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  1. Have done some very small things recently, but at least there is now some progress to mention. Today I've finally managed to create something out of plastic after several days of googling. Here you can see a prototype for one of the bombs racks. These things can be loaded with up to four (three on the center) 250 kilogram bombs. Nine racks will be needed for a full load although at the moment I have 18 FABs to hang on them making two complete "layers". That just might do the trick since the Trumpy bombs I will using for the upper layer will need a lot of work to resemble the beautiful resin ones of which I have only a set of eight. To accompany them I modified one bomb from a Dragon bomb set. The rack still needs some smaller details including the ten grey boxes on its sides, see the upper left corner of the photo. Although I will have to check how they look like when in the bay with bombs on them. In fact those boxes seem to be missing from some photos of full bomb loads. Go figure.
  2. Tiny but beautiful!
  3. I also had another link somewhere in my old laptop in Russian language. I'll try to find it. I once built one of these birds. The old Italeri-based ICM MiG-29C with Authentic Decals markings and some Aires resin.
  4. But they did have something rather similar type during the Soviet types. The aircraft were not painted like the NATO or the US counterparts but there were certain elements (stripes, emblems, tail art) that were borrowed from the "enemy".
  5. Hmm. They are actually more pronounced and raised than I thought.
  6. Fortunately my LHS carries as well. I even expect the price level to be a tad cheaper.
  7. To each his own, but I would add at least these two things to the list: 9. Missing hinge lines on the lower side fuselage, at least four, possibly six. Very visible when accentuated with panel line wash. 10. Missing details on the front gear mudguard. All these can be fixed/added, although rescribing rectangular zig zag pattern for the hinges is a bit more complicated. Hopefully a good HB MiG-31 WIP build emerges as soon as possible so we can reach a true consensus. Just joking! There will never be no such thing. :D
  8. Awesome build with great details!
  9. Wow, doesn't that look gorgeous! The stressed-skin effect would really crown it. As a realist I naturally acknowledge the fact that there's no place in our house where I could store that thing as a finished model...
  10. Exactly. And exactly why we are discussing this. I would also like to see a WIP build of the HB kit. As I haven't seen one I've been trying to figure out kit's pros and cons here.
  11. Gabor, I appreciate your expertise on several Soviet aircraft. You have an amazing amount of knowledge and first-hand experience on them, so I was naturally very eager to hear from an expert. Okay, I heard it now. No reason to be offended, everyone has a right to think what they want. All this was purely from a modeler's point of view. I mean we have a kit that was "co-designed" by fellow modelers and supposed to be the best kit ever made of the mighty MiG-31. Then we have another offering from a company who's arguably known from slobby or lazy research and mishaped canopies. Suddenly the latter is more accurate! I don't remember when that has happened before so this is the only reason I was very keen to hear why. But one can not overrule the feeling factor either, we are people after all. Now, let's build some plastic kits!
  12. I don't see this pointless and I don't think people here are just for arguing. I'm very interested to hear and see the actual factual base on which the accuracy of the HB is leaning. Since the certain extra details it possess don't matter after all, it only seems to be based on some feeling. On the other hand, the same can possibly be said of the AMK kit as well. Maybe it's the engineering that has mesmerized me so profoundly that the more traditional HB kit seems a bit dull and technologically outdated. I really want to know. After all, I've never even owned an 1/48 kit before.
  13. I thought this forum is all about bitching?
  14. The bumps surely don't make the HB kit much better, especially when you have to sand off one of them anyhow! Probably more work with all the lost panel and rivet lines than adding them from sheet styrene. Same for those weld lines that even in this scale should be quite faint anyway. Again, how much of them will be destroyed when sanding off those two mould lines at the bottom. I still haven't found good close-ups so I'm not sure if they even are in danger. Fencers? You're talking about wing fences, Berkut? But you seem to be right. Hobby Boss seems to have some panels that AMK does not have. Same goes for rivet lines although adding more rivets is a piece of cake. I actually prefer less since often some of them are lost during the build and when you redo them they are different since you're using your own riveter. One thing missing from the AMK kit are hinge lines from several hatches, especially near the back fuselage.
  15. I for one have the B/BS kit and would prefer a Soviet bird, although an early Russian will do just nicely. Naturally the availability of references is a major factor here too. As a matter of fact I'm not that keen on building aircraft of today's Russia, as naive as it may sound. So are there some other dimensional issues on the rear fuselage that would prevent using an early exhaust with AMK kit? After market or an HB one for instance. Actually, I'm not quite sure where the problem lies. Surely the outer part of the exhaust is different but are there other differences too? Inside? Gabor, you mean the inner detailing on the outer part of the exhaust? It surely is devoid of any details but the outer surface just needs some scribing. Why is the HB more accurate? For me it seems, apart from the issues dealt earlier (mud guard, details on upper rear fuselage etc.), AMK can't be that much worse that one could say HB is more accurate. The marvelous engineering alone is an important factor for me but many inner details on the AMK kit (gear bays, ducting and its ribbing details), better weapons, non-vinyl tires and a nice cockpit are really impressive too.