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  1. At LM pre-order price and with shipping, it's $62.41, which is JPY8969 (LM's currency converter is hopelessly out of date). That's a bit above ZM's after-tax price in Japan. Prices of Meng's Hornets within Japan are around the JYP13,000 mark.
  2. May well be, but ZM's schedule (at least up to the G) was known long in advance so it's not that Meng coudn't have known. J
  3. Warning: nit-picking. I don't see a fuselage/belly reinforcement strap. I'm not an expert on the G model but I thought they had them? The canopy shape looks a bit flat/squashed, but that may totally be a render/perspective issue so wait and see. It does look like the canopies have internal structure, framing and detail, which is good. The fuselage shape looks good, in particular near the engines and tail. Whether the cockpit area has got the subtle lateral bulge is difficult to see in these views, we have to wait and see. The stabilator anchor cover plate looks like it's me
  4. Maybe the market is big enough for both kits, who knows, but it's certainly an "interesting" move by Meng. With Zoukei Mura's Phantom release schedule being known for a long time... I'm quick to point out flaws with kits (and ZM is no exception) and I'm not a Fan Boy of any particular manufacturer. But I do feel for ZM, they've done a pretty good job with their F-4G (as far as I can tell), even going the extra mile of doing totally new tools for the fuselage, not re-using the sprues from their early E kit. To that end, Meng would have to at least make a modular insert to create an bo
  5. I think you misunderstand - the slats in the kit are NOT a re-use of the S kit slats. They are entirely new-tooled. The S slats have a significantly stronger camber than the E slats (i.e. the E slats are pretty "flat" while the S slats are strongly "curved" in their air foil). All I'm saying is that the chord of the NEW TOOLED outboard slats in this G kit seems to be a bit excessive. I have been sent sprue pics by someone with the kit, I only don't have the kit yet myself. But that's going to change soon. The spue letter of the wing parts in the NEW TOOLED G kit is H by the way. J
  6. No, they are not the S slats. The air foil looks about right for E slats. When I said deep I meant too long in chord, especially towards the inboard end. But this is a preliminary observation from sprue pics that were forwarded to me, I hope I'll get my own kit this weekend.
  7. As on the F-4S kit, the slats are done in the deployed position. To build them retracted you need to remove the inboard slat actuators. It's annoying but not too difficult. The bigger issue for me is that the outboard slats look too deep to me, comparing with photos. Otherwise, ZM have gone to great lengths to reproduce many detail differences for this variant, making lots of small tooling changes to the main fuselage parts. The canon muzzle is still there, but as the fuselage parts themselves are changed you can't use this box as the basis for a late E. Also all the cockpit parts ar
  8. ...except that ¥7500 is not $75. Currently ¥7500 is $53.55 and even before the Yen crisis started (beginning of this year), it was about $58. And the new F-4G kit is now ¥7900, so currently $56.40, lokely due to increased costs in produciton and transportation/logistics. Wherever you are, the retail price is: wholesale price of the product + shipping cost + duties/tax + importer margin + retailer margin (quite often the retailer's cost x2). Jeffrey
  9. While I have no stake in this game at all I think the complaint is not that the wheel/strut actually fits inside like the real thing (just perhaps poorly worded by the original poster) but that Italeri have not made an attempt to make some kind of representation of the structure of the actual wheel well. They just give a well roof all at the same level while the real one is a multi-level affair, like the F-4 for instance with recesses. While full depth is of course nice it can lead to problems and drive up production cost so a reduced-depth representation is usually fine on an injection moulde
  10. There is a choice out there: https://sparkit-models.com/en/props-jets/14-s-3-viking-intake-and-exhaust-set-148.html
  11. ...in any case, don't buy the Eduard wheel set 🙂 Early F-104G, as well as F-104J and CF-104 had narrow wheels with spoked hubs and the spokes were kind of convex, with the centre the widest part and getting narrower towards the edge/tyre. Late F-104G, as well as F-104S had wide wheels with concave type spokes, with the wheel getting wider from the centre outward to the edge/tyre. If you study the shadows on the wheels in your F-104 pictures you can see that this is the concave type, i.e. wide wheels. ResKit have got this difference covered in terms of resin wheels, at least if y
  12. It looks like your chosen configuration was only done while land based: http://nabe3saviation.web.fc2.com/aF8un.html On a carrier, I've only seen retracted wings on parked planes, so far. I can't claim to be a Crusader expert. J Edit: well, I spoke to soon: http://aviation-museum.blogspot.com/2010/06/fighter-squadron-one-nine-four-vf-194.html https://external-preview.redd.it/-9LwNwcceQ4pihNxfvncGqpdEVAlhcECT5j_fGySUn8.jpg?auto=webp&s=b33eed2b9708584c72830f5c824119726b3ddf03
  13. Ditto about the C-133 sheet, I posted it in the actual C-133 thread as well. I was not aware that it had been out, and out of stock, for so long already. In my mind, the C-133 kit itself seemed like a " just released" kit so it didn't even cross my mind that the decals might be unavailable already...
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