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  1. Yes, the current flanker fleet comprises solely of Su-30MKI's. They operated the Su-30K (MK?) (two tone camo, without thrust vectoring, canards etc...) but were returned to Russia or sold off to a 3rd country some years ago. The flankers assembled by HAL sport a black anti-glare paint around the the forward canopy. http://www.mars.slupsk.pl/fort/sukhoi/su-30-in.htm
  2. Dragon seems to be in cahoots with the Pakistani and the Iranians!
  3. Like this? Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  4. True but even F-15s and F-22s need drop tanks. What secrets are the Russians hiding?
  5. Title says it all. I've seen pictures of Fulcrums (heck even Foxbats) and just about every other Soviet/russian fighter with drop tanks on but never a Flanker. Why?
  6. Enjoyed viewing those pics. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Too little, too late. Hope I'm wrong! ;)
  8. Tail chopper's Hawker Fury
  9. Hi guys! I've just got my hands on the Academy's Apache in 48th scale. Though it looks like an Apache to me, is there anything that needs to be worked on or improved? Helicopters are a new territory for me, so I would appreciate any advice and hints from the resident experts.
  10. The real thing at Aero India. Credit to Shiv Aroor. http://livefist.blogspot.com/2011/02/aero-...k-at-fa-18.html
  11. Erm... returning back to the subject. I don't quite like its shape. Click here The ground crew have stealth overalls too...
  12. Lol...you're hilarious. Were you asleep for the most part of 2003? If you wanna have political discussion, PM me.
  13. Bingo... Besides seeing a supposedly 5th gen fighter in China, its also good to note how they are embracing the new media. Mao would be proud. Zuckerberg! get your Chinese girlfriend to legalise facebook.
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