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  1. Hi there, just for your info, over the past few weeks I have released a couple of resin sets for the Revell SR-71 and a couple more are in the works. Available now: SR-1 ejection seats, both as a "standard" set comprising the seats and 3D printed ejection handles (printed from slightly flexible resin) and a "deluxe" set which adds ejeciton rails (3D printed) and canopy jacks to the package. All parts are designed to fit the Revell kit specifically, and even though some plastic needs to be removed it is kept to a minimum. https://www.hypersonicmodels.com/pr
  2. Hi folks, I just wanted to share with you a couple of new releases on the resin front 🙂 Available now are: F-4N Conversion Set for Tamiya F-4B The set contains AN/ALQ-126 antenna fairings for theintake shoulders, a fin cap with a rearward facing pod (alternatively, if you require the the cap with the "double pod", use the one from the kit), a new RIP IP with the ALQ-126 related instruments and an external RIO rearview mirror. Available in my web shop right now: https://www.hypersonicmodels.com/product/f-4n-phantom-conversion-set
  3. Great work!! You're as mad as me, rebuilding the wheel wells. I did the same on my build a few years ago, but not to your excellent standard! J
  4. The Revell cockpit section has significantly more height than the Testors kit which is a welcome step into the right direction. So far, so good. However, it's not quite there either, the near the front it's missing about 2mm, in the middle and back about 1mm in height. More significantly though, the front cockpit/canopy is about 4mm too short, the aft one about 3mm and the whole section is missing about 2mm in width, which accounts for the lack of the characteristic lateral bulge around the cockpit section. J
  5. Wow, thanks, never saw that pic (or if I did then I don't recall...). Still interesting - making sheet metal chine panels instead of the actual composite ones sounds a bit excessive in terms of added work load and cost... At some point the triangular chine panels on the A-12 were replaced by composite rectangular panels, as on the SR-71. Famously, a number of those triangular panels were falling off on the A-12's maiden flight. Not sure if there was a persisting problem with panel mounting that led to them being replaced eventually? J
  6. Bare metal chines?? That would be interesting as the chine surfaces on the SR-71 are composite plastic (asbestos/resin)... I haven't seen the photo you mentioned so I can only assume the chines were painted silver/aluminium? J
  7. The SR-71 paint was black, full stop. No other colour or scheme. The black paint was a special type which had ferrous particles in. It certainly weathered due to heating/cooling, constantly "washed" with JP7 spills, wear and tear from crew walking and maintaining etc. So various shades from black to dark grey or charcoal would be appropriate. But it's not to be confused with paints used on the U-2C or the early (painted) X-15 finish for instance. The finish was on the flat side of satin. Cheers, J
  8. The kit is still available from a number of Ebay sellers, directly from China. I bought mine this way. Delivery took some time because China Post repeatedly sent it back to the seller due to lack of available flights but eventually it got here. Cheers J
  9. Your calls shall be answered, but it'll take some more time.... J
  10. Definitely will get these. Are these all without the tail fins? I've got the "HUP-1/HUP-2" boxing without fins... Cheers, J
  11. The shape of the vertical stabilisers, the position of the rudders as well as the position of the wing fold lins are also off, amongst the general lack of detail of course 🙂 J
  12. Not in the works currently - but I'll really try to get to it again this year...other projects just keep coming... J
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