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  1. Outstanding news Floyd, I will keep my eyes open and stand by. Dave Fassett
  2. Hey y'all, quick question. Does anyone know if there is a set of 1/35 MPLH gear for the OH-58 in production. I know the Werner's Wings did a set a while back, and you would have a better chance of finding a leprechaun riding a unicorn then a set of those now. Is their any that might be in the works? Any info would be great and thanks in advance. Dave Fassett
  3. Thank you Han, I just got done downloading and printing the instructions. For the life of me I don't know why RV don't include color call outs in their build instructions. Thank again Sir. Dave
  4. I am in the process of building RV models 1/72 MIG-21MF in the Czechoslovakian splinter scheme scheme from 1998. I am looking for some help on the colors in the wheel wells, wheel well doors, speed brakes, speed brake wells, and instrument panel shroud/glare shield. I have seen aluminum and gray called out for the wheel wells. I have seen gray, aluminum, and green gear doors. I have also seen Soviet cockpit green or black used on the instrument panel shroud/ glare shield. So what is what, Mig gurus what say you? Thanks in advance. Dave
  5. Evening Fred, I just need two, one for each wing, so you have the perfect amount. I will shot you my address ASAP. Thanks again Sir. Dave Fassett
  6. Title says it all. I am looking for a set of drop tanks. I have the RV kit and they decided not to put any in their kits. Any help would be great, just let me know what you need in return. Thanks in advance. Dave Fassett
  7. Order sent for both the Academy and Dragon sets. Looking forward to using them on my builds. Dave Fassett
  8. Not a problem, and thank you again for taking the time to make those. Dave Fassett
  9. Is X the overall length, or the difference in diameter from Y to the diameter at the exhaust end of the burner can? If it is the over all length then it is 8.10mm. So here are the dimensions I have for the can. Over all length is 8.10mm, Y end is 9.35mm, outlet end of exhaust is 7.69mm. Hopefully this will help. Dave Fassett
  10. Ok, so here are the measurements you needed. There is no W or Z measurements, Dragons resin burner cans get glued to a flat surface. They are not keyed or indexed in any way, and there is no exhaust trunking. They do how ever have the burner rings and exhaust turbines present in their resin cans. So here is the Y and X measurements. W= 0 X= .705mm Y= 9.35mm Z= 0 Please let me know if you need anything else, and thank you. Dave Fassett
  11. Can Do. I will have the measurements for you tomorrow. Thank you Sir.
  12. Hey Dave, will you be down sizing this sheet for the KH Zulu?
  13. SapGuy, any chance we can get a set of these to fit the old Dragon kit? Have one in the stash that could benefit greatly from a set. I plan on getting a set for my new Academy Bone when it arrives. Dave Fassett
  14. Thank you gentlemen, FS15044 it is. Dave Fassett
  15. So I need a little help from the Tomcat experts out there. I am currently in the process of building Fujimi's 1/72 F-14A Black Tail kit. I am going to use the markings for Gypsie 200 of VF-32 in Desert Storm, Buno 162701. Now I have seen some say that the tail color was gloss black and others say it was a very dark blue. My question is this which is correct? Any help from the color and markings guys out there would be great, thanks in advance. Dave Fassett
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