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  1. Well you know some war bird pilots had their hometown name on it in some shape or form like Memphis Belle, etc You could name it "Toronto Bronco" with a woman wearing negligee wearing cowboy boots and hat riding a bronco for the nose art. I like that idea, BTW!!!! But it is your plane. or, you could "Ontario Mary-O" with a woman in negligee standing, with 1 hand on her tummy and 1 hand with her finger on her lips.
  2. Well I hadn't been at it a while and 2 days ago, I decided to get back to it being I really didn't like the skeleton fuselage I made so I nixed it. I removed the old skeleton frame and just went ahead and used styrene strips to follow along the frame work. I finally got my aluminum pretty well decent being this is the 5th piece I made after the others didn't turn out right, (looked good, but when to fit the aluminum on the fuselage one side was tweaked more than the other side so it didn't line up right). After too much trimming I had to redo it, then redo it, then you know the deal! I got it pretty close this time with the acception of adding a little putty here and there, being every time I tried before, (due to the kits unaligned panel lines for each side), I finally got it to fit right. I got it superglued to the frame work. I guess being this is a first attempt with me, I guess I am happy with it so far. At least I got the aluminum even with the surface of the fuselage! That counts at least! Once the putty dries I am going to add some more to smooth out the little mistakes and scrib the panel lines where it needs to be corrected. I found out by using 0000 steel wool gets the access putty off the rivets without really doing any harm to them. I still have to make the bomb racks for the plane being it didn't have any. Any help or sugestions on how to make them out of styrene with photos would be helpful. I am going to let it sit for a day before I add more putty and smooth it all out. Probably in the next week or so I am going to go ahead with paint and make the other small panels and parts that supposedly got ripped off the plane during the crash. I cut out some of the copied decal letters for the airplane so I can make tape templates to paint the letters and insignias on the airplne. I do however have to figure out about the boxing eagle being the Revells kit is totally wrong and the background color is wrong as well. I got my Willy's jeep in the mail yesterday, so that gives me something to do in 2 weeks or so.
  3. EH6E EH-6E: This designation identifies three Model 500Ds (81-23654/81-23656) procured by the US Army under a covert budget (a so-called 'black program') for electronic surveillance operations with the Special Forces. Like subsequent versions ordered for the Special Forces, this version is characterized by its five-blade main rotor, quiet four-blade tail rotor, mufflers, infrared suppression exhaust system, and advanced avionics.
  4. I had a crap load of pictures the ex-wife decided to keep those, family, most of my military career, kids, etc amonst 70% of my stuff when we got divorced, just to be a .....well you know. I really never took many pictures, except in team photos when someone else was taking the pictures. I did take pictures of when I was out of country in surroundings, but not many as most of us didn't want our faces floating around. Here is a training video we did a several years ago, (to promote Special Operations), prior to deploying as well as in country. I am in a couple of still pictures, (one of them I am sitting in the door of a Blackhawk on the right side of the door and some in the video, one you can clearly see me, but I am not in or on a bird in the beginning when the still photos start scanning fast. There are several video shots of working with the Little Bird. One of my good friends was a Little Bird pilot who retired about 10 years ago and now flys for Fox News Corporation flying all over the country nad his wife is the camera woman.
  5. I always loved the Little Bird! I spent quite a bit sitting on the outside bench from time to time! Man, excellent trained pilot, flying low, sitting outside the on the bench, what a rush! 160th Has got some damn good pilots!
  6. This it what I do for 1/48th and 1/32 scale canopies. I use blue painters tape, tape up the whole outside of the canopy, then using a square type object, (after I got tired of using my findernails), The back to my Testors xacto knife has part of the sprue left on the back end of the handle. You can also use the edge of a SMALL nail head as it is round and not sharp. I go along the canopy frame with the sprue end on the plastic knife, you can use anything as long as it is not a sharp edge. Then when the canopy is taped, I use a very sharp xacto blade tip and gently cut along the frame, then I remove the tape mask for the window and place it on the inside of the canopy for the inside frame work, once I make and install all the inside masks, I repeat the process again except this time for the outside of the canopy. Here you can somewhat see the sprue on the back of the xacto knife with me also rubing the tape with the sprue end on the window frame work and the outline of the frame through the tape. Better picture of the tape and frame outline. Now I remove my masks from the outside canopy and place the masks on the inside of my window on the canopy and is now masked on the inside, then once the outside is done both inside and out will be ready for painting. Doing this process makes it much easier than trying to tape the inside and try cuting the mask for the frame work, The inside of the canopy is the same on the outside. For the windows on the front canopy windscreen frame work I have to cut the window mask and generally have to put it on the opposite window on the inside being the angle of the window is different when you cut the mask if you know what I mean. I hadn't modeled in 35 years until getting back into it in September last year 2010. I know it may be time consuming at first. When I built my 1/48th B-25 I did all the canopies and windows that way and this was the first time I had masked and I was impressed with the outcome. Of course back in the day I was always using paint brushes to paint my frames and it wasn't as clean. What I do now is WAY MUCH BETTER than what I ever did!!!
  7. Here is one from LSP; http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=14040 I know the one you are talking about because the poster was building a Typhoon. I remember seeing the link. If you can't find it, serach under Typhoon or Hawker Typhoon and you will find it. I believe the guy was going a double typhoon build
  8. What a BEAUTIFUL SIGHT all that white powder! I missed snow for many many years! I contemplated moving back up north somewhere, but I prefer some place like Montana or Wyoming, kinda want the picture of the old west days log cabin and all. If I ever hit the lottery I am going to build me a cabin out in the wlderness and in the mountains!
  9. Yeah if you are in the military you get the program for free otherwise for the cost it is worth it! I didn't know the government uses AVG until 2 years ago when I looked at my AKO account and they offered it! Your handle, you a C-130 Crew Chief or is that just your handle? I jumped out of plenty of C-130's in the day! I haven't jumped out of one in 10 years, mainly we use Blackhawks, or CH47's now, unless we use the AH6 "Little Birds" for infiltration or extractions.
  10. I have one question, What internet provider do you have, cable, dsl, satellite, etc and name of company? If you DO NOT have AVG for anti virus I would recommend getting it and do away with all your other anti virus programs and software. AVG will detect and remove any of the issues, plus has a firewall, spyware, etc in with the program. If you have a hidden files, (as you mentioned), those generally are trojans retrieved from somewhere. Some of these trojans will attach to other files and programs that makes your computer run and operate. You have to be VERY CAREFULL because if you delete the file(s), it could cause your other programs to malfunction and your computer not to work at all. Like I said, I had iseveral gaming trojans on my computer and it made everything go wrong with my computer and it was also attached to my recovery drive on my computer, so everytime I got rid of it, it came back when I rebooted it, this was before I had gotten AVG which later AVG got rid of it in both my drives.
  11. defrag defrag defrag defrag defrag, then run vrius scan What anti virus program do you have?
  12. Your computer probably needs to be defragged. Go to start menue, go to PROGRAMS, then ACCESSORIES, then SYSTEM TOOLS, then CLICK on DISC CLEANUP, Once you have done disc clean up go back to PROGRAMS, ACCESSORIES, SYSTEM TOOLS, then CLICK on DISC DEFRAGMENTER. The defragmenting window will come up and select defrag computer, it will anylize at the same time. MAny people don't realize that when you surf the net, down;load stuff on your computer, then delete stuff, your files get mixed up on your computer nad your free space is scattered out all over. If you are constantly surfing the net, downloading stuff all the time, deleting stuff as well, you need to defrag your computer at least every other month. Defragging compresses all your files together and your computer will run faster now because your files are compressed and you have more free space. Once you do this, check to see, your computer should be running faster. Also I have found, on facebook, (which I DO NOT use anymore), if you ARE AN ONLINE GAMER, with Zynga or Mafia Wars, etc. I have gotten numerous Torjan Horse viruses that not only went to my C drive, but also my recovery D drive on my computer and the hacker uses this trojan to gain access to your user name and password as well as your memory on your computer, I found that by recieving gifts, opening messages, etc, from players, or messages from people you don't even know, via Zynga, or facebook, the trojan CONSTANTLY came from there, and the ONLY ANTI-VIRUS that I found to get rid of it was AVG. I did a search for the trojan and found it's origin came from Facebook, via Zynga, hense the reason I don't use either anymore. If you are a constant online gamer, I would recommend you get AVG and run a scan and you will KNOW if any viruses are on your computer. AVG is the one that the U.S. government uses, and it detects everything that others don't. I had friends who had gotten the same virus I got, but their anti viruses didn't detect it and their computer had quit working. They got AVG after I told them to, they got the computer back up, ran the scan and it found over 100 trojans on their computer. I run my AVG scan 3 times a week, just to be safe.
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