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  1. Thanks. I'm B+ and 61 with Asthma. Glad to hear you're both out from under it. Take care!
  2. Glad to hear Steve. If I may ask, what is the age of yourself and your wife?
  3. Well, I'll "Tap out" of that Tapchan. Thanks for the correction(s) I do get confused by the number of variants.
  4. Exactly! For those of us, who over the years built the Academy Su-27, we are now getting kits that we could only dream of 25-30 years ago. GWH has put us on a different playing field as far as accurate shape and details. Make us a Su-27SM & and a Su-30SM/MKI/MKM/MKA with canards please.
  5. Solo: Do you even build? No one is forcing you, or even forcing you to buy the kit. Your ideas on manufacturing lead me to believe you may be associated with a competitor or maybe you're just whining too much. There, I said all I'm going to say about it. Now...where are we with the AMK Tomcat thread?
  6. Those were some amazing Vark kits. I built the 111F kit and it is amazing. I wish they would have followed up with a 1/48 scale.
  7. Yeah, I’m going watch this one too.
  8. Very nice! you did an excellent job on this build.
  9. I retired on Friday....Now I have a lot of time on my hands until the "Stay safe at home" is over.
  10. Excellent work. Glad to see you jump back into it.
  11. Any of you guys know if AeroMasks is now making face masks?
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