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  1. For Sale: 1/32 CE F/A 18C (Late) cockpit. Complete pit. I have removed a couple of casting blocks, but it is 100% intact. These of course went by way of the Dodo when Meteor Productions folded. I also have the CE F/A 18C Seamless Intakes available as well for $20 additional. (Save on shipping)
  2. You're correct! I never expected (or even mentioned) they should distribute from the good of their hearts. My point is that there is a much less production cost coming from China which makes for good profits for the distributors. I am by no means looking at your small business as part of that equation or your relationship with your distributor Darren.
  3. There is a lot of money being made by the distributors. At the shop level here in the states the MSRP is at least 40% above their cost. I believe that is 20% more than the actual distributor cost (>60% under MSRP). Labor costs are cheap in China, and I would imagine a $200 kit probably costs under $40-$30 to produce.
  4. There are a ton of posts here and on Britmodeller. I guess it comes down to version (early/late) and a couple of small nuances between them. I would be willing to wager however, that a poll would find the AMK as the more desired. Personally speaking, I do have the AMK and the molding and details put into it are nothing short of stellar.
  5. Just about........
  6. Mike's review on Cybermodeler is a great start. We need others to try to check the nuances as far as shape etc. I can certainly see aftermarket burner can, cockpit, wheel wells and weapons bay as well. I would imagine that would push the cost closer the $250-300 US to build a well detailed sample. I would also hope that we see some decals from operational F-35's (Hill AFB?).
  7. Janman, I used the Akan paints recently and you're absolutely correct, they do brush paint very well (although I airbrush almost exclusively). I used the acrylic water based colors, brushed out of the bottle (Cap) and it leveled very well. Airbrushing, I found they work well with Mr. Color Leveling Thinner. They're a bit pricey, but you get an accurate color and a good product over a decent primer.
  8. I'm interested in hearing about the accuracy of this kit. Granted there is not much out there to go by, but it does hold some interest for me.
  9. Not to mention panel lines which to scale you could stick your fist into.
  10. Just remember it is a hard mask not soft. Hard to believe how their land based aircraft can become so filthy.
  11. Hello? Is there any building gone on in there? Captivated people need to know.
  12. Step away from the need to get yourself lathered over a thread...
  13. I thought that their detail sets were only in 1/48?
  14. Even the KittyHawk would be easier than my KoPro with Cutting Edge project from days gone by. But, HobbyBoss is what I will buy.
  15. Sorry...I wasn't referring the "that" Berkut.