure if this is the correct forum area to post this, but I'm pretty pumped about this new injected kit of the N I K E - Hercules: I can finally trash my old, crappy and poor fitting Revell box scale kit! I've never heard of this company before but according to Facebook page, this kit will be out in March! Can't wait!! -Derek
  24. viking73

    A-1E Skyraider 1/48 - Crossed the Finished Line

    Looking great! Can't wait to see it after the trip to the paint shop. -Derek
  25. Happy New Year ARC - I finally finished this one - as finished as it's going to get anyway. I know I am missing the antennas and radio wires but this was not an easy build and this kit fought me at every step. I just wanted it off the bench! With that being said, I am pretty happy with the way it came out overall. This is the Mach 2 injection kit. The decals all came from the decal dungeon. The Texas ANG specific markings are from the excellent Caracal 1/48 F-4C/D and 1/32 T-33 sheets. The vertical fin lightening bolt isn't 100% correct in shape but was the best I had to work with. Paints are MM Enamels shot with my trusty Paasche H and the white was from a Tamiya rattle can. I made several improvements to the kit. The clear fuselage windows didn't fit at all so I used the late Bondo-Phil method of clear packing tape and clear resin. I added the nose pitot tubes from needles, added the port side cargo door and handles, filled and re-scribed the baggage door on the forward front starboard fuselage to the correct location, added the astrodome to the top of the fuselage, added landing lights from Krystal-Kleer, drilled out various intakes in the wing leading edges, and drilled out the engine exhausts and used portions of a soda straw for the tubes. I replaced all the smaller detail parts since the kit's were very crude and soft detail-wise. The engines were replaced (ironically) from a scrapped Mach 2 C-123, the props are a white metal set from Aeroclub, and the gear is a wonderful white metal set from Welsh Models. I'd love to do a T-29 with a belly radome also but I'm not sure I could get through another one of these kits. I think they are a test in stamina and patience but the reward is something not seen too often build up. I can't figure out why I keep eyeing the Mach 2 AJ Savage I have in my stash, I must be a real glutton for punishment hahaha! Thanks for looking, -Derek