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  1. Found some photos from 2015 that give some idea of the build. The main parts were cast in resin, then structural details added with sheet styrene. The fabric covering was milliput that I sculpted while still wet. The aft end skirt was vacuformed (in 2000, jeez) by Glenn at Realspace Models. the "docking" section was made using evergreen styrene. I've been trying to remember how I did the holes around the docking ring; definitely used my Waldron punch and die set but how I aligned them, I have no idea. The odd shaped boxes were case in resin from a styrene master. The t-shaped antenna are everg
  2. This morning I finished a project I started in 1999. The rocket is an old Rho Models 1/144 Proton-Zond that the Soviets used for an unmanned lunar flight just before Apollo 8. I actually built it more than twenty years ago, but stripped and refurbished it for this display. The Zond itself is completely scratch built. Twenty year old balsa masters were used to make the basic resin shapes, then miliput made the green thermal blankets. The rest of the details were made using good old styrene and brass. Added three Soviet era pins to the display. Still need to dig up a 1/48 and 1/144 figure to gi
  3. In that scale, I'd go the clear epoxy route. Dab it on, then hang to dry nose down so it forms a dome.
  4. Rescued another partially finished build from the boneyard. Kittyhawk's 1/48 F-94C remains my favorite of all their offerings. I love the subject and this kit seemed to fall together. Finished with Alclad and Tamiya acrylics. Decals came in the box. My next post will involve a trip to Vacuform Land. Stay tuned.
  5. I have so many of Eduard's 1/48 MiG-21s in the stash but this is the first I've finished. They might be my current favorite kit in that scale. This is a PFM in Mongolian markings. Painted with Tamiya acrylics, washed with oils. Decals from an aftermarket sheet that I picked up from Hannants ages ago.
  6. I started this kit in the summer of 2005. Got as far as painting it, then the build stalled. Twelve years later, I decided to finish her. This is the venerable 1/48 Monogram kit, converted into a C model using the long since out of production Cutting Edge conversion set. Cockpit is from Black Box (and isn't accurate for a C-model, but back then it was the only option). Painted with Tamiya acrylics, if memory serves. I managed to lose a few parts (mostly on the undercarriage), so I had to do a bit of scratchbuilding (speed brake, for example). I'm happy to finally call this one done.
  7. One of my recently finished builds. Kittyhawk's much discussed MiG-25 converted into a BM armed for an SEAD mission. Nose, missiles, and pylons are from a 3D printed conversion set I found online. It was designed for the Monogram kit but worked with KH's version with a bit of sanding and filling. Other than that--and some adjustment of the wings to match the BM--the kit was built out of the box. Painting her was the real challenge. First tried Vallejo Model Air but the colors didn't look right and I hated the way they spray (more power to those who can make these paints work). I ended up going
  8. Finally got around to building one of Eduard's 1/48 MiG-21s. Such nice kits. Finished painting earlier today. Hopefully decals (for a rarely seen air force) later today.
  9. Doing some herd thinning and figured I'd start with this one. More kits to follow. Hasegawa's 1/48 F-4EJ kai "20th Anniversary 301SQ" boxing. Sprues are still in the plastic. Package includes Aires' exhaust nozzles (4118), True Details intakes (4822), and AeroMaster's Japanese Phantoms cheet (48-529). Asking $100, shipping is free to CONUS. Paypal preferred but I'm flexible. PM or email if interested: smigarc<at>gmail.com
  10. Space subjects have kind of taken hold of me and this is the first in what I hope will be a series of launcher/spacecraft displays. This is New Ware's 1/144 Soyuz kit (built out of the box) posed next to the 1/72 Realspace Soyuz (with some scratchbuilt details). I added a couple figures to provide a size reference and threw on an old Soyuz pin I found online. The final picture is a teaser for the next project: the old Rho Models 1/144 Proton-Zond paired with my own scratchbuilt 1/48 Zond capsule. I can do a more detailed post on that project if anyone is interested.
  11. As far as fit, I've built WAY worse fitting kits before, including from some of the major "fantastic" manufacturers. All this one takes is a little, wait for it, modelling skill. It's been a crazy late summer, early fall. I'm hoping to maybe get paint on it in the next couple of weeks. Fingers crossed.
  12. The Selfridge open house was always a great time. I went to the first one post-Desert Storm. The 355th was there with a couple of their A-10s. Turns out one--Georgia Girl--was flown by a former student of my father's. I got, and still have, a poster with shots of the nose are from every plane in the squadron. A few years ago I approached a now-defunct decal company about doing a 355th Desert Storm hog sheet with the nose art, but obviously that never happened. I still have the poster and all the reseach material I was able to gather though.
  13. First coat of primer is on. The section I was most worried about--the nose--isn't in bad shape. The printed parts are a little interesting under paint. Note the almost wood-grained pattern on the nose. I'm hoping it will go away as more layers of primer are applied and sanded. The wings need the most work and I suspect will require a complete rescribe before this is all said and done.
  14. I'm going to put primer on the kit tonight. Will post a couple pics. I suspect it will be the first of many coats since I've had to do a lot of filling and sanding.
  15. Got the Lone Star B-26 conversion set yesterday, along with the Red Gecko decals. I'm thinking of turning the Monogram kit into an RAF Marauder Mk.1 based in North Africa, but I'm having a hard time finding info on any differences between a USAAF B-26A and the RAF version. I'm assuming the cockpits and armament are the same, but can that also be said for the rest of the interior (radio/navagation stations, etc)? Thanks in advance.
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