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  1. next step is cocpit side panels paint by brush, instrument panel - decals from my old reserves.
  2. Hi all! I am with you again, and i am very happy! My first choose for this GB is little bird. for first i glue some parts. fit is very good, only outer pilons have a gap. So I first glued the top, then cut out a little in the middle and stuck it from the bottom
  3. I will be glad to join a good company.
  4. Thanks to tobiK and Crazy Snap Captain for this GB! Thanks to sponsors! whats next?
  5. I will build F-2A (Hasegawa 1-72)
  6. My finished model - 1/72 Mirage 2000 from Italery. OOB with little scratchbuild. For the glory of Ellas! more pictures in my thread
  7. Finish! Great thanks to mods of this GB for good motivation and one more models on my shelf!
  8. continue i am correcting some gap painted corrected area, and apply decals
  9. Yes, i know about this, but i dont find AM cocpit in the nearest shops. i think - one model (with wrong detail) on the shelf is better then one more box in storeroom :rolleyes:/> my progress thanks to mods for extention I can now turn off the turbo mode
  10. Hi all! I will try to jump on the departing train/ i am buy this kit special for GB, and start a build. Then work began to take away many forces, and I have postponed assembly. today I have again pulled out a box, but having looked at a calendar have understood that it is necessary to hurry. the cockpit was ready I have painted control panels glue and lot of putty у
  11. I want build this (1/72 italery)
  12. dekals from ICM its really lottery. some of them is good, but some want turn to puzzle. it is obligatory to cover with special means (or gloss acrylic varnish). good luck!
  13. my little fantom for this GB build is here Thanks to MODs for this beautiful GB
  14. my little contribution build is here