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  1. Just an informative opinion here...101 was a land based training squadron. Their time out to sea was limited to two, maybe three days tops for CQ dets. Hence, these birds would never see this much wear and tear unless everyone in the line shack just up and quit. Not meaning to sound as a negative critique, it just wouldn't match this particular paint scheme.
  2. So are these no longer 'free' to download? All the links seem dead, and it appears that this due in part to the fact that these base designs were sold to flying mule and 3wire? Are these still obtainable? I'm needing the 1/48 LHD carrier base for a retirment gift I'm doing for someone, but they don't seem eligible to acquire anymore. If these are in fact dead, can we remove this link that's advertising these as printable? Seems a bit misleading. Any help is appreciated.
  3. Squadron has tanked this black friday thing every year since 2012, which was the last year they offered their blockbuster 50% off sale, and actually had product to pick from. The next year - it was grossly overhyped, only to realize that they were essentially just having a "dust off the shelves" sale and weren't even offering full black friday deals on all their merchandise. Only what they had listed, which again - was crap. They heard a ton of backlash about that so they figured they'd make everything available again - but would just quit reordering anything popular in August to make sure
  4. I built a few of the Hobby Boss legacy hornets a few years back. They were actually a lot of bang for the buck. Engineering almost mirrors Hasegawa, minus a few of the over engineered parts. Vertical tails will need a little bit of work to grind the tops to more accurately depict hornet tails, and they come chocked with ordnance. I don't know why more people dont talk about these - as they're great alternatives.
  5. It was definitely a kill for the War Party and not 31.
  6. Meh, I've never understood the "shelf of doom" concept. Models aren't cheap these days, neither is your time. Sure, I understand we all hit snags in projects, but when you work through them those are the moments you truly grow in the hobby. Too many people are quick to just throw it aside and move on to whats next in hopes that it'll just magically build itself without any issues either. Next thing you know you've got hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars sitting on a shelf, and nothing to show for it. I've built commission stuff for the past several years, so not finishing has never
  7. It is indeed. I used Tamiya paints to do it, so I had to mix sky gray and white. If I'm being honest, I think the markings were printed too lightly, as they're sullosed to be darker than the paint. I compared this paint job to one I did in actual gull gray and to be honest, this one looks lighter than the actual FS color. Had I added anymore white, I'm afraid it would have looked like a pale light gray or off white. So I just went with it.
  8. Thanks guys. Fun build. Great information Darren! I'll keep you in mind.
  9. Thanks a lot guys. Sorry for the delay. I don't frequent the forums too often anymore, as I stay pretty busy. The soap and future trial sounds promising too. I almost wonder if some high quality "bubble" soap used for bubble blowing wouldn't be good to try for this method since it is a bit thinner to work with.
  10. Had a guy pick me up to build him a Phantom. It's technically supposed to be an S variant Phantom, but we had a hard time finding one in 48th scale, and in the end he was more or less just wanting something to represent the markings so we settled with the J model. Fun build. Enjoy.
  11. I just find a scheme I want, get good reference pictures and have the stuff I need drawn and printed. It's a win win.
  12. Hi, I'm curious as to if there's any way to model a 2014 challenger sxt. Seems as though the closest kit I could find was a 2013 srt8 version, but didn't know if there's a place to conversion kits (if any). My main expertise thus far has been planes, but got some people interested in some commission car work. I'm also interested if someone could point me to a good source for model car aftermarket (wheels, lights, interior mods etc.)so I could browse that. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  13. Well, this started as an in work thread, but a delay on waiting on replacement decals and me trying to get through the last motions made it hard for me to keep the in work thread active. Anyways, it's finished.
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