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  1. Not in the works currently - but I'll really try to get to it again this year...other projects just keep coming... J
  2. OH YES!! GasPatch Models are currently working on my CAD designs to prepare things for tooling. It will be quite a different thing to the coming Revell kit so even though it's not ideal to have their kit populating the ground I'm not too concerned. J
  3. Hi Phantom Phreaks, two new items have just been released on my website, both for the Tamiya F-4B (and possible future release Phantoms). 1: A centreline pylon. It fits onto the kit's mounting tab with an easy modification. https://www.hypersonicmodels.com/product/f-4-phantom-centreline-pylon-tamiya- 2: Early type McAir 370gal wing tanks with pylons for the Tamiya kit. These tanks were initially used on all F-4B (and F-4C) before the advent of the Sgt. Fletcher tanks. They remained in use into the early 70s. https://www.hypersonicmodels.com/pr
  4. Gabor posted the first info on the product here a couple of months ago and it says “printed from a strong material”. That’s what I went with. By the looks of the parts it could be a resin like Phrozen Onyx or Siraya Tech Blu (but in black ☺️) which are tough engineering resins. I’m not a spokesperson for the company’s products and haven’t tested them myself but at least one could acknowledge the information already out there. J
  5. Standard 3D pinter resin (DLP or SLA printers) is quite brittle in nature and the more it is exposed to UV light (i.e. stored unpainted in the open) the more brittle it will become. HOWEVER: new resins have been and are being developed with varying properties. There are resins that lend elasticity to the finished print so the parts will bend but not break. On the other end of the spectrum there are resins that incredibly strong and tough. It's been a challenge to combine the resin's ability to print very fine detail with those physical properties, but such resins have appeared on the market. F
  6. Strangely, all Su-27's have disappeared from Chinese sellers on Ebay.com. However, they are all still listed on Ebay.co.uk ... Still with world wide delivery etc. Wonder why that is?? J
  7. Hi Gwen, shipping to Argentina is available, standard and recorded. Feel free to order from my web shop. I do have a number of CAT4 sets myself btw, not meaning so slag off the company! Well, it'll be still a while before the SR-71 will be ready - please stand by a while longer 🙂 Cheers, Jeffrey
  8. I think the aux doors were almost always (manually) locked in the open position with those red ram locks also used on the landing gear before the engines were turned off. Dangerous job I've read as the doors would violently snap closed once hydraulic power went down... Currently, I'm re-desigining my C/L pylon to fit onto the existing Tamiya part (with a very slight modification). Further items further down the line 🙂 I do wonder though it in future boxings Tamiya my include different parts for this... J
  9. The one for Tamiya of course which I'm designing now :) The tanks themselves were revised as well and are now cast offsite ensuring a steadier supply (they were a bear to cast and the moulds didn't last long with my method). Hence they've been unavailable for a while... Please wait until ca. the end of the month. Jeffrey
  10. Note that the ALQ-126 fairings in the Academy kit are well short (and not accurately shaped). I noticed because I used parts of the fairings to make the DIAS ECM fairings for the Hellenic Air Force set. I combined Zoukei Mura's forward fairings (from the S kit) with the aft fairings from Academy's B. Academy's fairings on their own would have been quite a bit too short... J
  11. A (first) kit is on the way from HK to me so soon I'll have the opportunity to investigate. Of course I have several sets planned for the kit and I need to check the fit of my existing parts to the kit. Stand by... J
  12. No, what Gene was saying is the kits get shipped out world wide but whoever in whatever corner of the world gets them is not to sell them until a certain global release day. That would make sense, but in practice that doesn't seem to be happening. The kits are shipped overseas with sufficient lead time but apparently they are being sold by the vendors as soon as they get there, without any "global release date" in mind. J
  13. Witnessed a double cart start at the Luftwaffe's "Phantom Farewell" in Wittmund, 2013... Probably doesn't count Oh and, I didn't know Vlad Putin was working for GE back in the day pushing engine carts J
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