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  1. Airman looks like he had a rough night in "the ville".
  2. Spectacular job with the masking/painting! Also, when you use the scale motor sports decals, how do you apply them? Are you cutting them to the rough size of each petal? Or are you applying differently? I would imagine you tried to apply them in a manner which results in the least amount of trimming after they dry.
  3. VK will want you to sign up. No thanks....
  4. I'm interested in this one. BUT...I hope they make the correct changes and not screw it up.
  5. The main issue I see with the kits is that we are still dealing with poor assembly instructions. With some patience you can build a good model with the newer kits. The 1/32 Mirage can build up into a knockout kit. Some will call out a few details missing or a couple mm off in dimensions, but they have improved significantly. If you build the Su-34 kit (like I have) it can be made into a gem with patience.
  6. Cool. I didn't hear about that. It will be interesting to see how that turns out. Is mention of it on their FaceBook page?
  7. That was a saracstic reply to my sarcasm. All good CC.
  8. I bet it was photoshopped for security purposes 😉
  9. Thanks Gabor. I'm surprised the closeup shots of the skin are available.
  10. Agreed. The options available for all C's and D's.......E,F,I etc., would sell a lot of plastic.
  11. I rarely build Navy Jets (Yeah...I'm not a Tomcat fan) BUT......This Sundowners F-4B would be one I would like to build.
  12. I am currently building the ZM He 219 and I have the ZM F-4E Early. There is no comparison between their Phantom kits and the extreme(ly) engineered/detailed 1/32 kits.
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