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  1. I'd be all over a KC-46 conversion set!!!!!!!!!!!!! First flight next month and delivery in the next few years, a KC-46 set now would be timely.
  2. Will this also be in 1/72 down the line? Id kill for this sheet.....
  3. That makes sense. And Shaw still has the Have Glass 4 schemes. Nellis with the 422nd as well. Hopefully well see more units and AC soon, I like this new-ish scheme.
  4. It will be interesting to see the tail art on that bird if it gets any. Their logo is so large theres no way it will be in color. Also, Im surprised that two ANG units have a Guinea pig but the ANG test group in Tuscon doesnt have one. Jake have you seen the SC ANG bird with "tail art" so to speak?
  5. The SC ANG also has one....recently brought it down to Nellis to play. A photographer has pics of her up on flicker.
  6. One suggestion would be a set of tail code and serial numbers for the F-35A. Meaning 2 sets of a through z. With so many future units getting F-35's it would be nice to be able to use all the new kits for our favorite units. Active, test and yes.....ANG could be done if we only had the lettering and maybe some acc/ang badges!!!!!!!
  7. Im all about the F-35B decals in 1/72 but all of the F-35A kits in 1/72 come with the same decals of the same aircraft. Luke AFB has 2 aircraft that should be transferring this week and Hill is supposed to get the first operational F-35's. Could we maybe get some LF/HL decals? There are a few photos of the Luke bird on the web for reference.....
  8. Modern hobbies is back up with a bunch of new 1/72 stuff! Check it out at http://www.modern-hobbies.com/ In particular the MXU-648 and BRU-57. SWEET!! Would anyone be interested in the ADM-160 MALD or MALD-J?
  9. Ive always wanted to build a 1/72 p-3 and yesterday I aquired a hasegawa p-3c update iii. The problem is im not very framiliar with the weapons or the decals. Its got VP-40 decals (kit 04015) but Ive noticed there is another kit with VP-40 decals (kit 00980) that has the more "modern" decals. Id like to be able to put some agm-84's on it but I think the decals I have are for the mid 80's. Thus Im trying to find the later decals. I have a few AGM-48E's but Im not sure of the timeframes. I know they were rarely used but what timeframe would these be correct for?
  10. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Id kill for a good comprehensive sheet!!!! 57 ATG 64 AGRS....all the good markings!!!!
  11. People have asked and asked for the most recent 64th and 65th agrs markings in 1/72 but still no dice.......
  12. Im looking for a single 1/48 wolfpack JSOW body if anyone has one...shipping ad fair price if youve got it thanks!!
  13. Im looking for 6 to 8 1/72 F-15 drop tanks. Id take any extras off your hands. Does anyone know of an aftermarket company who makes them? Also, is there a cheap kit that might have four? I know the academy F-15's had 3?
  14. 1/72 B-1B FOR HEAVENS SAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW MANY TIMES DO WE HAVE TO ASK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????
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