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  1. It is true, but I had access to good price glass at the moment, and was able to design the cabinet with the right size to fit the space I wanted to be on. Another advantage is that I made it "dust-proof". I haven't cleaned the cabinet since I put it the first time about 6 years ago and the kits are still clean. When will I be able to do another replica? Who knows?
  2. You can always build one yourself. I designed this using stainless steel with a bottom and top cabinetry from IKEA. It can hold 40-50 1/48 kits.
  3. Of course. But, I will be able to do it until tomorrow night. Juan
  4. Hi, I got my kit today. Wow! Wow! I have to say this is the most amazing kit I have ever owned. The details are simply amazing. If you like the subject, buy one, two or three. You won't be disappointed. My opinion is just based on the details, I can't tell about the fit because I haven't built it yet, but I believe it is worth what I paid for it. You don't really need any aftermarket at all, not even decals. Overall is a 10/10 kit. Thanks, Juan
  5. It’s finally available to order in Hobby Easy. It means they have it in n stock I guess. Juan
  6. Why am I not surprised? They did it already multiple times. We will get it when we get it. Juan
  7. Maybe I have been lucky but I have used the 7xxx series with no problems. I have used the Mig-29 colors, Su-27 and recently on a Mig-31M. In addition to that, I almost never use primer prior to paint. However, I recognize that the 6xxx series spray better. In general, I prefer lacquers or enamels over acrylics. Juan
  8. HI, I have a 1/48 Windmark Su-35 conversion with and Academy Su-27. I already did the cutting for the front fuselage and added the nose. See photos below. There are some additional resin parts from a Sol Su-35/37 I used before including exhaust for a Su-37. I am asking $60.00 for the whole package. Thanks. Juan Solorzano
  9. I got two kits, the one I got from Sprue Brothers today is fine, the one I got from Lucky Model has the same problem as described by Helmsman above. Easy fix, I don't know. Juan
  10. Hi all, I have an Iwata Kustom Eclipse CS with a brand new Harder Steenbeck 10' Braided Hose with Adjustable Air Valve and Quick Connect. The airbrush has been used once or twice, but it is in brand new condition. See photos below showing their condition. Asking $220.00 for both. Thanks, Juan
  11. Hi, Would you mind telling me what Akan Sukhoi cockpit color you are referring to? Thank you. Juan
  12. Sprue Brothers have it for sale right now. Check it out. Juan
  13. Release date changed again to December 24th which will be more likely changed again.
  14. Bad news, they already changed the release date to 11/30/2020. I hope this does not follow the AMK way. Juan
  15. This looks great! And I believe the price is right for what you get. Eagerly waiting for mine. I just hope Hobby Easy won't change the availability date. Juan
  16. Hi Russian jet experts, What would it be the best kit for an early production Mig-31 in 1/48 escale and also, what is needed to make it more accurate? I believe the exhausts were different, but I am sure there is something else. Thank you in advance. Juan
  17. The kit looks great and I am looking forward to buying it, but with shipping over 60% of the cost of the kit in Hobby Easy, I am thinking twice. I wonder how much the price in Sprue Brothers will be if they ever carry it. I doubt Lucky Model will carry it since it is a direct competition to its own Su-33. Time will tell. Juan
  18. Thank you ijozic, I did not check the BM w/Kh-47 before, but the pylons are there. Now I am back in business. Juan
  19. Hi all, Still working on my Hobby Boss Mig-31M in a very slow way and I am trying to use the six R-37 that comes with the kit and four R-77 on the wings. However, it seems like Hobby Boss didn't bother (Surprise, surprise) putting the pylons for that option even though it was probably the most common configuration there was with the few that actually flew. Does anybody know if there any pylons available in any other kit or aftermarket that I can use? See this link showing the gray pylon I am talking about. I checked all the Mig-31s kits I have and none of them seems
  20. I think KH is damaging itself with this type of errors that could have been avoided if they had paid attention to some details that make a big difference for the buyer. I kind of waiting for the GWH Su-27 "Flanker B", but can you do a Su-27SM out of the box with the Kitty Hawk kit or you need something else.? Thanks Juan
  21. I think it looks very nice, but I don't like the wings separate from the fuselage as their Su-35, but after tackling their Mig-25, I think I can do this one too. I imagine their Su-30SM would be as nice as this one and more likely they will get it out before GWH if the latter ever does one. It would be a treat. I wonder as many others here in this forum, what I will do with my Academy and Trumpeter Flankers kits now that GWH and Kitty Hawk will release theirs. I will probably buy more since the Flanker is my favorite aircraft. Juan
  22. Hi, I have a 1/48 AMK F-14D and one 1/48 Kinetic Su-33 "Flanker D" for sale. They are both in brand new condition. I am asking $135.00 shipped within the U.S.A. only. Thank you. Juan San Francisco, CA
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