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  1. Nice, thanks for sharing. It appears that the major upgrade(s) (AESA) has not yet made it to the Heath Strike Eagles?
  2. I have a set...not for sale but just wanted to say that "In Stock" does not mean they are available in the USA. Mine were "In Stock" and I still waited a couple months to get them from Russia. So, be forewarned, they're not going to be available for you unless you wait.
  3. Looking for a single seater if someone is willing to part with one. Send me a message if you can spare one from your collection. This will be a build. Thanks
  4. Amen to that. Long overdue with well over 600 aircraft in the wild this should be one for the masses.
  5. I do look forward to the experts among you to get your hands on the kit for a good review and corrective measures for the kit. I would like to build the Su-57 and add it to my other Gen 5 fighters.
  6. I hear you Berkut. I was commenting more about the need for such secrecy which seems foolish since we can all imagine it will haul missiles that are well known in the west.
  7. Horrible Euro 1? I always liked it on any aircraft.
  8. I feel confident that it is no more a huge secret than the F-35 weapons bay was.
  9. Nice work Steve. Thank you for the analysis and corrective measures. I'm sure I'll be using your work as a guide for my kit build in the future.
  10. Use This: https://usps.force.com/emailus/s/package-issue? Select where's my package and continue from there to "Package Issue" The system should catch it. It worked for me.
  11. Looking forward to that. I am going to be brave and use MMP acrylics despite the naysayers on Facebook.
  12. I assumed as much, what paint are you planning on using for the finish?
  13. Wise words Mark. No tracking = Trouble and zero protection.
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