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  1. Was the Flying Tigers jet in this markings a pure demo jet, or did it fly with at least a training ordnance? And will this sheet be available at the48ers? Cheers, Markus
  2. Hi! I finally finished the F-5E from AFV Club in the Livery of the Patrouille Suisse aerobatics team. It is depicted in taxi configuration. It was abit of a hassle, since the parts of the forward fuselage had quite some distortion (I didn't encounter this problem with my other two F-5E builds.) Furthermore, the original decals were absolutely crap (the tended to crack), so I had to source some aftermarket decals. Luckily, I found a sheet from OH Models. This sheet, however, was missing the stencils. I therefore used declas from IPMS Austria. The pilot is taken f
  3. Looks great! Any chance of having him standing, with helmet in hand? Cheers, Markus
  4. Hi! Thank you very much. More pictures are in the display case section: Cheers, Markus
  5. Hi! I recently finished a F/A-18E of the VFA-31 in the AnniversaryLivery from 2010. Kit is the Hasegawa kit in 1/48. Aftermarket items used: Decals are from Afterburner Decals. Quickboost Seat Quickboost ECS vents Phase Hangar seamless intakes Eduard GBU-38 Wolfpack ATFLIR pod Tamiya AIM-9X, AIM-120 and GBU-12 (from the F-16 kit) I had an accident in the final stages of the build. Something hit the canopy from above and left a crack. Furthermore, the HUD was dislodged. It did get lost in the airframe, and I only fou
  6. I finally finished my Super Hornet. After the gloss coat, I made an oil wash, flat coated the TPS area and made the final assembly. I had a bummer nearing the end (meaning after the oil wash, right before the flat coat. The model was in an unsafe place, because I planned to flat coat it in the next hour or so. As I was looking for something in the cupboard above it, an object fell on the modell. As the canopy was still masked, I didn't find out about the degree of the damage. The nose antenna broke of, and I heard a rattling inside the aircraft. so I assumed that the HUD was dislodge
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