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  1. I also keep holding out for an F-14B from Tamiya. It's probably the F-14 variant most ignored by the model manufacturers except for possibly the F-14A-75GR. If Tamiya just so happened to leave the shrouds and nozzles for the A in the box as well, I don't think too many people would be upset.
  2. Awesome, Paul. Thank you. The photos make the rudder seem midnight blue in some cases, but glossy black can look like that on old film.
  3. Hey guys, Anyone know offhand what color VF-162 painted the rudders of their F-8 Crusaders? Pretty much every decal sheet I've seen just gives a decal for the rudder and I am hoping to learn the color for a related project. Thanks.
  4. That is fan-freakin'-tastic! I've always liked VMFA-232 Phantoms, but I got turned onto their Hornets watching the multi-part documentary "Carrier," which was filmed on that deployment. The Red Devils got a lot of attention, and the struggles of being a Marine squadron in a Navy air wing were frequently discussed, but they made it obvious that they knew the CAS game better than any other squadron on the boat. I look forward to more of your work.
  5. Looks awesome! I am hoping one day you'll tackle some carrier-based hornet units. I would love to see VMFA-232 with CVW-11 in 2005.
  6. Yeah, 100% those are -95GRs. The Tamiya kit will give you everything you need for the build. Decals will be another matter. You'll have to paint the stripes since decals do not exist. VF-84 decals you should be able to find pretty easily, and a VF-84 set come in the Tamiya box, but that specific aircraft, Victory 204, will be another trick entirely.
  7. It's just a matter of knowing the dates that squadrons converted over to Tomcats and what the currently manufactured version was. The only fleet squadrons to get the -70GR and -75GR new were VF-1, VF-2, VF-14, and VF-32 in 1972 and 73. VF-142, VF-143, VF-211, and VF-24 converted to the -80GR and -85GR in 1974 and 75. The -80GR introduced the standard beaver tail, but still had the early 7-hole gun gas vents and no pitot tube on the nose. The -90GR and -95GR introduced the nose pitot and 2-hole gun gas vents. These went to the IIAF, and US Navy squadrons VF-41, VF-84, VF-114, and VF-213 in 1976
  8. They may have anticipated taking fuel from a KC-135. The F-14 refueling probe door was just a flimsy sheet of metal. If it got smacked hard enough in an attempt to gas up, such as from the KC-135's unforgiving wrecking ball of a basket, it could knock the door off and straight down the right intake where it could FOD the engine.
  9. VF-84 and VF-41 were both issued -95GRs when they converted over from the F-4. The Tamiya kit out of the box represents specifically the -90GR, -95GR, and -100GR variants as seen in the latter half of the 1970s. The tail stiffeners weren't added until 1981 and the beaver tail and gun gas vents were now the standard types, so from the box you can build what you are looking for. The old-style beaver tail was only seen on the -70GR and -75GR variants that VF-84 never flew.
  10. Pouring over the sprues, am I blind or am I only seeing one tail tip without options for earlier variants?
  11. Thanks, Alpagueur. I think I might be able to make that work.
  12. I don't know. The rail itself is just the same LAU-7 usually mounted to the inboard wing pylons. The Python 3, Python 4, and Sidewinder can all use the same rail. This one is adapted to fit into one of the recessed forward bays for the Sparrow missiles, since the Kurnass cannot mount air-to-air weapons on the inboard wing pylons if these pylons are loaded with the AGM-142 or its data link pod.
  13. Yeah, "made," but it looks like Eagle Designs has shuttered and IsraCast doesn't seem to offer one now.
  14. Hey guys, Getting ready to build an IDF F-4E Kurnass and am wondering if there is anyone that still makes a resin IR missile pylon adapter for the forward sparrow bay or what I might use to make one? Thanks.
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