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  1. Hello Gene, thank you for the praise, much appreciated!! I'm glad the set arrived safe and sound. Cheers, Jeffrey
  2. They look excellent! Are these showing 1:35 or 1:48? I saw your post on Facebook on the 1:35 version. Personally, I'd only be interested in 1:48...are you making any available for purchase or only your own personal use? Cheers, J
  3. Many thanks, yes those I had ready sold out quickly again. They are made and available in very small quantities only. I'm currently preparing a few more but those will be the last of the current production run. Demand will determine if I have more Deluxe straps made. Cheers, J
  4. Not this set. Most of the parts are specifically designed as drop-in replacements for ZM parts and the cockpit in particular is very different. I may look into adapting the parts to fit Hasegawa kits for a separate set, but it won't make sense to sell the ZM set for Hasegawa.
  5. Hi, I wanted to take the opportunity and introduce my latest product, a slat wing conversion set for the Zoukei Mura F-4E hard wing kit. Yes, I do know that ZM have announced a slat wing kit down the line and we expect to see an F-4G at some point this year. However, this set is for those who can't wait to make a slat wing F-4E from ZM's really nice kit NOW and also does the set offer perhaps a little bit of extra detail over what will be eventually available out of the box. Further, the set has been developed as the basis for two Hellenic Air Force F-4E conversion sets, a "cl
  6. So, in the box: slotted and unslotted stabs, separate trunnion cover plates, open speed brakes, refuelling probe, folding wings (a first for a Phantom kit oob?), different under nose sensors and various other bits. Certainly a totally new design/engineering approach to a Phantom kit. The one piece, movable stabs look nice, but it remains to be seen if it is a proper scale appearance or looks toy-like. A very comprehensive package. My poor wallet. Thank God I'm in Japan 🙂 So only Mk.H5 seats are missing...? J
  7. Good point! I would have thought with high lift devices deployed and wing up there would definitely be a pulling, not pushing force, but hadn't taken the high wing sweep into account. Cheers! J
  8. Yes indeed. And that that it's actually a universal joint, so not just one, but two eyelets joint with preciously little surface area. I guess the margins must have been slim. Confidence in calculations.. 🙂 J
  9. Every time I see an F-8 I can't get it into my head how such a tiny little piece of metal holds the plane in the air (I know, a larger proportion of weight hangs on the aft wing hinges, but still...)... J
  10. I have all three kits (Fonderie, Special Hobby, Italieri) and all three differ quite a bit in shape. I don't have accurate drawings of measurements to hand so I don't know which is the most accurate though... I do like the cast metal rotor bosses of the Fonderie kit though 🙂 I think Belcher bits makes resin correction wooden and metal rotor blades. J
  11. When I make new products, eliminating any print artefacts and preparing my 3D printed masters for casting by repeated sanding, filling, sharpening of surface detail, takes me about as long as or longer than than the creation of the CAD file itself. Depending on the geometry of the item, there can still be a big difference between 3D printed original and a hand-processed master - and all my masters are printed on high res machines from very high polygon-count STL's. Print capabilities are rapidly improving and for some geometries the balance has tipped towards producing parts solely b
  12. Points of note so far, based on these pictures, from my (slightly biased) point of view: - very promising shape wise (but you don't expect anything else from Tamiya these days), great capture of the lateral bulge in the canopy, at the centre part - Mk. H7 seats in the cockpit (correct only for post 1970...) - canopy inner details (nice!), but doesn't seem to have the full insert on the front canopy - seems to show (not 100% sure) slotted stabilators. Perhaps unslotted options in the box? Very much looking forward to this, although the price tag is high it ha
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