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  1. Zvezda 1/48 Bf109 F2

    Hello, Beautiful work!! Cheers Boris
  2. Panter 1/35

    Hello, Nice Panther!! Cheers Boris
  3. Stug IIIG

    Hello, That's good John that means that your Stug is still fighting :D ! I have the same kit . Cheers Boris
  4. Stug IIIG

    Hello, Really nice Stug you have there!! Cheers Boris
  5. Hello, I had that kit in the late 70ties,heard that it's worth some money today. Cheers Boris
  6. Hello, Beautiful work!! Cheers Boris
  7. 1/32 Gustav Bf-109 G6

    Hello, Beautiful! Cheers Boris
  8. Battle Of Britain Duo Complete

    Hello, Superb!! Cheers Boris
  9. Zvezda 1/48 Me109G-6

    Hello, Thanks guys. Cheers Boris
  10. Zvezda 1/48 Me109G-6

    Hello, What happend to Zvezdas 1/48 Me109G-6? Cheers Boris
  11. Hello, Some CAD's of the new Tamiya Mosquito on The Modelling News http://www.themodellingnews.com/2015/04/new-cads-of-tamiyas-mosquito-in-32nd.html#more Cheers Boris
  12. Hello, That's good news. Cheers Boris
  13. New Tool Revell 1/32 Scale Fw 190 F-8 in March 2015

    Hello, Yes it really looks nice! Cheers Boris
  14. New Tool Revell 1/32 Scale Fw 190 F-8 in March 2015

    Hello, Looking good!! and as usual something for the AM boys to fix,thats a good thing with Revell. Cheers Boris
  15. 1/72 ITALERI Fairchild AC-119K

    Hello, Looking Good!! Nice job. Cheers Boris