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  1. I'm proud to be a Hoosier by decree of the Governor and Legislature...
  2. Thanks. The new CO makes me look super short. He's 6-6. It was an honor to have the reins of the Bad fool Battle Bass for a while. Dave
  3. Ha ha... not classified... USS INDIANA (SSN 789) a Block III Virginia Class SSN. Staying in, but time for some leave before the next job. Dave
  4. For those of you who didn't know, I am a submariner and for the last 2 1/2 years I have been in command of my own boat. Today was my change of command to give her up. I can't imagine any more exciting or challenging job. Now, I need to get to work on some models after giving time back to the wife and kids. Cheers, Dave
  5. One down, one to go. Tuesday maybe. Depends when base gets doses onboard. Pain in the a** to constantly replan between weather, maintenance and doses. 50 days to store duty. Cheers, Dave
  6. Out of blue, finished. Not on her final base nor do I have the case for her yet, but work complete...except for gluing top of periscope in place. Just put it in place for pictures, but her temporary case is too short for it.
  7. Janne, Beautiful work as always. Weathering is masterful and that B-Wing makes me want to run out at get one. Dave
  8. I would absolutely love that. If people only knew the true, amazing stories from WWII, WWI, Korea and Vietnam to present day. Amazing movie potential in them all. But, I am a history dork. Dave
  9. Yup, Submarine Base New London.
  10. Everyone in the theater I was in applauded at the end... But we also stood for the national anthem at the beginning too. Dave
  11. Yes, but don't expect it to be a big thing. If you are expecting a flight by flight recounting of the battle, you'll be disappointed. Dave
  12. To be fair, as a fan of history, I cringed at the trailers and hadn't intended on going to see it. But, I got some special tickets for a free preview and said "why not give it a chance". I figured I was going to have to tell my kids a bunch of corrections, but I really didn't. And I was extremely happy that they highlighted USS Nautilus' (SS-167) role. It nicely rolled in Pearl Harbor, Doolittle Raid and Coral Sea as a lead up to Midway. The CGI didn't bother me as much as I thought it would. Cheers, Dave
  13. While the Star Wars-esque flight sequences were a bit annoying in some ways, I was happily surprised by how faithful they were to critical points in the story. Overall, recommended. Cheers, Dave
  14. Nice pics of 676. I have a bunch of hours on her and I managed to fly on all four in my 2 year tour (thanks to a single flight on the fourth right before I transferred as she came out of maintenance). Nowhere near my number of hours underwater, but I loved my job with Nightwatch. Dave
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