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  1. Norbert...so this was used as a tensioner between the aircraft tie-down pad on the carrier deck, and the aircraft tie-down chain used on the aircraft?
  2. habu2....I'm FULLY aware that X-15A-2 (X-15 #2)flew with just the XLR99 engine. I'm planning on back-dating the model to its X-15 #2 configuration with the XLR11 stacked engines, 'boat-tail' extension, and shorter fuselage. I was seeking information on the availability of the XLR11 engine conversion set I had seen a couple of years back to do this.
  3. I've got two of the Special Hobby 1/48 scale X-15A-2 kits, one of which I'd like to back date with the XLR-11 engines and thought that I saw a few year back where someone had produced a resin conversion for the Special Hobby 1/48 scale X-15 kit that had the XLR-11 engines, shortly before I acquired the second X-15A-2 kit. I thought it was Hypersonic Models, but after checking their web site of 'discontinued' resin conversions, they don't show it, and Jeffery says he won't be making those sets anymore as the original molds are so old and were designed to be used for only a "few" sets, not
  4. Actually, it three questions... Question #1: Does ANYONE have photos of the engine nacelles on the B-58 open, and HOW they opened, they would be willing to share/post? Question #2: What model of the J-79 engine did the B-58 use, and was it any different than those used in the F-104 Starfighter, F-4 Phantom, or RA-5C Vigilante? Question #3: Again, does ANYONE have CLEAR photos of a J-79 engine in a B-58, or maintenance/tech manual on the J-79 itself? TIA.
  5. Dave Williams, Your comment that Sprue Brothers doesn't charge sales tax is NOT QUITE correct. Sprue Brothers in fact DOES charge sales tax IF you live in Missouri! Every time I've ordered from them online, there's a Missouri sale tax added to the final amount to pay. As for out-state sale...I have no idea if they do, or not.
  6. Chriss7607....contact me off-board, and we'll discuss, ok?
  7. Jon Krol (jpk), if you wouldn't mind, I too, would like a copy of your Blue Angel reference material. I too would like to "try" and modify the old Lindberg F11F Tiger to a more 'accurate' short nose, and possibly another to the long nose version...if I can find a Lindberg kit at a reasonable price somewhere. I have the Hasagawa "special" edition 1/72 scale Blue Angels F11F-1 kit (with the resin short nose conversion)that I've been thinking about using as a master to produce a resin kit of both versions.
  8. What would be the color(s)for the F-84G Thunderjet, F-100C/D/F Super Sabre(s) and F-105B Thunderchief landing gear well interiors, and landing gear strut door(s) interior, as flown by the USAF Thunderbirds...were they bare metal, chromate green, or, chromate yellow? As these were all 1950's designs finished in bare metal-before camouflage became the 'in' thing in the early 1960's, what would have been the accepted 'norm' for theses aircraft? These were well before the overall white that has been predominately used since at least the 1970's.
  9. Thanks JeffreyK! So the canopy with the kit would be ok to use?
  10. Not to hijack this thread, but on a similar theme...I've previously built the Trumpeter A3D-2 Skywarrior kit, but as an 'early' A3D-2 (in O/A Glossy Sea Blue with red-orange high visibility bands) used in aerial refueling tests by NATC at Edwards AFB during the mid 1950's, and was built basically stock, OOB. I've now have the KA-3B Skywarrior kit, and I would like to know if its a "Bomber", as I've read that all KA-3 tankers were originally bombers converted to the tanker role, or if its a "Version", as it had been converted, like others that were utilized in other rol
  11. Rob, Thanks for the reply. Its something I've "considered" doing when I get the kit, the engine change would be a simple matter of using a pair of either Revell or Monogram B-17 kit engines, or any of the AM resin engine sets that are available....that is, IF I don't just build it as an 'A' model and use the Caracal decal sheet I've got for it. And since the Alley Cat conversion didn't really fix anything, other than provide an additional window in the cockpit behind the pilot (that can be readily 'scratch' made by hand) that Trumpeter overlooked/forgot, I'm not real
  12. Contemplating getting this kit within the next couple of months (when I can find one at a reasonable price), and have a couple of questions.... other than what errors have been discussed about the Trumpeter 1/48 scale Hu-16 Albatross (forward fuselage boat chine that Alley Cat (?) didn't correct), what modifications would be necessary to turn a HU-16A into an HU-16B? Other than extending the wingspan four feet per side(I was thinking maybe, using balsa airfoil shaped inserts for the extensions), what other modifications would be necessary? Would be interesting to see
  13. THANKS to all who repsonded to my last question about Gemini adaptor colors. Continueing with a Mercury question this time... I recently recieved an Attic Aircraft Models resin Mercury-Atlas booster kit, and remembering the launch set up on the Revell 1/110 scale "Everything is Go!" kit, I'd like to display (when I get to it๐Ÿ˜Š!) it on the tubular support frame as shown in that kit, and as shown in many photos of the real Atlas D on the launch pad. Does ANYONE know, or have, where I can find information on this launch structure....such as plans, dimensions, etc.? I
  14. What are the ACTUAL colors of the interior componants of the Gemini Adaptor section? I had heard that the color call-outs in the Revell/Monogram Mercury/Gemini Spacecraft kit for the Gemini Adaptor section were incorrect and based on a mock-up prior tpo the actual Gemini was constructed.
  15. TOM, if you STILL have the C&H TF-102A conversion set, I'd be interested in it, PM me to discuss, ok?
  16. I've got both the SR-71, and YF-12A (which needs a little TLC in the form of missing canopies/windscreen,vertiacl stabilizers-both, central retractable ventral stabilizer, and pitot), and do have the True Details wheels and cockpit sets, anlong with and old photo-ectch canopy frame/rail set (forgot from whom), But I am looking for more detailed information and you seem to have quite a bit...is there anyway that I may get a copy of the information that you use so that I can use it on my kits? You can email me at wild57mustang@yahoo.com. I would appreciate it very much. Thanks, Lewin
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