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  1. I'd like to see the later gull gray over white for the HUP2
  2. How about a HUP 1,2 sheet and a HO3S sheet for the AMP helicopters.
  3. Since AMP Models makes a good HUP1,2 helocopter and a good HO3S helicopter it would be nice to have more choices than what AMP offers.
  4. Hey, I'll buy all your obsolete Hasgawa F4B,J,N,S kits at a decent price no problem.
  5. Can't wait for the Mowhawk decals.
  6. i had both of mine from work. First shot mild headache, second one minor backache. Still trying to get my wife vaccinated. She's 69 so she qualifies but here in South Jersey it's really hard for the average person to get one.
  7. I just got my Detail and Scale F-8 & RF-8 book and in the middle is a NY Mets 2021 calender. Anyone else get the same thing?
  8. I'm glad he did the VF74 decals. The later VF74 decals were on the Forrestal from the 1978 Med Cruise. If I look hard enough I might have pictures of it.
  9. scott, I have the Furball sheet.
  10. AMP has made some new cool HUP1/3 helos and it would be cool for some decals of them.
  11. I got a Quinta Studios cockpit detail set for my Hasegawa F16D because I'm so lousey painting cockpit details. Has anyone else used them amd any advice on them before I use them?
  12. How about Navy Phantoms the early years. A lot of pictures out there.
  13. Yeah, but a kit this old the canopy may no longer be axailable.
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