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  1. I just ordered up a sheet of Werner's Wings: Capt. Steve Richie and friends. I'm assuming the F-4E he and Chuck DeBellevue flew were/was early F-4E's. Can anyone confirm that? The sheets are for Monogram/Promodeler (says late slat for wings). If not, I'll save them for a later release from ZM.
  2. Mike Benolkin at Hobbyzone USA is carrying the Quinta Studio line. I suspect they will be big sellers for him. As a side note, I already have on hand the cockpit for the Mig-31BM (AMK) that I ordered via the 48ers.com. They do appear spectacular (almost like cheating in some respects) as long as you can get a perfect color match for the rest of the cockpit.
  3. Hey guys, check this out: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1-48-Cutting-Edge-CEC48038-A-26A-B-26K-Nimrod-Conv-w-Monogram-kit-/143414374027 Includes a Monogram kit........$235 plus $22.50 shipping! "cough"......
  4. I know. I was reflecting on "the good ole days".
  5. Wouldn't do me any good. I was on the "Blacklist".
  6. Very nice! I'm sure your Father would love it!
  7. I had that conversion as well. I was working on the Monogram kit and had it partially installed when I hit a wall and just couldnt build for about 3 years. I gave it to my buddy to finish, I don't know if he ever did. As a matter of fact, maybe I should check in with him he may have it still today.
  8. Jeffrey you are to be commended sir, for your due diligence and selfless efforts to ensure we see it first! Flying to Japan, and reporting back...it just doesn't get any better for us modelers.
  9. Hey Friend. I followed PayPal protocol. It was a very poor experience which I will never want to go through again. Sorry, but don't get lathered up over my comments about PayPal. I never disputed EBay in my comments.
  10. NEVER depend on PayPal. I just dealt with them over a fraud case (from China) and they were worthless. You can't communicate with them, they're unresponsive and I finally went through my credit card company and received a full refund. EBay on the other hand has been very responsive and is on top of their transactions. As far as the cheapest option for Chinese kits (Asian manufacturers in general) I find it hit or miss. If you're impatient, sure, buy from over there. If you want to ensure safe fast delivery here in the USA, use an American vendor. Just remember: If it sounds too goo
  11. You know, there has been more than one SB email response where I have had a snarky remarks made as well. SB has a good thing going for them, I just wish at times they add a bit of politeness to (we) customers as well.
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