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  1. Budget issues? Eye Candy is not a defense necessity?
  2. Ok Harv, Can you post some good reference shots of the Su-22 for us? I'm sure there is much interest, certainly from myself.
  3. Nice photo...shows why I'll build Kitty Hawk.
  4. The HB sample is poor. Typical half baked aircraft design by Trumpy-Boss. Now, their Armor kits are by and large much better.
  5. I looked for it. It's not up yet.
  6. Kinda hard to say without a sample on hand though. I would bet the Su-57 will be a better representation given Zvezda's "recent" history.
  7. That looks awesome Alex. I have Cold War's product on hand already, but might want yours as well.
  8. Hey Mark, still around...just busy with other stuff.
  9. Glad to see this topic is still chugging along. ..........
  10. Home on sick leave is the perfect time to work on Models!
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