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  1. I managed to misplace the astrodome (clear bubble window on top of the front fuselage) for my revell/monogram 1/48 B-24 build. The B-17 astrodome may work as well? If you have a spare one available, please let me know! I can pay or possible parts for trade.Thanks for looking! Matt
  2. Love the weathering and the unique modex number!! Great job!
  3. I've been watching it, but frankly I've been pretty turned off my NBC creating political "stories" - I just want to watch athletes compete.
  4. Eduard exhaust is PE. #32-080 Decals are superscale 32-35 VMFA-232 VMFA-251
  5. SOLD Hello, Looking to unload a 1/32 Tamiya F-4J Phantom Marine boxing. Comes with Eduard exhaust and aftermarket decals. Box is opened, but everything is still bagged. Asking $110 shipped within USA. PM me for quickest response. thanks! Matt
  6. hey y'all, I'd like to update my signature to this: My link However when I put the url into the signature section, I get this error: "[#10210] You are not allowed to use that image extension on this board." What am I doing wrong? this is what I pasted into the signature section: <img src="http://www.vafinancials.com/v5/plugins/vafs_status.php?cs=gle234&c=4&w=0">
  7. I have some decals and kits that I would like to move along. http://www.ebay.com/sch/airplaneguru84/m.html?item=301056631069&ssPageName=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
  8. Bump. Open to reasonable offers. Save these sheets from eBay hell!
  9. Sounds like a good conversation over PM.
  10. I have the following decals for sale. Most are OOP. Paypal preferred. Buy one, buy them all - flat $3 shipping within USA .All instructions included. You can PM me or email me at matthewmwohlford(at)gmail(dot)com 1/32 1. Afterburner 1/32 SuperBug CAGs part 1 32-003 $20.00 2. Microscale 1/32 Navy F-4J's VF-31, VF-96 32-27 $18.00 - older decals in great condition. No yellowing. 3. Zotz 1/32 VF-103 F-14B Tomcats ZTZ/32026 $15.00 4. BarracudaCals 1/32 P-40E warhawks part 1 32006 - $15.00 5. Fightertown 1/32 VFA-103 Superhornets 32016 - $15.00 6. EagleStrike 1/32 Avengers part II 32072 - $8.00 7. TwoBobs 1/32 F-14A Splintered NSAWC Tomcats 32-005 - $16.00 8.CAM 1/32 F-4E 388th TFW 32-060 - $9.00 9. TwoBobs 1/32 F-105D Wrap-Around Thuds!! 32-015 - $12.00 10. SuperScale 1/32 F-16A 8TFW 58 TFW Gunsmoke '85 - $6.00 11. Superscale 1/32 F-14A's VF-84 & VF-213 (Low Vis) 32-69 - $6.00 12. TwoBobs 1/32 F/A-18C Feline Hornets (red tail) 32-036 - $4.00 13. YellowHammer 1/32 F-4J VF-96 Showtime 100 - double sheet YHD32-07 - $12.00 14. Microscale 1/32 F-4's USN Mig Killers (VF-161 & VF-142) 32-66 - $10.00 15. Cutting Edge 1/32 A-7E Part 4, VA-15 Valions CED32077 - $12.00 16. Microscale 1/32 F-4 Phantoms (VF-92 & VMFA-235) 32-28 - $8.00 1/48 1. Aeromaster 1/48 Valiant Vigi's part 2 48-732 - $8.00 2. SuperScale 1/48 B-24J "Mables Lables" "Cocktail Hour" & Dragon & His Tail" 48-037. $25.00 - great condition, 2 sheets, no yellowing. 3. Fox One 1/48 Early Bones B-1 Lancers 48-007 $9.00 4. Microscale 1/48 F-14A's Low Vis VF-101, VF-114 & VF-213 45-328 - $6.00
  11. I finished mine. Never again. besides the inaccuracies, the directions are piss poor and leaves you scratching your head and questioning many things. I can't tell you how many hours I spent looking at photos and then checking the "alignment"of each stage, as the paint guide is practically non existent. They also don't really show you where the different lines actually attach to the different stages, so again check, re check, and then check your references again. I totally drilled out holes for lines on both sides ( because they mold locator holes are on both sides) only to find out it didn't happen on the real thing... Of course, I'm a Saturn V noob, so that made life harder. Also, have fun painting.... I put the airbrush away and used krylon rattle cans. It's a ton of paint to lay! But, on the plus side, once finished it makes for one impressive display!
  12. I would agree, I switched back to enamels and bought a good respirator about a year ago. Masking was always a pain with acrylics as well as clogging my airbrush (I only used MM Acryl FWIW). I have heard that applying a good coat of Tamiya Primer before acrylics can help with peeling.
  13. You can see the video here: http://www.myfoxdetroit.com/story/23907027/tribute-to-our-troops-celebrates-10-years Well done Sir!!! I must say, when the reporter was holding that P-47 and swinging it around with her wild hand motions, I was freaking out a little :) Slow down there!
  14. Is this what you are looking for? www.ebay.com/itm/1-32-F-18E-F-Super-Hornet-Advanced-Weapons-from-Trumpeter-kit-/161142601949?pt=Model_Kit_US&hash=item2584d8f8dd
  15. A friend and I drove down and both entered a model. We were both impressed with the attendance of the show. It was busy! I managed to snag a few 1/32 Revell props in the cheap for nostalgia's sake. Also picked up a 1/48 B-17F that I plan to convert to a D using the Koster set. The quality of the models entered were amazing, and put my B-17 I entered to shame! Very well done everyone! After a 5 hour drive both ways, I'm pretty tired this morning
  16. Looks like a buddy and myself will be heading down for the show. I'm thinking about taking a B-17 and possibly a TBF, but I'm nervous about transporting them. How are the vendors for this show? Pretty good? Any local shops that are worth checking out while we are in town?
  17. The beauty of scalemates is that anyone can contribute. I have fun there. To add to the database, login, and then on the right hand "action" menu is a button that says "add a product." Hope this helps!
  18. So excited to see some 1/32 trainer love!
  19. Jammydog makes great narrow stripped tape. It's great for cylindrical uses like you mentioned. http://www.jammydog.com/
  20. This is not so much a tip, but I feel your pain. i fought with MM acryl for years and finally gave up last year. It always peeled on me. I now use MM enamels with a respirator. No more peeling problems. Edit: I should also mention that I tried all sorts of different tapes, and it didn't make a difference, the paint still wanted to lift.
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