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  1. Glad i found this thread, i've been reverse engineering the LUT from the britmodeller page. What a build! This, for me, was the money shot:
  2. Can someone explain to me how they see an 'N' or 'W' in the logo? I see a triangle in a circle.
  3. Does anyone know of any sites or have any diagrams or plans to scratchbuild any vehicles, not just for carrier decks? I'm looking to have various ground support carts and vehicles for various models, ranging from WW2 German aircraft to 50's-era Canadian jets and a couple of modern Canadian jets and a Herc, all in 1/48. I have a Hasegawa US Ground Crew set with it ground vehicles, but I don't know if they'd be okay to use with Canadian subjects.
  4. I've been using rubbing alcohol to thin and clean tamiya acrylics. It was 70% isopropyl. Now I've just come across 99% isoporpanol, and am wondering if that would be any better for painting. Any input?
  5. SOunds good.... where/how can I order from Karaya? On their site, there's no ordering info. (EDIT: I just checked, and there is ordering info. I'm dumb.) Also, can anyone tell me what's included in the Verlinden set? I'd be willing to splurge on that set if it incorporates cockpit, bombardier compartment and .50 cals. I can't find a decent decription online.
  6. Sorry to resurrect a dead thread, but which of these sets has some decent .50 cals? That's pretty much all I need; I've since found some awesome print references and am going to scratchbuild a lot of the details.
  7. I recently got my first 1/48 B-17G and want to go to town on it. I was hoping you guys could refer me to a specific plane somewhere (if one exists) that was either BMF with camo-painted parts on it, or vice-versa. Also I'd like it to have some cool battle damage, hopefully showing some of the interior. Also, if anyone knows of such an aircraft, would you also know of where I could find the decals for it? Thanks!
  8. Oooh, nice build! I'll definitely be watching this one, I've got the same aircraft and decals on the go right now in 1/48.
  9. I just got my 1/48 Revell B-17G, and am drooling in anticipation of the AMS indulgence that awaits. I want to go all-out on this one, and was hoping you guys could fill me in on all the various detail sets out there. I'm also currently researching B-17's with some good battle damage and enough photo reference to model it. I hope to be able to scratchbuild as well. Thanks in advance!
  10. I'm not 100% sure, but I thought you could only use alclad over a laquer/enamel base, and not over any acrylic. I could be mistaken, though.
  11. Does this stuff behave any differently than standard Bare Metal Foil? I really want to try this now! Also, how/where do you get a rivet wheel like that? Incredible work, as always Pierre.
  12. JohnG

    Used Thinner

    Myself, I have a used jar of thinner that I keep for cleaning brushes and for use in washes. I use virgin thinner only for airbrushing. This way, I've only had to dispose of thinner once in the past 8 years.
  13. Even better if you translate from english to another language, then back to english. I tried it wish Japanese once...
  14. Make sure you get a kit with the right ejection seat and the right wheels. I got the CF-104 "Starfighters" kit, with the blue civilian scheme and it has all the right stuff, including wing tanks. I've also heard that the F-104J kit has all the right stuff for a Canadian -104 as well.
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