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  1. There are many on the market, my go-to product is this brand: https://www.vms-supplies.com/cements-picker Even for the super-thin CA I'm now using VMS exclusively. That's a general comment though, I haven't tried the Quinta decals yet. J
  2. I think the Aires seats are better proportioned than the Eduard ones. Aires seats come with separate PE belts, but the same seat is available in the Quickboost range with moulded-on resin harness. Drawback is that both seats then look exactly the same, they haven't made slight draping variations in the master... J
  3. The Sgt Fletcher tank pylon is something entirely different and has nothing to do with the weapons pylon, neither Air Force nor Navy type. The tank pylon was integral with the tank and was not used for anything else but the tank. On theory I think tank and pylon can be separated but they usually weren’t (at least that’s what I remember reading). It’s a different story for the early McD tank and pylon, but that’s not relevant here at the moment.... The outboard cant of the AF weapons pylon is in the structure of the pylon body itself, not in the mounting. The top surface and the stabilis
  4. Not Chico, but this mockup F-4D loadout clearly shows the canted pylon:
  5. All I know (and that's not all that much by all means) is that USAF outboard pylons were canted 7.5°. Hence my recently released pylon set is designed just like that. The straight pylon, as found in the ZM kit is an entirely new thing to me. I've tried finding JASDF F-4EJ's with pylons but they very rarely carry outboard pylons and three pictures I've found are inconclusive regarding an outboard cant. Edit: Just found this video here: Looks distinctly canted to me, same as the USAF pylon. J
  6. ...just to repeat my question: can anyone shed a light on the vertical outboard pylon set included in the kit? There are two complete sets int he kit, a vertical and a canted set. The pylons are otherwise identical in design. Was the AF type outboard pylon originally vertical, and the design was then changed to canted? (Edit: I have found the stabilator "fish plates" on one runner. As they are devoid of any rivets and quite thick it does seem that ZM themselves don't expect people to use them but use PE instead later on) Cheers, J
  7. Hi Larry, thanks! Yes, the plastic is notably pebbly, even the clear parts display a certain degree of roughness, even though the moulds are polished... The tooling is precise and there are really small parts with very fine details, no flash or such problems. The shapes of the new F-4E fuselage and my resin correction set are very close indeed, only the scribing of some detail gives it away. I just wanted to point out that they can't be 100% identical. I scaled and drew cross section curves from the same McD loft lines that ZM used now, printed onto cardboard and cut out as te
  8. Thanks Ben! Edit: I just did a search and found that the ARN-101 mod was introduced in '77, so it might not be applicable to this early hard-wing F-4E? Further investigation: I didn't find any parts for the TISEO, nor any for the longer Midas gun fairing. Can anyone shed a light on the vertical outboard pylon? Was there such a thing? Were the pylons originally mounted vertically before the canted pylon was introduced? ZM included a set of closed J79 nozzles as well as the open ones and there is an extended nose gear strut in plastic as well. Also, you c
  9. Yesterday I was able to create a post as a reply in an existing thread, my post contained text and photos, but no link. This time I didn't have any problems. But creating a new post brought up all the issues. J
  10. Alright, thanks!! J p.s. now I seem to recall the plates appeared with the introduction of the slatted wing...? Or perhaps even later?
  11. p.s. I've found another raised outline moulded on and that's in the position for the TISEO device. I haven't found anything on it in the instructions yet nor parts for the TISEO, but I may have missed it. I've seen at least one photo of an early F-4E with hard wings and early gun fairing with TISEO... J
  12. So, the fuselage "issue" appears to be fixed! The shape is very similar to my "Correction Set" for the short nose and it looks "right" to my eyes. As ZM used actual loft lines this time and of course CAD and I made my set by hand I guess the new ZM fuselage is closest to reality in this case and my correction set very near that... 🙂 Other observations: The general shape of the canopy hasn't changed (my canopy sets still fit!), but the forward tip of the windshield part is more blunt and as such in keeping with J. Temma's canopy/nose intersection a
  13. Alright! I thought you stopped taking orders from abroad...? Someway or other I'll get my hands on those sooner or later 🙂 Cheers, J
  14. Well, they are available. If you want to buy from your preferred dealer you need to ask them to restock. Apart from Chinese Ebay shops, Hobbyeasy for instance seems to have the kit in stock.
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