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  1. parche

    modelcollect 1/48 A-12

  2. parche

    Midway remake

    An absolutely amazing book that cuts through a lot of the misconceptions about Midway. Highly, highly recommended. Dave
  3. parche

    August releases

    You, sir, have made my year... Dave
  4. parche

    Which 1/48 SU-35?

    This is probably the highlight of my month. I have been wanting to do an MKI for the longest time. Dave
  5. I don't care who you are, that's funny!
  6. parche

    A-6E Intruder

    Did you do extra work on that IFR probe besides painting or did it come that clean and detailed? Any trick to to lining up your holes or did you just eyeball it? And final question, any extra for the attachment points for the flaps or is kit surface area sufficient for a strong joint? Beautiful work as always, so close to done. Dave
  7. I don't have any pictures that show any fighter variant in anything other than gray. As for non-fighters, BMs, RBFs and maybe RBVs had camo options. Dave
  8. First world problems...
  9. Oh, my wife is going to angry when I get one as soon as it is available... It is pretty good times for Russian/Soviet jet modelling. Dave
  10. parche

    Ever consider a new F-22 sheet?

    Heck yeah, Hawaii to go along with your Eagle sheet. Dave
  11. parche

    A-6E Intruder

    Janne, As always, your skill impresses me. I have enjoyed catching up with this build and look forward to your progress on my favorite US aircraft. Cheers, Dave
  12. parche

    Great Idea for a Diorama

    I remember going to Radio Island in Morehead City, NC where a MEU had it's equipment laid out for loading on an ARG. There was a long line of 105 howitzers and on one of them, a Marine was sleeping on the barrel, arms and legs hanging over like a big cat on a tree branch. The LTC I was with joked that he was security and the howitzers weren't going anywhere with the guy sleeping on them. I assume he was fuming on the inside. Dave
  13. parche

    USS Lexington found in Coral Sea

    I think it is awesome that people have been willing to expend the money and time to search for these famous wrecks. I wish that more sailors entering the Navy had an interest or knowledge of our history (this is not a condemnation of our youth, there are many great kids coming in to the submarine force, I am simply stating a fact). I for one would love to see the aircraft and bell (if it can be found) raised and displayed as a testament to the men who lost their lives, but the wreck itself is a grave and should be left alone. Cheers, Dave
  14. I know Ken has already responded and he is certainly the expert in the area, but I just wanted to come in with another positive statement. I absolutely love these kits. Yes, they have some short-run "issues", but the choices are awesome. I check the site every few days looking to see if there is a new kit out so I can go buy it. Dave