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  1. If I can ask another question regarding the external fuel tank choices. The kit offers three variations and recommends to check resources, but I've come up dry on my search for those used by the 518th IAP North Korea - my chosen version. Any suggestion on which tank might have been used in '53 by the 518th IAP? Or was it mission specific?
  2. Thanks GABOR. I really appreciate the pics. Your build is wonderful. I hope mine can do justice for the kit.
  3. Generally I consider it a good thing to get extra parts in a kit ... right up until you get no instruction on what they were for. These are on the B sprue but there are no numbers and the directions do not reference them. Its hard to tell from the photos but they are definitely not just straight "rods" of different length. The thicker part stands proud by 1-2mm and they are of different lengths. They might have been antennas, but that's a lot of plastic to cut away. Any ideas?
  4. Herb you're a life saver. Thanks so much for sending those wheels to me. Happy modelling!
  5. Hi Herb, thank you so much for checking for me! I really appreciate it. Finding pics and dimensions is tough so i'm going to be satisfied with as close as you can get. I'm not wining any awards I'm sure so no worries there... Near as I can tell the nose gear (x2) are about 3.2-3.5 mm in diameter and the main gear are about 5.5mm. This is a pic from an aftermarket set in 48th scale, though I'm not certain that Trumpeter puts nearly that detail in their 144 scale kit. Nothing in the pics from the instruction or kits are detailed enough to show it, but maybe it give you something
  6. Fresh from completing two other kits, I returned to paint booth purgatory to wrap up my Rafale M. You can imagine my agony to discover that the wheels are no where to be found! You see, prior to priming and applying the panel line details, I added the gear struts and masked them off for the final paint - then set the project aside. The wheels I hadn't applied since I usually do that at the very end so they don't break off. Suffice to say, they must have gotten tossed with the rest of the sprue when I condensed the box to just the decals and instructions. Does anyon
  7. I was rewatching the History Channel's Dogfights episode recently on the Korean war conflict of the Sabre vs Mig-15 and got inspired to do a Set for myself. Before I go hitting the internet for searches, I thought I would start here and ask if anyone has these two airplanes in their stash and might be interested in parting with them. F-86F Sabre Mig-15bis I don't know if there are better or worse kits out there But I know from the scalemates site that Trumpeter and Ozmodels and Eduard had a few versions of these kits. Hopefully I can find the appr
  8. G'day all, I'm curious if anyone has a spare set of 1:144 scale stuka decals? I have two Zvezda kits. One I made for a African and the other a European B2 version. The kit decals were very generic and I'm okay with that. But, now that I've started putting them on, their adhesion is pretty lack luster. I'm trying to work with a bit of Elmer's to kit the seal, but I don't have a lot of hope there. A backup set might be nice. Please let me know if you've anything avail. Much appreciated in advance. Scot
  9. Hey all, I have an old bottle of Bob Smith Industries Gap filling medium Insta-Cure+ CA glue. I got about 4/5ths through a 1/2oz bottle and the nozzle has once again clogged to the point where I can no longer use it. I had gotten new tips for the bottle from Amazon, but those didn't come with caps and the old caps don't fit them. Anyhow I hate to just throw out the remainder. Can I pour the remainder into a new bottle? Assuming there's enough room. OR will mixing old and new not mix well?
  10. Hey all, sometime ago, I had broken off the refueling probe on my 144th scale EA-6B. I’m hoping someone might have a spare they could part with so that I can fix the loss. thanks in advance scot
  11. I did try a search but my keywords weren't helpful 🙂 I shift between digital, paper, and plastic kits as I get hot and cold results on my builds. Because of this, I sometimes go a few months between airbrush use, and therefore do not build up enough experience to set into memory the troubleshooting tricks needed to get pressure and dilution ratios right. I had found this helpful youtube video that did a good job of demonstrating what to look for when your dialing in your brush before a project. I'm curious if there is a "printable" cheat sheet with these or examples like these
  12. Hello Shawn, a quick question as I recently picked my S3 and ES3 back out of the "started" bin with a goal to finish them this year. When you connect your fuselages, did you cut off the antennas to reattach later? Or did you find that you were able to get the seem to sit with little step and so, didn't need a lot of filler/sanding? Thanks, Scot
  13. Hey B-One. I think I have an older Monogram style ALQ-119. I'll send you a pic when I get a chance to dig through the spare ordinance box.
  14. Greeting friends. My F-117 canopy got crushed a while ago and I’d like to get a replacement. Does anyone have a spare in their parts bin?
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