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  1. ... is looking for a new home. Private messages if interested. Lucio
  2. Hi from Columbia, South Carolina. - ESCI 1:72 F-100D Super Sabre (8557) - Academy 1:72 F-4J Phantom (12529) - Xtrakit 1:72 FA.2 Sea Harrier (XK72006) - Platz 1:144 A-4E Skyhawk (PD-20) - Badger 350 Airbrush (never used, as new but not in the original box. A spare needle is included) Contact me via PM if interested.
  3. To those who have followed this thread, I feel the need to say that I have not given up on this project. The reason I haven't published anything new is that last spring I had to drop off my Hasegawa Tomcat in Rome, Italy on my way back here to the United States. Unfortunately, I had other priorities in packing. I still don't know when I'll be back, but as soon as I get this kit in my hands, I'll work on it again and keep you updated on my progress. Cheers, Lucio
  4. Very, but very inaccurate. However, take a look here: https://www.kitshow.net/int/MDL_25_Su15-Flagon.php
  5. Hi, As you can see in this picture, the propellers of the Tamiya and the Hasegawa 1:48 BF 109E look different. Which one of them is shapwewise the most accurate? The Hasegawa propeller is the one on the rigth. Lucio
  6. Hi, According to Reskit, their 1:48 F-111 exhaust nozzles are supposed for the Hobby Boss kit. I wonder how they match the Academy 1:48 F-111. Cheers
  7. After another long break, time has come to resume once again this project. ____________________________________________________ Improving Hasegawa 1:48 Tomcat - 14 Tails, Stabilizers, and Strakes (III) Months ago, in a private message, Thadeus noticed that the ventral strakes on the Tamiya Tomcat are glued in recess and I asked me if I accounted for that in my mod. The short answer was and is yes, but now I am finally able to show you a couple of photos in which the Tamiya and the Hasegawa modified strakes are compared side by
  8. The Revell F-15E is a "real" E and it is not a B/D with some additional parts. The Hasegawa F-15E is a B/D with some additional parts. In my opinion you should by the Revell F-15E both for accuracy and price. If you don't find it elsewhere else, just search eBay. Eventually, look for the Pro Modeler release because is giving some more weapons: http://www.internetmodeler.com/2001/september/first-looks/rm_f-15e.htm With the money you save buying the Revell F-15E instead of the GWH F-15E (about 60USD given that you can get the Revell F-15E for about
  9. Well, Where 90% rubbing alcohol and lacquer thinner failed, toothpaste succeed ! Now, I am pretty worried by what I get on my teeth several time a day...
  10. Hi, Time is coming to think about seats: - The two seats on the left are the ones included into the Aires cockpit set. They are missing of the photoetched belts. - The one in the middle is the original Hasegawa one. - The two seats on the rigth are Verlinden. Which one you like the best? I don't have any Quickboost F-14 seats. Should I get a couple of Quickboost seats instead ? Lucio
  11. I do agree about moulding loosing sharpness, but with the passing of time, styrene doesn't get worst, doesn't become brittle and weak ?
  12. Hi, How would you clean this needle? I used rubbing alcohol and then lacquer thinner. It belongs to an used Badger 200 airbrush (medium) I bought days ago on eBay. Lucio
  13. Improving Hasegawa 1:48 tomcat - 18 Tails, Stabilizers, and Strakes (IV) And then comes step 20 according to which the parts D14 and D30 are glued together, using part A13 as a spacer (pic 219). In step 21, this his sub-assembly should be glued to the upper and lower half-fuselage (pic 220). Honestly, that doesn't seem like a good idea to me, especially after taking a close look at all three of these parts (pic 221). I really don't think that part A13 can ensure a good alignment of this sub-assembly to the fu
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