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  1. Cheaper shipping if I want 2 of them? If I order as it is, I get double shipping cost.
  2. Image Shack is perfect. I have been paying around $20 per year.
  3. I am so happy I received one of the canopies years ago. It was my first attempt/use of a Vac Form canopy and I took my time and it came out outstanding. A dip in future, and attachment of the other parts made it look like the real thing. But, I will never build another 1/32 Flanker or derivative from Trumpeter. I lost months of my life with it.
  4. I think you have to go direct with them. Also, I did communicate with them a month or 2 ago and asked them about cockpit and/or pylons for the kitty hawk kit. The individual who replied said they would "think about it". In the meantime of course we now have the Metallic Details cockpit items. It would still be nice to see others develop more product for the Kitty Hawk and it looks like Tempmodels have the expertise to make that happen if they choose to do so.
  5. Got my money back as well. When I first requested it, the seller did reply back to EBay with tracking information but after I called and told them the story as well as the fact the seller had apparently closed shop and would not allow anyone to view feedback, they refunded my purchase in less than a 1/2 hour. Lesson learned.
  6. My god Chuck! I can't believe my own eyes what you have accomplished with this kit. With those kinds of fit issues etc., I would have just finished it for a dark shelf somewhere or thrown in the towel. That is one of the best gloss finishes I have had the pleasure to gaze upon.
  7. And a mighty fine job you did! I saved the Fencer link for inspiration whenever I get motivated and have the coin to buy the necessary updates et.al. and kit. This may very well be sooner rather than later. In the mean time...get yourself a Kitty Hawk Fullback. You will not be disappointed.
  8. Chris, those are well deserved reviews. I just wish Andy Moore would pick up the kit and get Part 3 of the build going...this has been dragging on for months. 😞
  9. Nice work John! ...Now I'm tempted to start collecting the items for a build......
  10. I couldn't agree more. But having a long suffering of AMS....I....just....can't ....help it.
  11. I hear ya. But most of the items have been sold out for some time.
  12. Tomorrow I will contact EBay since enough time has elapsed.
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