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  1. Are you in med school or are you taking graduate level classes? If in Med school, when I was in veterinary school, we had "Big Brothers and Sisters" who were students from the prior class who acted as advisors and mentors to help the incoming class. Go talk to your Big Borther to see what he can provide in the way of guidance. The best part was they often provided a test library from prior years that was invaluable as a study aide. This helped me greatly during the first year. If there is no test library they can usually remember what was important material and what was fluff. But really, in
  2. I use a Waldron punch set to cut the dials from the larger decal sheet. It is like this Micro Punch Set sold by Micromark. Super handy tool and well worth the price of a good kit to pick one up for scratch building. I don't know how you would control the rest of the decals from getting wet when trying to soak the desired decal. These aren't like dry transfers. So using the punch and die to cut the gauge off the decal sheet will prevent this. I suppose you could carefully trim the carrier film from around the gauge and then just cut the desired decal from the sheet but it is so easy with t
  3. Thanks for posting the link to the Tehran Times, I was wondering which camel won the third race at the Tehran Downs yesterday!
  4. Some of those answers are just hilarious! If you want to hear real scary answers to questions just hang around a Walmart and listen to some of the conversations amongst the patrons. An oh yes, they have usually already reproduced -- and in great numbers!
  5. Well, it is quite simple to determine the use once we look at the origins of the Scriber device itself. Of course, we know that the Scriber in its present form has changed very little from those first described by the ancient Roman modelers. The name is derived from scribo which we all know means to carve. Carve of course means to to tear, tear up, cut up, cut open -- which is what one does to their plastic kits when one tries to create recessed panel lines as well as to one's fingers when trying to use one of these ancient torture devices. So the first iteration of the scriber is as a physica
  6. A few words of advice from one father of some young 40 K player to another: I would recommend staying small to start with and not buying too many minis until you know that your son really likes 40K and really likes a particular army, in this case the Tyranids. He may lose interest in the game altogether or dislike the Tyranids and want to become an Ork or a Daemon in a few weeks leaving you with a fortune worth of minis for an army that your kids have no interest in playing. One of the good things about 40K is that even with a small number of minis you can still have really fun low point bat
  7. I hope she feels better, they are benign, and they resolve uneventfully. BTW, not to be a smart @#% but it is spelled ovarian "cyst". So if you are looking it up online or reading about them it will help to have the correct spelling. Hopefully your get some modeling time in while giving her the extra TLC she is going to demand, err, I mean need! Please give her my wishes for a speedy recovery!
  8. Best of luck in your transition. I admire your determination and respect your priorities. I truly hope your move provides the opportunities you seek for your family and you. We (I don't feel that I overstate by saying we) look forward to seeing you in the future... Take Care of you and yours! Sincerely,
  9. Humm... the green parts are actually "Green Stuff" two part epoxy (Kneadatite) that has been rolled, cut into strips and applied to the model. The Green Stuff is sculped to look like tattered bandages/bindings -- well, at least that is what I was hoping to do! The model is not painted yet! So you don't think the sculpted parts appear to be tattered bandages/bindings? I was concerned I was applying too many tears and tatters...
  10. Hey all, I would like to share with you my progress on The Mummy to this point. Originally, I thought of just throwing it together and then using tape on the entire model to recreate the bindings. But it actually has good fit of the parts and good detail for the bindings so you don't lose too much detail at the joints during assembly. So instead of adding tape bindings to it entirely, I just used Green Stuff to modify selected areas. Furthermore, since I don't like the loose bindings supplied by the kit, I decided to modify these using Green Stuff. I feel it gives it a little more scale effe
  11. I like using The War Store. They have good prices, fast service and other stuff such as paints and building supplies. I use them all the time for my paints and green stuff.
  12. Like Don said, magnification is so helpful doing detail work such as masking. To help me see, I have an optivisor, reading glasses, and sometimes I even use some surgical loupes (I have a few pairs that I use in the OR so sometimes I'll take a pair home if I think about it...). I find that I use the reading glasses more and more these days since my wife usually has a pair sitting around and so I can "borrow" -- one might say appropriate -- them as needed. Regarding the actual masking, have you tried to mask using bare metal foil? I find that it is so thin that it shows very subtle surface de
  13. Vallejo has an Equivalent Values Chart PDF that lists different colors between the different paint manufacturers.
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