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  1. Any chance this sheet will make it to 1/72? I have several Fujimi and Italeri kits that could use this love. Dave Fassett
  2. Title says it all, I am looking for a 1/72 Wolfpack S-3 Viking wing fold set (WP72015). If you have one you are willing to sell or trade for please let me know. Dave Fassett
  3. Yes!!! It is about time we got an up to date sheet for the CH-46. Thank you Dave, outstanding work as always. Dave Fassett
  4. Outstanding, Thanks Jake. I will not miss out on this edition.
  5. Hey Jake, have you given any thought on doing a reprint of your Modern Phantom Guide? I missed it the first go round and was just wondering if you had any plans for a reprint or second edition.
  6. I am on the hunt for Twobob's 72-076 F-16C/D Blue Fox Bandits sheet, specifically the markings for the Delta model Viper in the three tone black, white, grey scheme. Please let me know if you have one you are willing to sale or trade for. Thanks in advance. Dave Fassett
  7. Title says it all, if you have one for sale or trade please let me know. Thanks in advance. Dave Fassett
  8. Thank you ChernayaAkula for the response. I have actually been following your builds since the beginning and I have gained quite a bit of knowledge from it. I think your advice is the way to go. I have spent most of the day making a paint sample card of all my Alclad II colors so that I can get an actual feel for them side by side. I can also use it as a reference next to my photos. Thanks again for the response and I look forward to more updates on your current projects. Dave Fassett
  9. I need help from all of the Mig guru's out there. What is the best metallic colors to use on the exhaust area of a MIG-21MF. I am talking about the exterior portion on the fuselage. I have noticed it seems to be two shades. Any help would be great and thanks in advance. Dave Fassett
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