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  1. I'm going to pick up y box soon as well. Based on the engravings on the wing panels for mounting the TISEO I'm a bit suspicious about the size of the part, but I'll hold judgement until I have the plastic in my hands. ZM have not (yet) tooled a strapless, slatted wing. If they want to release the F-4F for example, or make boxings for later block types they will have to thoguh. To build a stap-less slatted wing for the moment means sanding down the strap. If you took a strapless lower wing part from a previous release you need to remove the slatted leading edge from this kit an
  2. Ok, thanks! Pretty sure if they do it's going to be 3D printed. The seat looks good out of the box but I guess a resin one with belts etc. couldn't hurt... J
  3. Would you know if CP! are doing their own 3D print detail sets for their kit? J
  4. Outstanding reference! J
  5. My photos from Duxford: Jeffrey
  6. Good on both fronts πŸ™‚ First that you can create an E but also that the cross section of the ClearProp kit is good (meaning without Hasegawa's error) since Airfix used a 3D scan to check against. Shapes being the only real plus side of that kit. I've had it in my hands but still decided against buying one...maybe should get one now πŸ™‚. And several ClearProp As of course. J
  7. They were upgraded. Unfortunately it's proving difficult to establish when that program took place. It's known that the last downward ejection was in 1959. So I guess the upgrades took place between 1959 and 1960/61. I recently had a discussion and we saw that the F-104A deployed to Taiwan in 1958 all still had the C-1 seat. https://www.916-starfighter.de/F-104_USA_Quemoy.htm#:~:text=The first F-104A arrived,Officer was Major Carl H. I do think the USAF was the only operator of F-104A with C-1 seat. Exported ("second-hand") F-104As like Pakistani etc. had the C-2 seat. If y
  8. I had it on my mind for years, but considered the subject to be too "hot", as in like you I was expecting a mainstream manufacturer to do an F-86A soon(ish). Years ago I had just started on a T-33 development when I got burned by GWH within weeks. But then years passed and nothing happened... And now it's a non-mainstream, low pressure (but quality) manufacturer. I'm quite surprised. J
  9. Ok, I see. Thank you for the insight! I just thought that the seats, especially the head box, had some similarities and thought I could see a lineage. The X-15 was built in Inglewood, CA. Yes, I do have quite a few photos and a rough-ish cutaway drawing providing approximate dimensions, but nothing is like actual, accurate dimensions πŸ™‚ Cheers, J
  10. The new U-2S kit has a framless windscreen part? The in-box reviews I've seen show the same part as the U-2R kit, which is inaccurate for both. Yes, I know. But Sabrejet's reply was inferring that the tooling was as such to facilitate the all-curved, framless windscreen of the U-2S. And my reply meant to say that even if that may be the case, the part in the U-2S kit (at least from what I have seen so far) is still the same part and not the framless type. So the windscreen part is not right for either the U-2R nor U-2S kits. Hence something is being done about it... J
  11. The U-2S kit doesn’t have the frameless windscreen, at least what the previews show. J
  12. Please excuse this little "cross-fertilisation" post, but I've just released my F-104A (Early) Backdate set for Kinetic which allows you to accurately build quite a few of the schemes on this nice sheet. Cheers, Jeffrey
  13. Hi, I wanted to let you know that this set, shich had been in development for a long time, is finally available for purchase. This allows building of highly detailed and accurate early Starfighters with the downward firing C-1 seat. It ties in well with the recent release of Caracal's decal sheets.
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