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  1. Simply gorgeous ! I will most certainly buy quite a few of these ! Thank you Kinetic !
  2. Looks like the Canadian armed forces crest to me !
  3. Kursad, would you consider doing an RCN HUP ?
  4. Maybe you could include some TAV-8s in the new sheet ?
  5. How about an aluminium laquer sharkmouthed F-105 ?
  6. You could add the B-47 (CL-52) loaned to the RCAF for the Orenda Iroquois engine testing... Simple markings but with the dayglo orange-red applied it was quite nice...
  7. I’m really excited about this ! I have 2 or 3 Otter kits in my stash and have been waiting for good decals for years. Please consider doing a CAF symmetrical era Otter !!
  8. Luckymodel had them in on Friday night but sold out on Saturday. They had 6+ Friday evening, 4 left on Saturday morning (ordered mine) and then none left a bit later....
  9. Continuing on from last week’s thread on this subject, I noticed that HobbyEasy has the KH F-101B listed as a May 20th release... Is this a good reliable source (I’ve never ordered from them) or do they list pretty much anything that has been announced by manufacturers? Maybe it’s been there for years ? http://www.hobbyeasy.com/en/data/vepk5qzm5pwk8ind7bjv.html Wishfull thinking...
  10. I'm in for a Canadian Armed Forces CC-117 Falcon ! I also like the Norwegian camo...
  11. David, the Sabres have been done considerably over the years, but I don't think the Silver Star has. I recall an old sheet (by ?) some 20-25 years ago but I don't think anyone has release a Golden Hawks T-33 since then (I don't think Leading Edge has ever released one). I may be wrong however (that does happen quite a bit). I would certainly buy one !!! Gilles
  12. Can't wait for this and the rest of the Voodoo family. Thanks Glen !
  13. Kursad, after buying your excellent ANG F-4 and T-33 sheets, I find myself wanting to build several of the schemes on the sheets. If you were able to sell the generic markings seperately, that would be great !
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