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  1. I heard from some on Britmodeller not to waste my money for the Typhoon items. I am surprised with the number of Eurofighter deliveries and popularity as a subject in Europe that Olimp is still the only game in town for 1/48 nozzles and intakes. Go 1/32 (and the Revell 1/32 kit is OOP for now) and Aires is all over it. It would seem to me that for the right "Master Caster" out there, it would be a viable subject to produce some updates & corrections. As a side note, I am getting closer to starting my Kinetic Mirage 2000D with a "brick" of resin stuff. There are fewer than 90 of them in service with the L'Armee de L'air but a ton of resin out there from a variety of producers.
  2. Hey Mark, not to create any more anxiety, but do you think you could make some 1/32 scale sheets in the future? I apologize if this has been asked or if you do not work with that scale.
  3. Those nozzles are to die for. At a minimum I would order those for the kit.
  4. The Typhoon nozzles do not look correct when viewed on a kit. One example I saw seems to show the petals extending past the inner nozzle. They looked splayed open. I wish Aires or someone would do a set.
  5. Thanks for the response. I need the ANG one.
  6. Thank you. I look at the photos of their creations and they don't exactly look like they are well cast (warpage?) But you're right they do seem to be the only game in town. I have a Typhoon delivery tomorrow which I would love to have decent burner cans and intakes, but I don't want to waste the coin on something that is not going to fit correctly or is out of scale. Too bad Aires will not do the burner cans etc. On another note, how are the "Englishmen over Tripoli" sets? Are the Brimstone's straight and detailed?
  7. Has anyone used Olimp Resin details before? I'm interested in hearing of opinions as to build-ability, quality and accuracy. I know they have produced a number of products for the Tornado, Eurofighter Typhoon, Harrier etc. Just trying to decide if it is worth ordering any of it. FWIW Sprue Bros was carrying the line at one time, not so much now. Thanks!
  8. Still waiting for offers......anyone?
  9. For the love of GOD! Make me an offer!
  10. $35 Shipped?
  11. Email sent
  12. It will be nice if Tanmodel can pull it off. They have an ambitious list to work through and I would pounce on any 1/32 F-111 released. It would be nice to know if they're listing those kits in order of production?
  13. Would Hasegawa gear doors work? That would be a an easy fix.
  14. What I am planning on is buying the Block 25/32 National Guard kit and swapping parts with my block 50. I want to do a Polish Block 52+ and need the NSI Inlet. I can then build a block 30 or block 40 (with extra parts) with the other.