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  1. If you have one of these hit me up, can buy or trade, shipping to Florida.
  2. Pep

    Looking for: !/32 Academy F-16I Sufa exhaust

    Can’t save them all Anthony.
  3. Pep

    Looking for: !/32 Academy F-16I Sufa exhaust

    KASL one is really good! I think it might be available directly from these guys http://www.hobbyworld-usa.com/Store/index.php?id_product=2428&controller=product&search_query=Kasl+f-16&results=49
  4. seems a bit off topic? maybe try craigslist?
  5. Amazon or eBay, I use oracal 631 if I’m not mistaken
  6. Hello all, I'm in Belgium for the summer and brought with me a tamiya F-14A that I was planing on working on but have not had a chance. If anyone is interested MP me.
  7. This includes the kit too?
  8. Pep

    Multicast F-16D conversion for the Tamiya C.

    You don’t need a conversion set Swimmer. Just a hasegawa doner and a resin cockpit. Prerynimple to do.
  9. haha noticed that too, shouldn't be too hard to correct, but still pretty major!
  10. Which one do you need exactly? PM me
  11. Any room left? You could add a Dominican bird :)
  12. Pep

    The Latest from Wolfpak Decals

    I like the Tucano but who makes it in 1/72?