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  1. I'm very confident we'll have a winner here. Good news.
  2. Thanks, never tried a dio before (apart from the childhood experiments...), but that's definitely something I should try.
  3. Yeah, I'm aware of the kit and was pretty surprised when it was announced. But yeah, this might be the only easy way to get Keke's car even tough the particular ride never suited his driving style.
  4. Sure looks much bigger than 1/32! Even the engine bay seems busy enough. I really like your work!
  5. 1/72 scale? I've had several of their Soviet weapon sets and I do remember the talk back then (when I was still using them somewhat regularly) that many of the weapons truly are underscale. Some missiles definitely are.
  6. Oh, this sounds so familiar. Actually, this sounds just like Trumpeter! I've had the exact vibes with some of their aircraft kits.
  7. Nice progress with your Ford! Good to hear it's a nice kit too since I've always loathed the box cover art. 🙂 That alternator is a gem!
  8. Neither have I. The closest possibility for such a situation would be something a la Su-17 or MiG-27 where some designator pod (like "vyuga") for AG missiles would be hanging on the other side and a rocket pod for balance on the opposite side.
  9. Always thumbs up for a Finnish MiG! Never heard about the decals you used but it's good to know there are options. I too had warping issues with my kit.
  10. Thanks! Still, every drawing I've found (even the better looking and detailed ones = Russian) seem to depict a line there. But, you seem to be right, there is no recessed line there: http://scalemodels.ru/modules/forum/img_1621265_1590310669_IMG_20170928_091747.jpg.html But there certainly seems to be a faint weld line. On the other hand, all the weld lines on the kit are represented as recessed lines anyway. On this case, since the line is so delicate, I might actually delete the recessed one altogether. So, thanks for the tip!
  11. I had naturally read all the ARC 1/48 Foxhound threads and although there have been views (at that time radical views in my mind!) that the HB is actually better, it was only when I really started building this kit and noticed that they really DID got some things better than AMK.
  12. Thanks! I think some of the additions are quite essential. I don't have the kit in hand right now, so I'm not sure which panel line you're referring to. Good for you, Berk! I'm trying to finish this kit before the autumn. In autumn. Let's say before the winter! 😄
  13. Several small exhausts (six, as far as I've been able to find) are located on the ventral fuselage. Some of these slightly protruding pipes are round, some oval - but none of them are included on the kit. At first I was just trying to represent them as mere drilled out holes but that just didn't look the part. I had suitable metal pipes of different sizes (electric connectors, actually) so they were used instead. Also missing was an oval hatch (in orange). It still lacks piano hinges on the bottom
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