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  1. Sounds like the Phase Hanger would be the best bet.
  2. Is it just me or are this (Engine set) a tad overpriced?
  3. Thanks. I was just curious from looking at the build video.
  4. Are the A-10's inservice still using the same Aces II seat? Or have they switched to the newer one with the folded down Pitot's?
  5. Those would work. You might have to repaint them to blend with the paint job.
  6. Sounds like a fix from Hypersonic Models is in order.
  7. Very nice moldings. The raised tape areas are more subtle than Meng but are still raised on the kit. I don't know if we will ever see an F-35 or F-22 without them. The kit is top notch and supporting documentation et.al. is comprehensive. Debating if I should sell my Meng Kit and accessories, I simply have too many kits.
  8. I order from other stores for different things online where the only shipping they offer is freaking SurePost. And, yes for a fee. Not everything in life is free right?
  9. Exactly the same here with my experiences. Remember, you can sign up for a UPS My Choice which includes the ability to bump your shipment up to Ground Service.
  10. I suppose it depends on where you live etc. I have had noticeable delays or hiccups from SurePost. I will often times use my UPS account to "upgrade" to UPS ground if possible.
  11. I always buy enough to do the faster shipping. SurePost is very inconsistent.
  12. Sprue Bros ships UPS or Fed Ex. Which was used for your shipment?
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