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  1. It can be built out of the box to represent an LANTIRN-capable F-14A, including the NACA gun vents, PTID, and various ECM blisters. Two of the decal options are post-2002. I'd call that a late F-14A.
  2. https://www.flyingleathernecksdecals.com/p/fl48-8026-early-fin-cap-for-tamiya-f-4b-phantom-ii
  3. Even if it is just dirty wings only in the kit, it looks like all you'll need for the functioning wing sweep is Sprue A from either the initial F-14A or F-14D kits. Looks like the new straight only wing support needs the same screws and parts to fit in as the swept wing set-up.
  4. This should cover it... https://phasehangarresin.com/collections/48001-1-48/products/48069-f-14a-tomcat-late-exterior-set-without-tcs-clear-lens?variant=32678706675794 They also sell individual components, such as the ECM blisters, tails, GGVs, etc.
  5. The ECM bumps are in the promo images above. As to the blister on the nose gear and beaver tail, GPS dome on the spine, and NACA gun gas vents, these parts were already molded for the F-14D and will likely be included in the box. Two of the decal options are for VF-211 and VF-154, and I bet at least one of these jets will be LANTIRN capable, which means it will have all these details.
  6. Quite right. The screws and washers themselves are fairly common metric sizes and can be easily acquired separately. There are also several stores on ebay that part out kits and frequently have the wing sprues available.
  7. That's what I've done. I am hoping that parts E25 are still included in this kit. The screws can be sourced from elsewhere. One prospect I'm excited about is that Quinta Studios might make a set for this kit which would include the PTID screen. Once that's out, it'll probably work on Phase Hangar's excellent cockpit conversions so that updating the original F-14A kit or backdating the F-14D won't be so hard.
  8. If nothing else, this site is an excellent source for instruction scans and sprue shots. The intake ECM canoes should be on K-sprue, which is included in the Academy F-4B kit. https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10202439/70/9
  9. Because I'd like to build a late model A from the Tamiya kit without having to also buy tons of resin to convert it. Don't get me wrong, I think that Phase Hangar and Steel Beach make wonderful products, but it's less of a hassle if I can work in styrene.
  10. What I'm wondering is if by "this model" they mean the kit or they mean "this part" and something is lost in translation (not a first by a long shot) and they are also including the old wings. If it's just the dirty wing, I'd like to be able to either buy the update parts or the old wing separately. The decal sheet might be interesting with VF-211, VF-32, and VF-154, so I am reservedly interested in this kit.
  11. Per the page documentation: • Features fixed depiction of variable sweep wing supported by a single-piece part. • The kit depicts wings with deployed flaps and slats which can be attached to wing by support parts (NOTE: This model CANNOT depict wing at neutral position). That's... confusing. So we're ONLY getting a dirty wing? If so, I'll pass. That's a lot of real-estate on my shelf. Is it possible we'll be able to RELIABLY purchase the late sprues separately, or that a late-A with functioning variable sweep will be available in the future?
  12. I also keep holding out for an F-14B from Tamiya. It's probably the F-14 variant most ignored by the model manufacturers except for possibly the F-14A-75GR. If Tamiya just so happened to leave the shrouds and nozzles for the A in the box as well, I don't think too many people would be upset.
  13. Awesome, Paul. Thank you. The photos make the rudder seem midnight blue in some cases, but glossy black can look like that on old film.
  14. Hey guys, Anyone know offhand what color VF-162 painted the rudders of their F-8 Crusaders? Pretty much every decal sheet I've seen just gives a decal for the rudder and I am hoping to learn the color for a related project. Thanks.
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