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  1. Another one poped up on ebay, this one still sealed: https://www.ebay.de/itm/RARE-A-26A-B-26K-1-48-Conversion-Cutting-Edge-Modelworks-CEC48039/124561797847?hash=item1d007632d7:g:hKAAAOSwXQJgHlm4
  2. The new kitty hawk kit. From the box one can only build the Soviet Su-17M3 poweredby the Al-21 engine. The export Su-22M3, used by e.g. Peru, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, North&South Yemen, has the R-29 engine. This leads to a tail section with slightly larger diameter, different air scoop placement and a slightly more ‚rectangular‘ fin.
  3. Su-22M3 tailpiece and fin in 1/48
  4. Looking to buy either one or both of the Libyan or Yemeni decals options from the two eduard su-22 kits in 1/48 scale. Will also buy the full kits. If anyone has those decals left over, I will gladly buy them. Kind regards
  5. But why are there MLs without it ? MF was before ML,wasent it?
  6. But if the frame is supposed to be there, why are there photos of MLs without it ? Maybe those ones were replacements ? It's really strange because even the MS has the frame, why should a ML be lacking it.
  7. Hi, I'm building trumpeters MiG-23ML right now and while searching for a camo scheme, I found some migs with a central frame accross the canopy hood and some without one.Trumpeter meanwhile only included a hood with the frame. Whats the matter with this ? Here is a 23 without it: http://www.arcair.com/awa01/601-700/awa645-MiG-23-Brown/00.shtm Libyan and syrian ones are missing it as well. Could it have something to do with export versions ? Best regards David
  8. This one https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/LH72019 Or This one http://ipms-warszawa.pl/iraqi-fighters-linden-hill-decals/ strange. I have a link here, on one of the pictures there ist the mig 23 with the bomb in question.
  9. Interesting. But what kind if bomb could be the one in the picture ? The caption in the book 'Iraqi Fighters' reads FAB-250ShN but you said this is impossible in 1980. Another source tells that "A STRING OF BOMBS DROPPED BY THE LEADING MIG-23BN FELL ON THE TARMAC IN FRONT OF THE IRANIAN AIRCRAFT INDUSTRIES FACILITY..." It seems unlikely that a whole string of FAB-250s was used to strike a target 320 miles inside iran when most of the hardpoints were occupied by droptanks, doesen't it ?
  10. Are they both parachute-retarded ? I'm currently researching about bombs used by the Iraqi air force on 22 september 1980 in the opening strikes against Iran, and the bombs used are supossed to be ShNs but look kind of like an earlier variant, not like the OFAB(?)-250ShN you linked. There seems to be an extension on a normal FAB-250 M54 (I,m orienting on MiG 23 BN on this decal sheet by linden hill). Best Regards David
  11. Hi, is there any external difference between the normal FAB-250 bomb and the parachute-retarded FAB-250ShN ? I didn't find anything about this on the internet so I hope some of the experts can help me. Best regards David
  12. Hello, My name is David, I´m from Germany and I have been an aviation enthusiast for many years now, but this is my first post on ARC. As I am very interested in small air forces in general and in the middle east particularly, I have read a good deal of books about the Iran-Iraq-War. A few days ago, i opened the book "Iraqi Fighters" searching for inspiration for my next project, and I found a nice sideview of MiG 23BN #1428, No.29 squadron, Iraqi Air Force, as used in the very first attack on Iranian targets on the afternoon of 22 september 1980. The plane was armed with FAB-250ShN
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