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  1. Awesome work. Impressive scratching. Do you have any sets of plans you are using or just eyeballing/measuring pictures? Cheers, Dave
  2. Nope, but at least two people are selling my master's thesis as a book on Amazon...
  3. As a history nut myself (like many of us I'm sure), I love the pre-building phase especially when I find personal stories related to the specific subject I am researching behind the technical part. Recently I have found myself collecting hard reference material such that I double or triple the project cost. I enjoy building as well, especially scratch work but I lose steam once it is time to paint because that is where my skills fall apart. Dave
  4. Great lecture. Enjoyed it immensely. Dave
  5. Just got two submarine kits from Mikro-Mir just a few days ago. They have taken about a week to get to me before, now, roughly three weeks. Dave
  6. Digressing a bit to the subject of picky load masters... Years ago I was involved in coordinating the emergent movement of submarine rescue requirement for an issue in a foreign country. Part of the surge was our "pre-packaged for transport by the Air Force" DSRV. The loadmaster of the tasked C-5 called BS and made the entire shipment get broken down and repackaged blowing through the critical timeline by almost 20 hours. Luckily, the DSRV was not needed as a Brit asset got on scene in time to support the rescue. The C-5 that arrived to grab the random pile of I-beams, semi- truck and trailer
  7. I don't think India operated anything other than RBs and RUs. So just get an RB. RBK isn't appropriate. Dave
  8. No idea, but if I get moving on my Revell FOXBAT conversion to a U, it will be announced when I am halfway done and released right after I complete it. Dave
  9. Maybe I have found my post-Navy job... Nuclear submarine expert for hire to Australia 😁 Cheers, Dave
  10. Scratchbuilding, closely followed by research... I hate painting since I suck at it. At this point I mainly build ships/submarines and the occasional aircraft. Dave
  11. An Indonesian submarine is missing. Singapore and Australia have been asked to help. BBC Story Positive thoughts please. Dave
  12. I'm proud to be a Hoosier by decree of the Governor and Legislature...
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