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  1. I bought the F105G and after your build I'll stick to build my 20-30 Monogram kits. Hate the over detail of the modern kits. Makes them very frustrating to build.
  2. Never. Especially since I have branched out to cars too.
  3. Heard a different noise today and looked up and saw my first V22 Osprey today. I figure it probably came from McGuire. Pretty cool sounding and looking.
  4. I bought three RESKIT 1/32 LAU-105 launchers instead of 1/48 launchers. I spent $10.99 each. I'll sell all three for $25 plus shipping.
  5. Kitlinx has ICM 1/48 OV10A and OV10D on preorder. Going to get in line.
  6. Wife got her first stage today/ Going for number two on April 4.
  7. I have an actual picture of that aircraft doing the final flyoff the Forrestal after the 1976 Bicentennial.
  8. This is one no matter what it costs I'm going to have to bend the bank
  9. Just please do some oof the gull gray over white ones. If you cn find some that flew off of the USS Forrestal I'd really be happy.
  10. I'd like to see the later gull gray over white for the HUP2
  11. How about a HUP 1,2 sheet and a HO3S sheet for the AMP helicopters.
  12. Since AMP Models makes a good HUP1,2 helocopter and a good HO3S helicopter it would be nice to have more choices than what AMP offers.
  13. Hey, I'll buy all your obsolete Hasgawa F4B,J,N,S kits at a decent price no problem.
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