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  1. Here is my U-47 that I finally finished last night. For my first non-aircraft model, I am fairly happy with how it turned out. Thanks for looking Ted
  2. Well I finally got it finished.............as usual right at the deadline. For my first non-aircraft model, I am fairly happy with how it came out. Thanks for looking Ted
  3. Purchased a kit from him without issue. Good Communication and item arrived perfectly. Recommended Ted
  4. Thanks Adam, The kit is 1/125th scale, and will end up being about 21" long. I can just imagine what a sub in 1/72 scale would take up on the display area. Ted
  5. Hello everyone, This is a very old kit, 1988 by the looks of it, and trust me from the amount of flash on the parts I believe it. I have managed to make a start on it (my first non aircraft model) hopefully I can do some justice to it. There is no raised detail at all on the kit, so the decals have to be used for all the instruments. I have got the majority of the interior done up This is a great idea for a GB, gets us all doing something different. Thanks for looking Ted
  6. Hi there everyone, I would like to join in with the following: 1/125th Revel U-47. Ted
  7. I have to agree with Jerry, overall your build looks good. I would suggest the additon of a panel wash to highlight them, and also the addtion of a nice weapon load would bring your A-10 to life. As Jerry pointed out keep building and enjoy it, otherwise its more like work, and we all know how much we enjoy work. Ted
  8. Nice I think we all need to do something like this. Great idea. Ted
  9. Your build is coming along very nicely. Fantastic work on a very interesting subject. :D Ted
  10. Thanks for the comments guys. I am fairly pleased with how it came out. Ted
  11. Here is my finished entry. Tamiya 1/48 Mosquito. Finished with MM enamels and some Tamiya Acrylics. Added PE belts, other than that OOB. The decals are from the kit depicting 487 Squadron. I hope you like it :) Ted
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