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Mr Matt Foley

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    Not in the same mold as you

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    Madison, Wisconsin USA
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    Modern Aircraft, Helicopters, Armor with special interest in Russian/FSU subjects

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  1. Hey Mark, still around...just busy with other stuff.
  2. Glad to see this topic is still chugging along. ..........
  3. Those things are sitting ducks.
  4. Home on sick leave is the perfect time to work on Models!
  5. Heresy! Canada before us? I'm gonna move north.
  6. Pay money for an "opportunity" to purchase?
  7. Ha! My thoughts exactly....But...will they have them in hand? (The kit.....not "Raccons")
  8. I was actually being sarcastic, the shape is most important thing to me. Even then, I'm not much of a Tomcat fan and I still have a Tamiya F-14D sitting on my shelf beckoning my attention. Great points Dehowie, I appreciate and agree with much of your perspective.
  9. I'll wait until you guys buy it, assess it and then make my decision to spend my money on it. 😉
  10. Gotta love the Star Wars Run. In .3 parsec no less.
  11. Dashing is right! Paul I was at EAA last week admiring the "Big E" and saw the photo of you from back in the day. Boy does time fly........
  12. No...that is exactly how it should have sounded!
  13. I do! And I live in a city that is surrounded by reality!
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