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  1. Add me to the list, as I've posted this twice before...bring on a 1/48 SU-34....THAT might inspire me to finish a model (as I have not in a year now).
  2. Well, maybe you can't touch it during the airshow, but you sure as heck can get right up to it at the Museum during the winter. I do every year at the Hamilton model show, which is in the museum. And if you REALLY want to have fun, only a small cost of $2,000 per person will get you a 1 hour ride in the lancaster in the summer months.
  3. Do a flat coat, remove the canopy masking and it'll be even better.... Other than that, I'd suggest some work on the centre seams. Your demarcation lines on the camo, however, are beautiful, what did you use to mask?
  4. Funny, because my stash is nothing like anyone's on the board. I have 6 in the stash and 2 on the table. I love working on them but can't find the time, and having those 8 around the house (even though they are put away), stresses me out. Problem is, and even though I won't get to all of these for another two years, I'm going to end up buying the Academy F-4B and the GWH Mig-29....because I can't help myself. ARG!!!!
  5. Why can I not see any of the images in this thread, just the big red X....but all other threads are fine.
  6. The Skull and Bones rock, that is why. There pretty much isn't another squadron anywhere that is as cool, dangerous, and piraty looking.....that's why. If it ain't a sexy dame on the nose, or sharks mouth, then it's skull and bones. Me, I've got three more VF-103/VF-84's left to go....and on guess what? An F-4B, another F-14B, and a F-4J.... It's my house, gonna put what I like in it.
  7. So what? A little perspective. The man rode a bycicle for a living...and made millions. But he also raised millions for people who were dying. Tell me how he is different from players in any and every single other sport on the planet...and they often make more money than him. I have the little yellow bracelet, and I won’t wear it anymore because of this, but that’s where this ends. Not to be associated with a liar. BUT, he’s no criminal, he never stole anyone’s money. People believed in him, and donated. He brought hope. Sure, was it all based on lies? Yes, but tell me we
  8. This is a question to those who rescribe their model AND apply an oil wash when done (after decals). For my part, I rescribe, build, prime, paint colours, 2-3 coats of future, decals, another coat of future to seal them in, and then the oil wash. So, my question is (after all that preamble), how many passes over a panel line do you tend to do to ensure you have enough depth for the oil wash? 2? 6? Basically it's how deep is good enough.
  9. Thanks guys, I really appreciate it. I really struggled with this model (bad luck with more bad luck).
  10. This thing is so incredible, way to go.
  11. Does anyone know of a good colour match for the green nose cone, wheel hubs, tail etc.... on Mig-21s (and some SU-27s and Mig-29s for that matter) by Testors specifically? Tamiya has a really good match but it always peels onece I mask it, but I've never had Testors peel.
  12. With March 1st as start date, what is the end date? Still 6 months?
  13. I think I may have one. I'll get back to you. Where are you located?
  14. It is what it is, and I love the look. The true to life paint schemes are boring beyond belief IMHO. I got my inspiration from another Eurofighter "what if" I saw with this scheme. Can't remember where or find any links to the original Used Two Mikes pylons and intake covers (man they are nice!). And anyone who knows the few models I do have, I love them loaded to the gills, realistic or not. They bring me joy set up in my family room. Enjoy.
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