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    Helsinki, Finland
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    British rock, cars, biking, golf, triathlon, good movies, wines, beers & whiskies. Modeling wise: Russian jet aircrafts and products of the Grumman Iron Works in hi-viz. Both naturally in 1/72 scale.

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  1. janman

    Eduard MiG-21MF in 72nd scale

    I like what you've done for the exhaust!
  2. janman

    Eduard MiG-21MF in 72nd scale

    Awesome! Very interesting and useful.
  3. janman

    Best 1/72 Su-25 A/K

    Hoping for that too since the Art Model MiG-27 I have looks quite crude despite of pretty nice detailing...
  4. Thanks fellas! I really appreciate your words.
  5. janman

    Eduard 1:72 MiG-21MF 'Fishbed-J'

    You could really think it's pure aluminium all the way! Great job!
  6. And they are in (not permanently yet though)! Unfortunately some heavy cutting on the bottom of the seats was needed for proper fit. Unfortunately because the loss of leg restraints. You won't really notice it - the busyness of the cockpit helps a great deal!
  7. janman

    Eduard 1:72 MiG-21MF; update 08/05/2018

    I really do like it a lot! The paint job looks perfect with those multi-shade panels, subtle weathering and the blue special markings. It's very possible that I can't resist getting the MF!
  8. janman

    Eduard 1:72 MiG-21MF; update 08/05/2018

    Looks so tasty!
  9. janman

    Eduard 1:72 MiG-21MF; update 08/05/2018

    That blue colour looks just lovely! 😃 The whole thing looks awesome! I really like the variation on the fuselage.
  10. janman

    The next project

    The main thing is that now they (the bays) look way better! The photos I've seen of Finnish bis never show any droop with the tank on. On the other hand I've seen photos of Czech MiGs with (some clearly non-operational, some quite clearly operational) the rear air brake dropped against the center line tank. I had an impression that some locking system was used there when a tank was carried, but I can't find any proof for that at the moment. As far as I remember one can't use the brake in this situation (which would be logical and safe!) but if it droops on the ground, it cannot be mechanically locked with a safety pin or similar (?). Perhaps the lever in the cockpit is at least protected from accidental use. The slight bulge ahead the front well, somehow I've missed this! Unacceptable from me, good work from you!
  11. Since it will be finished, you'll see it in person. That's a 100% fact! Last time you were here I was in a deep recession when it comes to modelling. And a year later came the Photobucket crash... Hopefully Imgur stays! 😄 But hey, I'm so close to the finish line this time!
  12. janman

    Eduard 1:72 MiG-21MF; update 08/05/2018

    Oh, that will be interesting - especially since that will be my exact plan too! I'm not sure what's your idea, but I'll probably try a later camo with local (flat) paints.
  13. Thanks fellas! I can recommend the Neomega pit wholeheartedly. The seats will need some heavy cutting but the level of details is excellent throughout. I've been fiddling with the landing lights lately. They all suck. They don't fit, are of wrong size, wrong shape... I lost one nose light for the carpet monster and one got stuck inside the nose. Great. Before that I had been reshaping the slippery bastards for ages... Anyways, some super and white glue, Molotow silver and Future will work as a remedy.
  14. janman

    Eduard 1:72 MiG-21MF; update 08/05/2018

    Nice! As good as this MF is I can't wait to see their bis.
  15. janman

    The next project

    Clever solution with the wing bays!