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  1. Looks somewhat close to a Gunship Gray but with the Dilithium Crystals in it. Well, at least in the first photo it did....
  2. I'm in
  3. Seriously? Any idea what that color would match up with?
  4. I put together a reasonably good looking F111F about 20 years ago. I used the Academy 111F as a base and added Verlinden Update with cockpit and pavetack pod, Paragon accurate burner cans and the correct triple plow intakes (also from Paragon?). Some Gulf War decals for a Lakenheath Bird (the correct set for the dropping of the GBU 28) and some resin GBU 28's from somewhere I can't remember. She looked great in a SEA Camo until wife version 2.0's stupid cat decided to destroy it. Cats...what good are they.....?
  5. Reviving an old thread. I just posted my kit for sale and in inventorying all of the items realized I have somehow misplaced the damn instructions. Anyone out there have the instructions on .pdf or are willing to give me a hand by scanning them?
  6. Ok, I understand now. Thanks for the explanation.
  7. Here I was under the assumption (first mistake) that it was originally marked as "Fayetteville"
  8. Fantastic wrap around camo job on it. I too thought I was looking at a 1/48 Harrier!
  9. Geez, Vark tried to help and you go negative on him. I want to party with you dude. (sarcasm)
  10. Is the Hasegawa F-22 still the best 1/48th out there?
  11. Jake I have a question that sort of applies to the topic. Since I came back to the hobby last fall, I noticed that some tail codes do not necessarily correspond to the previous code. i.e. The "FT" belongs to Moody now? vs. Pope AFB. When did this transpire, and why is it that the Air Force is doing this?
  12. Bump-a-rooski. Buy these so I no longer live in a van down by the river.......
  13. You taught your 7 year old how to scribe a model?