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  1. Hi, I bought this kit at an auction but found out the fuselage and counter rotating prop had been assembled and glue bombed. With the exception of the under wing radiators and tail wheel doors, the other bits and pieces are available and still on the sprues. Landing gear, antennas, folding and non folding wings, 5 blade prop, canopies and everything else. If you need something from it or want it all, let me know. Joe Falen
  2. Hi Don, did rcaf come through with the throttle? I have a kit I’m going to toss and it has the throttle that I was able to pry off. If you still need it, let me know!
  3. Dang it I just sent a message for those same two P2V items, but you probably beat me to it
  4. I think the pylons you are looking for are the inner pylons with the metal pin, correct?
  5. I might be able to help, I have some Tamiya sprues. Would you know the part numbers for Tamiya?
  6. Here is the actual sheet, the VC-3 aircraft is the only -5, the other two are -4. I’ll send a PM
  7. Hi, I have Eagle Strike 48223 which has Korean War -5Ns if you are interested.
  8. Eduard has set 48-134 for the P-51 and A-36 including dive brakes. I have a set but might get around to using it one of these days. Looks like they are still available relatively cheap
  9. Dang, I thought this was a new post 😂, I was ready to order some decals!
  10. I don’t have those sets, but I have Superscale 48-398 with a Dyess jet and Fox One 48-008, stencils. Also have SAC metal gear and Royals Resin wheels if you need those. Let me know if any of those would be useful and we can make a deal. Joe Falen
  11. Thanks Gusm, strange how thus worked out. I'll message you with my address.
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