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  1. waza


    THANKS Kursada you have just made my day
  2. waza


    keep them coming. no olive drab
  3. waza


    wow Charlie D keep them coming
  4. waza


    Kursada that would be great thanks
  5. waza


    ha but we are talking about B-29
  6. waza


    what are the chances of doing a B29 Mothership with the stork and tail numbers with Bell X1A and X1B in 48 scale?
  7. I will definitely be waiting for the Vietnam set
  8. definitely need decals for this kit when you release them. I am in for some.
  9. hi all i am looking for a lone star models B58 hustler cockpit set if any one is willing to sell me thanks
  10. waza

    B58 hustler

    hi all just wondering if anyone has a lone star models B58 hustler cockpit set they are willing to part with in 1/48
  11. gmat some great photos I wish some one did a decal set for the spector gun ship or early Vietnam c130a"s
  12. waza

    1/48 C-130J to H

    what engine set are you using
  13. wow wow I guess that the old one I have just started to re scribe and rivet will now get placed aside with all the resin and photo etch
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