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  1. My kit arrived this morning, a day earlier than expected. Looking it over, I checked the trees to make certain everything was there and there seems to be more room in the box compared to some other GWH kits that are really packed tight. This led to a problem with the solid metal weight that is provided with the kit. GWH has it packaged in its own small box glued to the inside of the kit box. This is a bad idea because it is not secured very well and due to rough handling made it's way out of its packaging and was moving around through the parts trees. This thing should have been secured better
  2. And I received my USPS tracking number this morning. Thanks Raymond.
  3. The tracking number associated with my order was delivered today in Topeka Kansas.
  4. Curious if anyone has any idea if the Legion Pod is in use with Poland or other Block 52+ users.
  5. I was about to purchase a DN mask for the Ukrainian Mig-29, but with shipping it would cost over $40. That's pretty close to what I paid for the kit. So, I'll search some more or if need be, I'll use the freaking decals. UPDATE: Found some Galaxy Model Masks for it. $14 at HobbyEasy. I'll grab some small 3d printed stuff as well and order this.
  6. I never should have bought them and I guess I'll look for another..DN? I've got both MRP as well as Akan Lacquers. Very disappointing and thank you for confirming my suspicions that this masking solution is a dog.
  7. The instruction are poorly written. Looked like they used a translator and it is tough to understand. Have you used them?
  8. Hey guys, I am working on the GWH "Ghost of Kyiv" Mig-29C 9-13 and hope to hear from anyone who has used "Foxbat masks". Although the kit comes with decals for the digital scheme for the Mig, I would rather use masks and paint it. The trouble I am encountering is how to best approach the masking in terms of what color to start with etc. The masks themselves appear complicated by combining multiple color call outs on each segment of the mask sheet wherein you place the large section and apparently remove and replace each part of it. I hope this doesn't sound confusing, but if any of
  9. Raymond, I would not normally not bother you about this order, but according to the website, my order is "in transit from China to Hong Kong". I ordered on March 11th. Please tell me that is not the case while others have their shipments in Kansas waiting to be sent out. Sorry to ask here but you're not receiving messages according to ARC. Order #CM2403-453184
  10. Miracles do happen - And indeed I did receive my order this morning. Only a couple days shipping from Georgia.
  11. I have a tracking number and see that USPS now has the package. I hope to have it sometime Saturday.
  12. I believe it is Athens. However, he did contact me yesterday and I hope to see my shipment on the way today. I will update my original post once I have my order in hand.
  13. If it was a MH-53J or MH-53M I'd save my allowance and hide it from the wife.
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