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    British rock, cars, biking, golf, triathlon, good movies, wines, beers & whiskies. Modeling wise: Russian jet aircrafts and products of the Grumman Iron Works in hi-viz. Both naturally in 1/72 scale.

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  1. Yeah, you're probably right.
  2. Wow, this such a gorgeous machine! One of my favourite types as well, it looks so brutal and menacing. I really do like the camo you've chosen for it. Apart from the widish panel lines (kit's fault naturally) it looks way bigger than 1/48, which of course says a lot about the level of detailing and the quality of build you've achieved here. After reading your WIP completely today, I *finally* realized I need this kit - even though it's not the M4. :) Hopefully my local shop still has one for me!
  3. The Paradise of Phantoms

    Ultra cool vid! Such a handsome beast. Nothing like the newer, sleeker, smoother modern jets.
  4. F-35 news roundup

    Well said there. But not just what comes to the sole issue of maneuverability. I've been following this thread with great interest but the praise this aircraft receives from certain parties and, on the other hand, the various stories telling the opposite I've heard just... Well, I'm just not convinced. Hopefully our own local review (i.e. the Finnish AF) would reveal something cogent, not just the usual marketing bollocks we seem to be hearing a lot. Sorry, I've got nothing personal against this aircraft, I just want to know more. Then again, I'm not in a position where I could get neutral and non-biased information. Please keep in mind that very few of us here are.
  5. PAK FA

    In deed! Took me about 30 seconds to realize that equation though.
  6. Photobucket

    The whole thing still feels unbelievable. The amount of work I personally and we all collectively have lost is just mindblowing. Surely I will create a new account for my new photos be it imgur or whatever but it doesn't change the fact that I've lost a LOT and given the limited time we have for our hobbies there's no way I can recreate links for my old threads. Shame. Even bigger shame that I've lost a huge amount of information from other people's builds. No wonder I lost my newly found mojo. Greedy Bastards.
  7. Sukhoi T-50-5R PAK-FA (finished 01.08.2017)

    Sure is!
  8. photobucket sucks

    Really!? I mean many people here have recommended choosing Imgur. What's the point of using (otherwise excellent, as far as I've understood) Imgur if it has such an annoying feature?

    As Berkut said!
  10. Su-34 - Trumpeter & Italeri 1/72nd kits compared

    Beautiful shots, Ken. Seems the canopy is off. I guess that can be said with certainty.
  11. Su-34 - Trumpeter & Italeri 1/72nd kits compared

    Thanks for the review, Ken. I had been waiting for one. Shame that one of my favorite birds still doesn't get the love it desires although it apparently is a much better kit than the old Italeri attempt. You praised some some details on the kit but how about surface details? Or the genuine accuracy of the "well detailed" cockpit etc. since I've noticed Trumpeter has a strong history in pseudo detailing where they put a lot of work detailing the gear wells, cockpits and bomb bays with completely fictitious glazing which looks good when you open the box. But really isn't that.
  12. photobucket sucks

    And that's what hurts the most. I don't make money out of this. For me this is just a hobby and they retroactively ruined a rather large part of it. Surely the plastic is still on the shelf, but all the photos of the building process which many have found useful (as have I too) are now gone. Surely business is business, but the way they executed the change was just unprofessional. They didn't even give any warning in advance. By they way, the ads were never a problem for me as annoying as they were.
  13. Test

    Reading all this makes me so freaking furious. Greedy bastards. Ruining guys' hobby for god's sake. I still haven't decide what to do for all the build logs. Because pay I won't.
  14. photobucket sucks

    Well, don't know about suing but I'm definitely disgusted about their new policy. They are retroactively, well, pretty much ruining my body of work here on ARC. I don't know how else I could put it. Because the fact is there's absolutely NO way I will pay this company 400 dollars per year so they can blackmail me like this. Surely they think many of us will since re-linking all those hundreds of old photos via new service provider would be almost impossible, but a policy like this is just pure extortion. I won't pay. So, goodbye Photobucket and **** off.
  15. Shameless Plug (my book is out!)

    Nice to hear! Congratulations on the book, which sounds extremely interesting. I thought I was more interested in the manned space vehicles themselves - and the moon programs - but now I realize my knowledge on the space stations is quite limited. Surely a lot of fascinating stuff on that field that most of us are not aware of. Also interesting to notice the coverage on Chelomei (as mentioned by some descriptions). In some books I've read he's almost considered as the bad guy of the story while the hero's part often went to Korolev. Certainly interesting to hear more of him, perhaps in another light. I take there are at least some photos as well?