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  1. Hey all, sometime ago, I had broken off the refueling probe on my 144th scale EA-6B. I’m hoping someone might have a spare they could part with so that I can fix the loss. thanks in advance scot
  2. I did try a search but my keywords weren't helpful 🙂 I shift between digital, paper, and plastic kits as I get hot and cold results on my builds. Because of this, I sometimes go a few months between airbrush use, and therefore do not build up enough experience to set into memory the troubleshooting tricks needed to get pressure and dilution ratios right. I had found this helpful youtube video that did a good job of demonstrating what to look for when your dialing in your brush before a project. I'm curious if there is a "printable" cheat sheet with these or examples like these
  3. Hello Shawn, a quick question as I recently picked my S3 and ES3 back out of the "started" bin with a goal to finish them this year. When you connect your fuselages, did you cut off the antennas to reattach later? Or did you find that you were able to get the seem to sit with little step and so, didn't need a lot of filler/sanding? Thanks, Scot
  4. Hey B-One. I think I have an older Monogram style ALQ-119. I'll send you a pic when I get a chance to dig through the spare ordinance box.
  5. Greeting friends. My F-117 canopy got crushed a while ago and I’d like to get a replacement. Does anyone have a spare in their parts bin?
  6. So, a couple of interesting developments on this topic and many thanks to DNL for your help. First, I tried to scan and print my own decals ... The sheets were expensive, the scans ... not good. I tried grey scale, black and white and color and none of them were very "good" even at 300px. Then what did come out okay, didn't look much better after sealing with varnish. SO, no. However, I must say, in the midst of COVID, from across the pond, and with no insistence on proofs or whatever else, Brengun stepped up and made another sheet available to me. I'm not going to put them ou
  7. Coming up next on my bench is the Revell EF-18G Growler. The decals my Revell kit came with though have some damage (I got the kit recently second hand). Before I get too far down the rabbit hole and discover that my kit's set is too far gone, I want to find out if anyone has a decal set that they'd be interested in selling. I realize there are limited options out there in this scale, and shopping the internet shows most sets as out of stock. Anyone have a line on a set they'd be interested in parting with?
  8. Hi all, I’ve heard many modelers post about blue-tac or “blue tacky“ or a putty that they use to hold parts for paint, masking, or assembly work. is there a particular brand I should shop for? I don’t want to be mistaken and buy something that won’t release or will leave a residue.
  9. I’m afraid the 30 year-old decals of my Shanghai Dragon F-117 has discolored and probably won’t survive the water bath. So I’m looking for options to replace them on my current build.
  10. Well, I was warned and I tried to adjust, but when I went to apply the kit decals to my Attack Squadron RQ-8B firescout the color of the decals blended right into my lightened gull grey paint. Not only that, but two of the first four decals disintegrated as I transferred them. I feel that I’m left With the only option to scan/recreate the sheet - with a darker coloring and print them myself. So I’d like your advice on decal paper. I’ve been burnt by false ratings on amazon, so I’d rather trust fellow modelers when I can.
  11. Wow thanks a lot DNL! That was way faster than I expected. Truthfully I got my kit off eBay and along with no instructions, the kit had lots of damage. But with few options now that they aren’t in production any longer, I worked with what I had. PM sent.
  12. I could really use some guidance on the rotor assembly of Attack Squadron's Hunter UAV drone. If anyone has gone down the road to build this before, hopefully you can lend some help. From what I can tell from this photo of the instructions, the 3D printed part is the central hub to which the rotors attach. This part fits onto the rotor shaft which drops into the fuselage. Except, my rotor shaft has this three pointed structure on the top, and I have this extra piece which looks like the collective pitch control. Do the directions skip a part/step? I think the shaft attaches to the collec
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