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  1. I'm glad he did the VF74 decals. The later VF74 decals were on the Forrestal from the 1978 Med Cruise. If I look hard enough I might have pictures of it.
  2. scott, I have the Furball sheet.
  3. AMP has made some new cool HUP1/3 helos and it would be cool for some decals of them.
  4. I'd like to see some F4 sets in 1/48
  5. I got a Quinta Studios cockpit detail set for my Hasegawa F16D because I'm so lousey painting cockpit details. Has anyone else used them amd any advice on them before I use them?
  6. How about Navy Phantoms the early years. A lot of pictures out there.
  7. Yeah, but a kit this old the canopy may no longer be axailable.
  8. Looking for a 1/48 Hasegawa F16D canopy. Didn't realize I had dropped it till I heard the puppy crunching on it. Too late by then. Smoked or not. I'll even pay for it!
  9. I was working on my Hasegawa 1/48 F16D and didn't realize I dropped the canopy until I heard my puppy crunching on something. Saw too late it was the canopy. Does anyone have one to spare, smoked or not. I'll even pay for it!
  10. Wow. I have like 3 of them. I could make a few bucks if I wanted to.
  11. It would be REALLY nice one of these days to see a NJANG F4D. They flew in the SEA scheme, Wraparound and EURO1 scheme.
  12. Once again, NJANG F4D Phantoms have been left out!
  13. What I would really like to see is USAFFE F86s. Everybody does the Korean war ones but you never see the USAFFE ones.
  14. That I know. I would like to see someone do the others.
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