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  1. https://foreignpolicy.com/2019/04/04/did-india-shoot-down-a-pakistani-jet-u-s-count-says-no/ Unless the Pakistanis are playing an elaborate shell game, it appears the Indian claims of an F-16 kill are B.S.
  2. Because we can. And...The program spent the money on X-47 so they had to get something unmanned to justify the cost.
  3. Anyone build the CF-18A or F/A-18A versions, I'm interested in your extra parts for the 2 seat cockpit and C/D tails. I can buy or trade. PM me if interested.
  4. Exactly the opposite. F-35 is far more built on system integration. The F-35 is built on 2000s computer/communication technology F-22 was built on 1990s technology. The F-35 is a single glass cockpit with fully customizable displays. The systems are so integrated the pilot can have a "gods eye view of the battle space". It is by far the feature pilots like most about the JSF.
  5. The F-22 has a lower RCS than F-35. F-35 is still better than any of the 4th gen fighters, but F-22 is still the king of stealth. Also agree with TTYL. Restarting the production line for F-22 would be enormously expensive, so much so that F-35 would once again be the "cheap" option. Also not mentioned is the fact that F-22 production machinery and technicians have been moved to F-35 production. You can't restart F-22 without dramatically impacting the F-35 production rate. Given the current delays in JSF, I doubt anyone would accept further delays.
  6. Problem is most of the R&D money had already been spent. They are moving into the production and sustainment phase of the program. With an advanced super hornet you'd have to start flight tests from the ground up which would cost more money. Canceling get F35 now would be akin to canceling F22 after 122 aircraft. You've already invested the sunk costs. Cutting production just means you get less benefit for the investment you've already made. I love the hornet but JSF is the future.
  7. Because the plane isn't for Trump, it's for the President of the United States. After 2020 or 2024 we will still need a presidential transport regardless of how trump chooses to travel. Besides the planned replacement won't be ready until 2023 (at best) so trump will probably never use the new AF1.
  8. Anyone planning to buy this kit and not use the decals, send me a PM. I'd like to work a trade.
  9. That VX 23 scheme was the outcome of a squadron contest the CO ran a few years back.
  10. Darren, have you ever consider opening your home and charging admission? I'd pay money to see all your awesome Tomcat models! :)
  11. LANTIRN. Navy never bought the LITENING pod. Only the Marines.
  12. Mk 84's could be carried side by side in the tunnel. Your thinking of GBU-24's that couldn't be loaded side by side. (also a 2,000 lb bomb, but with larger fins/guidance)
  13. Nice job! Where did you source IMER from?
  14. More like a Boeing hoping that JSF would slip and F-18 could pick up the pieces. Denmark already rejected the advanced super hornet for the JSF. The IRST in the late stages of flight test and will likely be in the fleet in a few years. CFT probably won't happen with USN hornets this late in the game, as only 2-3 more lots of SH are planned. The concept is good, however the cost and time to test makes it prohibitive.
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