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  1. For walkway non-slip, what I do is mask the area, wetbrush with a convenient color of paint, usually black or grey, and sprinkle fine pearl powder into the wet paint. After the paint dries, I airbrush with the walkway color and strip the mask. The effect is pretty convincing.
  2. "Marginal." Right. Your work was far better than most of us could do, and the joy of Steel Beach was that once it was in place, it blended so well with the model that you couldn't tell you had ever used resin. The piece wasn't so much more detailed than the rest of the model that it was obvious, and I loved the seamlessness of your stuff. We'll miss it, but we'll adapt. For the curious, here is Phase Hangar's website... https://phasehangarresin.com/
  3. While we're still holding our hats over the closure of Steel Beach, check out Phase Hanger Resin. They have a Late A exterior conversion that will, coincidentally, give you everything you need to externally convert the Tamiya D to a B. A cockpit set for Late A and B are also in the works, including ejection seats and IPs. We still miss you Darren.
  4. I think I speak for the community, Darren, when I say we're going to miss you and hope you return to business some day.
  5. Yup. Alas, Steel Beach has decided to shutter ops.
  6. Crap... That Phase Hangar set looks amazing. I'm gonna have to redo my VF-1 build that I finished a couple months ago. I pretty well gooned the seam on the boat tail modification and didn't do too good of a job trimming the dialectric panels. For building a B from the D, the Steel Beach cockpit conversion is excellent and will be my goto until Tamiya drops an F-14B kit.
  7. I actually have the Fujimi 1/72 F-14A VF-2 Early Version boxing, which does include the correct gas vents and boat tail. I plan on building it as a VF-1 jet, but my experience with Fujimi's decals in these 1/72 Tomcats has not been positive, plus I don't want to build NK100, so I will probably see how the DXM sheet does.
  8. F-14A, B, and D can be built in this box, but decals only for an -80GR. The wing sweep mechanism looks to have been omitted this time around. Curious that they have decals for the oil streaks left by wing sweep.
  9. Hey, folks. Any of you guys who did conversions of your Tamiya 1/48 F-14A still have the engine parts from Sprue K? Specifically the engine shrouds and nozzles? I'm looking for at least 1 set but am hoping for 2. Thanks.
  10. The Tamiya F-14D kit, Steel Beach F-14B conversion, and Tamiya F-14A Sprue K are all that's required for a late A. I am hoping to hear from Tamiya Customer Service soon about when they have Sprue K back in stock. I wish there was a set of aftermarket TF30 shrouds to go with the aftermarket TF30 nozzles. Would be easier than trying to get them directly from Tamiya. I am pretty sure Tamiya is going to release an F-14B/Late A kit next year. They already have the combinations of parts required. It's just a matter of mixing the right sprues in a box. I hope they leave the TF
  11. I recently had the realization that the Tamiya F-14D kit, the Steel Beach B conversion, and a spare Sprue K from the F-14A kit made for a better Late A conversion than trying to update the A kit. Especially if you're going for an OEF or OIF jet. Maybe they'll actually release a B/Late A kit about this time next year.
  12. I like Mission Models for my base TPS colors. I then spot paint with MM, decanted Tamiya, Vallejo, and even AK to get a decent spread of color variation. AK I use the least because their TPS colors tend to be too dark and too blue. Their medium grey is almost a match for MM's USN blue grey.
  13. Okay folks, Thanks to Viper730 the VF-194 decals are covered. I'm still looking for the VF-2 option.
  14. Thanks! Yikes! Feel better soon. I'm sick of hospitals so you have my sympathies, sir!
  15. Hi all, I'm looking for the low-vis VF-2 and low-vis VF-194 decals from Fightertown Decals 48075 Fightertown U.S.A. Part 1 sheet. If anyone has these to spare, even from a partially used sheet, I'd be happy to buy them from you. Thanks.
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