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  1. I've gotten a few inquiries about these kits over the past few days. I no longer have them, they were traded to PNW Modeler.
  2. Hi all. This will be my first WIP thread! I suppose it should be a plane, but I've chosen a car as my return to plastic modeling after a ~15 year hiatus. This will also be just the second car I've attempted, the first being one of Bill Elliot's Thunderbirds, which I built ~20 years ago as a Christmas gift for my Dad. Given all that, this will likely be an example of how not to build a car as I attempt to clear the cobwebs from my mind and hopefully rediscover some long atrophied skills. Not a lot of progress to show so far. I've started gluing the basic chassis tub, engine, and bodywork
  3. Not yet. I've only just got started. I was just trying to compare notes with Pinguis, no disrespect intended. I can remove my prior post if it's considered rude.
  4. Advice is always wanted! Here's where I am as of yesterday: I glued the front cover together and am ready to start filling and sanding the seam. I was sure I'd break the front suspension arms during the build, so I cut them off the lower piece. I'll reattach them when I'm finished. I plan to paint both the white circles and the stripes. Decals are great for intricate markings, but stripes and circles are easy to mask.
  5. P-51H on display at the Chanute Air Museum: P-51D on display at the USS Alabama museum, damaged by hurricane Katrina:
  6. Just wanted to introduce myself. I've been lurking for a while now and wow! There are some amazing builds all over this forum. I've been building models since I was a kid both static and R/C. I did most of my plastic modeling when I was in college, but that was a long time ago and I haven't built a static model in ~15 years. I still have some of my old models on the shelf, but they're covered in way too much dust to show here. I can share some of my more recent RC builds though. Here's my latest project, a Waco YMF which was featured on cover of the November issue of Flying Models:
  7. For me, modeling is just a hobby and just for fun. I have no interest in ever showing my models, much less enter any sort of competition. I try to get details correct if I can, but at the end of the day it's just about having fun and I don't sweat the small stuff. I have nothing but awe and respect for those who can accurately model a subject to the last detail, but I don't have the patience or attention span that doing so requires.
  8. Looks good! I just started work on this kit yesterday. It's my first plastic build in ~15 years and only the second car I've ever built. I hope it turns out as nice as yours.
  9. Here are a few I took at AMARG in May:
  10. It'll probably look something like this, I took this pic in May at Davis-Monthan AFB: The white covering is the Spraylat.
  11. ' I have a stash of Revel 1/32 kits that I got from my Grandmother's neighbor. He retired from Revel/Monogram. The kits are not boxed and most of them do not contain instructions or decals. Some of the parts have detached from the sprues here and there, but overall they are in excellent condition. I build 1/48 scale exclusively, so I doubt I'll ever get to these, I bought them from him as part of a package deal with an even larger pile of 1/48 kits. He was cleaning out his collection of kits and I bought every airplane kit he had. I have at least one each of the following: P-51D (1ea)
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