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  1. They are in stock in Toronto as of Friday, Oct. 24 ;)
  2. I have never seen that anywhere. Certainly not in Russia, or anywhere else in Eastern Europe.
  3. USPS is a joke. Try a box with 16 kits from the West coast - $38 (before business discount) to Buffalo, $106 to Toronto. As for ebay, I rarely buy anything from there, but if I do it's only when the seller gives me a "real-world" shipping. If they insist on that idiotic global shipping nonsense, the sale doesn't matter no matter how much I want the item.
  4. Yes, we're one of those good resellers. Or at least trying to be - there has been nothing from Zvezda that came to our distributor recently (and I think the same goes for the US); the A320s were supposed to be here in August (which was already way too late), and right now nobody seems to know what's going on. I hope you can appreciate that the last thing I want is for our customers to be buying kits we should have from online stores, wherever they may be. Perhaps it's just a stupid delay somewhere, but I am annoyed that we still don't have the 320s, hence my previous comment. Generally spea
  5. I think the question is, will we be able to actually buy these outside of Russia any time soon, with the way things are going. We're still waiting for the freaking A320 here! Grrr.
  6. Either way, here it is. Let me know if you want it in double the size.
  7. I think I have one in 1/72... will look tonight. Unless you got it already. (?)
  8. Sounds like it, I'd love to know where they buy them. :) But I think it's either a loss leader, or they just gave up on doing a markup on Hasegawa completely and price them somewhere half-way.
  9. I wouldn't blame most people for thinking/assuming that, but for you (considering where you work) to say such a blatant lie when you know there are at least a few people on here who know better... Just because *you* get to buy, let's say Hasegawa kits, at stupid prices, doesn't mean everyone else does. That might be a little closer to the reality, but then there's this whole other thing with some distributors/wholesalers who undercut their own wholesale customers by selling retail... And to those who might still be confused, or think that there is a conspiracy by all of the retailers outsi
  10. Well, I needed to order them for the shop... ;) For what it's worth, they finally showed up in distribution in North America on Sep. 24 and arrived today. What a flippin' joke. But even as a customer I would not have ordered it from a mail order house, as I would want to support a local, or at least a Canadian, hobby shop. I know I'm biased, but it needs to be done.
  11. ...although, by the time PanAm was out it was also known that the Canadian North was on the way. ;)
  12. I might be able to get some 'spare parts' - not sure whether that includes decals or not. Can't promise anything but I'll see what can be done.
  13. Oops, missed that one earlier; thanks for the kind words. But I'm not sure he would have wanted to drive up here for a couple of Contrails bits :) (not that I would stop anyone from doing so).
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