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  1. To answer the last question: no, they are not. A good photo reference: http://nabe3saviation.web.fc2.com/explanatione-fr.html The key is that the wedge boundaries are symetrical to lines perpendicular to the trailing edge. J
  2. As per the 1:32 and 1:48 Intruders, the shape of the fin tip is wrong, the seats supplied appear to be GRU 7 (when they should be GRU 5) and the doppler housing under the tail has the cut off for a chaff dispenser forward of it, which shouldn't be there on an A model. The fin problem is consistent for all variants, the other two are ony errors for the A, for the certain subsequent E and E Tram releases they are correct. I'm glad they didn't duplicate the goofy half-exhaust of the 1:48 series, with a turbine disc sitting at an acute angle inside 🙂 This time, they just provide the end stub
  3. Generally, print production prices are now dropping below those of cast resin, with both mould silicone materials and casting resins becoming more and more expensive while at the same time high resolution 3D printers and high detail 3D print resins becoming cheaper. That said, designing a 3D object in CAD that has myriads of detail, beyond what you used to see even on very high quality hand-mastered items AND desgining it so everything can be printed reliably takes a lot of time and effort. I have a few of Sparkit's seats and they are superbly designed, which includes the support/bas
  4. Well, that worked 🙂 Direct link: https://www.hypersonicmodels.com/product/f-104a-late-update-set Thanks again! J
  5. Hi everyone, here's a little news announcement regarding my latest release. It's anupdate set for the Kinetic F-104A/C kit, which contains the parts needed to build an actual F-104A (the kit parts are only for a C). It's a "Late" F-104A because it's after conversion to the upward firing C-2 seat, so either the kit seat or any available aftermarket C-2 can be used. Parts included are: lower fuselage insert piece with "A" specific shell ejector port, vent louvres and plainer cockpit floor fuselage panel with staggered hot air vents, incl. cutting template mask
  6. A lot of very time consuming work taking place, which is "cutting" all the tiny trenches and holes into the surfaces to get the panel lines and rivets. It's a big airframe and there are a lot of panels...and we also utilise different sizes and types of rivets. Doing the research and identify all the various panel locations and deciding which rivets to represent or not was one part, but creating the 3D recesses (all taking into account the extraction direction of each part in the mould) is another big job that's been ongoing for a few months, but it's well advanced by now. Cheers J
  7. That's what my backdate set is for. Small stabs (made from special hard resin), IP and coaming, early type ECS exhaust some small parts plus instructions on what to and what not to use from the kit parts and guidance on how to modify kit parts to make an even more accurate early block. https://www.hypersonicmodels.com/product/f-16a-backdate-set Cheers, J
  8. This has been on the long "planned" list for ages (i.e. years), never got round to doing them but not crossed off either. One thing that kept me back was the thought of possibly having to make separate sets for each manufacturer's kits and also not totally sure how to deal with the aux door locks in context of the very different designs between kits. J
  9. Hi there, many thanks! Yes indeed, work on the wheel well set had started again this spring. With new references and tech I'm going to do it all in CAD this time. I have reverse-engineered the shape of the Trumpeter fuselage (the whole wheel well area will be replaced) and the work went as far as trying to align the geometry of the internal structure, trying to bring together an incomplete 3D scan (the wheel well doors were partially closed unfortunately), various drawings and the Trumpeter kit base. This is a long-term dribs and drabs project though and currently pauseda gain for wo
  10. https://www.facebook.com/defmodel/posts/pfbid0ZxfkRszN1v8S1LrWF56XoRmqpdM3F19toNm3yjToDhshhqYxyF5DknhZPMtBxjUol Instrument panel and coaming on approach from DEF Model (who by the way were the FIRST to have corrected intakes for this kit ready...).
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