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  1. You might need to get one of these: https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B004RCOY5O/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o06_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Depends on the compressor your bought. If you post a link to the compressor in question, it would be helpful. Also, BSP and NPT threads are different, so that's another thing you'll have to pay attention to when buying an adapter.
  2. I think I'll try them out when my credit card rolls over to a new month. Their prices seem very reasonable, and, hopefully, they will allow the "offending" kits to ship out to North America (Canada in my case). Thanks for the link!
  3. Looks like the stars and the planets aligned for you! The best thing that does happen from time to time is when customs doesn't pay attention to the value of the package, and you don't owe anything on a huge order! Those are happy times!
  4. I've usually averaged about 2 weeks for a package to arrive from Japan that was not sent by expedited mail (usually SAL shipping). Best time was one week, and worst was 3 weeks. For free shipping, you really can't complain about that sort of speed.
  5. Good choice, I would also like to see an ARC-170. I have the old Lego kit, and one thing that bugged me a bit was how floppy the wings were. Granted, it is lego, but when you have the monstrosity that is the Lego X-wing (kit 10240) that has solid wings that don't flop, you know what they can accomplish.
  6. There will be, but we will have to jump through hoops to get the Bandai versions, and that is a bit of a sore point for a lot of people. It would be very different if things had been negotiated differently between Disney and Bandai.
  7. I think the reason why a lot of people are upset is the sudden cutting off of the availability of the kits. For a year (or so) you could have bought these kits with little effort, and now, they aren't easily available anymore. The other problem is that when you compare the Revell and Bandai kits side by side (we're ignoring scale issues for the moment), it shows that the Bandai kits are of much higher quality. However, I do agree that there should be kits of some other subjects too. Personally, I'd love to see a modern A-wing, B-wing and Star Destroyer.
  8. You could also have debris in the nozzle. It can be hard to spot, but some bright lights and a tiny brush should be able to probe the tiny crevasses. It will also show as restricted paint flow, even with the needle pulled all the way back.
  9. I'll be there, but I won't be entering anything this time around. Too little time... I will, however, be shopping with a vengeance!
  10. These restrictive licensing agreements only hurt the consumer. I don't get it. Isn't the purpose of a company to make money? This kind of setup seems to be the opposite of that...
  11. Just a heads up for those who are interested in getting Bandai's kits. DO NOT WAIT. Disney is starting to demand that licensing agreements be honored. Apparently, there's a bit in the contract that Bandai signed that mentions that their stuff is only for sale in Japan, and not to be sold out side of Japan. Hobbysearch's english page has removed all of Bandai's Star Wars offerings. HLJ still has them up for sale. For Now. See here: https://m.facebook.com/BrucesScaleModelingDomain/photos/a.356162081142577.83789.356160371142748/883582135067233/?type=1 for some details. This new bit of inf
  12. I've only really had problems with Tamiya peeling off after masking is when I didn't do proper surface prep. Namely, a dirty surface that had paint applied to it. Normally I use tamiya masking tape for the edges, and then some 3M tape for the coverage. Give your model a good wash in soap and water, and it'll be fine.
  13. White-out is another option for seams. Similar to Mr Surfacer, just let it set for about 5 minutes, and then use a q-tip soaked with rubbing alcohol to clean it up.
  14. Dang. I didn't know it was possible to break a Badger 200. I've dropped mine tail first onto hard concrete. Cracked the back end of the brush and bent the end of the needle. Still works like a charm. I've moved onto a Badger 155 and a 105, and I love both to death, especially the 105.
  15. The short answer is: I see a kit I want on sale, so I get it. I don't worry about the little detail of when I am going to build it.
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