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    Helsinki, Finland
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    British rock, cars, biking, golf, triathlon, good movies, wines, beers & whiskies. Modeling wise: Russian jet aircrafts and products of the Grumman Iron Works in hi-viz. Both naturally in 1/72 scale.

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  1. I guess it pretty fair to say now that it really shows.
  2. Ah, pure scale model ***n. Wonderful stuff, Chriss! You couldn't be more analytical.
  3. Indeed is! Will have to try out these new Foxbats. How did it go together?
  4. I had this! The exact boxing. Bought it from the Finnish Aviation Museum, but never built it. Around the same time I tried to build an Airfix MiG-21 with Finnish markings, but both were thrown into a trash bin. I was around 20 and thought this hobby is for kids. And here we still are. 😀
  5. Thank you for your comments. Here even a less steady hand works just fine since the pink "hermetika" sealant was usually applied very roughly. The pattern on the floor seems to be fairly common if one wants to do this on their model. I also added the red lever for the pilot's IP.
  6. I'll probably do a B since the kit sheet includes one (the one with blue bort nr., 72?). I want an earlier example. I actually would have preferred a Soviet bird but that would mean more work. I had some fit problems with the wings - still have. The lower part of the wing just goes too deep inside the top part and creates a rather nasty step both near the wing tip and at the LERX.
  7. The pit. For the colour I used AK's "Russian cockpit turquoise" which works fairly well. The photos are taken in natural light - which we don't have much here in the North in mid-November. Decals are provided for every single panel in the cockpit and they are quite accurate and fit almost perfectly. I'm against decals as instrument panels especially when we have such well defined and crisp details in the pit. On the other hand, it's impossible to paint the dials as well as they are presented in the decals so I opted for a hybrid technique. After major colours I picked up most details, switches and knobs with a tooth pick and a thin brush but also used some dry brushing. Most dials and certain indicators received individually cut decals (or in a group of two or three if feasible), which I sunk in their place with a heavy use of softtener. Now they just need some future as lenses. The radar display still lacks its traditional green colour. The cockpit still needs some slight weathering for the floor - and maybe some pink sealant. The brown leather toe straps for the pedals are a scratched item. A better look at the modified throttle quadrants. Now there's clearly two levers side by side with a different angle for right one. The handle parts probably need to be more dirty. The pilots control stick really needs the brake lever which I made from some scrap PE metal. The seats look quite good for my eyes so I went with kit seats - just like I planned in this OOB build. They are still in progress and will benefit from the PE harnesses that came with the kit.
  8. Hmm... Makes sense, although I found the slots being fairly well defined and if one follows the instructions and keeps turning the engine at the location it's meant to reside, the engine almost locks on when it hits that slot. Then again, we seem to miss even some very obvious things when building models...
  9. Excellent stuff, Zacto!
  10. I had to lift this sentence from your thread because in a way it reveals something essential in our hobby. The quest for a perfect kit seems like an eternal mission. There's something fundamentally Finnish in that sentence too. 😄 After all these years I'm always positively surprised when everything goes together like a dream. Wonderful work there. Stunning paint job and weathering!
  11. What a handsome machine! Seems I missed the WIP thread altogether. I know where I'm going next!
  12. Crap. I feel your pain. Just proves this is not as easy kit as it appears. Just reminds me of the recent Tamiya 1/48 Tiger I finished. Despite of it being a Tamiya kit, I still managed to put the gun and it's mantlet upside down and realized it only when I was starting to paint the whole thing... "Hmm... Every Tiger in this book has it's mantlet machine gun on the opposite side when compared to mine" Dang...
  13. Oh, what could that be? And you mean the ones inside the engines with flame holders? Or the "final" section, visible ouside?
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