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  1. All the best wishes from Belgium! Be safe and well in 2014, here's to a great 2014! Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  2. and do you think that by doing so it won't go back to this state afterwards?? I too think its odd that its curled up where there's a mount of detail on the inside, hoping you can fix this bizarre warp! Cheers Fred
  3. Well zacto I would urge you to send an email to them for me personally they have a perfect customer service as I had a broken and warped piece too and they replaced no costs attached what so ever! I would certainly give them a call and tell them about it! PS Can't wait till my package arrives...... and good luck with the su-33! looks great from where I'm sitting.... Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  4. Here's another shout out for a 32nd scale release and I'm sure a few of the club I'm in will be likely to get your decals for the A-10 in 32nd scale! Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  5. order just went in can't wait to put these to good use! Cheers.. Frederick Jacobs
  6. Care to elaborate a bit more on that? It's looking great so far love the intake and engine fan great work Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  7. looking forward to the results Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  8. :woot.gif: :woot.gif: you have mail Greetz STB Frederick Jacobs
  9. I bought from this dude as well but just the SH intakes and the Crusader intake both 1/32nd because lets face he's the first to pop m out. supper fast shipping indeed and its nice stuff clean cast and sturdy resin all out what's not to like? Greetz STB Frederick Jacobs
  10. haha nice one buddy next one on the build list perhaps?? Cheers Fred
  11. Looking great I'm now sad that I gut out and added fod covers to mine next one is definitely getting the aires treatment I just wish they made some wheel bays for this one. The fit of the nose section and aft section to my surprise was really good and needed extra care the fin however was a whole other story but yours seems to be better there as well, could be me though :unsure: Anyway thanx for the update Greetz STB Frederick Jacobs
  12. *bumb* Thanx fiddler indeed the back end does look like it doesn't so I guess I'll start from there...would be great though if anyone knew more about it size wise and all Cheers Greetz STB Frederick Jacobs
  13. Good tip on the MDC right click save as and store it under must do the same I'm glad to have you back with this one. I have a Q for you my friend would you think its wise to coat the cord first with future then glue it with future or just glue it with future without coating it? reason I ask as I fear the future will make my valleyo wet again your thoughts experience Cheers buddy Greetz STB Frederick Jacobs
  14. Hi guys I'm gathering intell on Navy drone F4's :D and I have this picture here where they slung a rather cool looking device underneath it but I'm wondering if any of you may have some more pictures or info on it B) . the picture in question it looks like a baggage pod by its rear end but then the opening on the bottom front and the weird nose and what think is a dielectric panel kind of make me think otherwise... :huh: Anyway thanx in advance Greetz STB Frederick Jacobs
  15. Nice I'm doing that one too, just using the Bb cockpit set and fod covering it all up. I had my decals drawn for me by a buddy of mine combining them with Tauro stencils what decals are these then, I had no idea these existed Cheers Greetz STB Frederick Jacobs
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