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  1. I try to NOT jump from kit to kit without finishing the first. My shelf of doom would fill up faster than hell.
  2. Awesome. I would surmise the F-22 is the same?
  3. Dave, are you going to have any goodies for the kit?
  4. Excellent link Arnaud. I have 2 of the Revell kits on hand and was wondering what exactly is wrong about the Hobbyboss Rafale series? I have built the Revell "M" 20 years ago and it was a fine kit back then. Revell are typically cheaper than the Hobbyboss as well. Just want your opinion between the 2 kits.
  5. Great work. I remember buying the Monogram 1/72 scale kit when I was 14.
  6. I can only imagine. You have a very nice "clean" build here. I love it.
  7. Very Nice. Just out of curiosity, how many AIM 120's are hanging on it?
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