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  1. I hate Facebook...but I'm on it 3-5 days a week. All modeling pages, I stay away from everything else. Make certain you cover your privacy settings well and use a good browser.
  2. Great Job, I built that kit many, many, many years ago. I wish someone (GWH?) would give us a new tool F-15A.
  3. You were my next guess!! Awesome news.
  4. Somebody needs to give us a 1/48 Legion Pod for the F-15C/EX. And also a Talon Hate pod.
  5. Looking great and those markings are very nice.
  6. Very nice build. Love the weathering and staining.
  7. A worthy encore to your Swamp Fox. Love the asymmetric load on it.
  8. Thanks Dave. I did the same at Sprue Bros. but since I'm not in a rush I ordered from UA-Hobby in Kiev. I hope to have it in 3 weeks or so. ICM must have shorted some of the vendors over here, that combined with a slow down of shipping due to the Covid Lockdowns in Europe makes things look pretty spartan. I just hope they get it out of the country prior to Russia doing anything.
  9. Sprue Bros received it and it sold out the same damn day.......Ugh.
  10. From my observations of the real thing, there is a difference with the field green being lighter than the FS34079. But, like I said it is probably the photo.
  11. Thanks, just looking at the 2 greens being close to each other in saturation but that most likely is the lighting.
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