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  1. Great work! I only now found this thread but will be following closely. It will be interesting to see your solutions. I've been toying with idea of building one myself for years now. I was thrilled when I found out there was a new 1/72 kit available, especially of the LM. But given the facts that these seem to rather rare and hard to get plus you'll have to pay a hefty price for them I've still not acquired any of these kits. I'm also aware they are far from perfect and your project further underlines this. My original vision was to show a finished LM with 1/72 Tomcat
  2. An interesting build! As an Flogger enthusiast I'm very eager to see if this is finally "the definitive" MiG-23 we've always been craving - at least in this scale.
  3. A special kind of aircraft and so nicely done!
  4. I'm a rather active FB user and I'm also a member of a couple of model related FB groups. One is run by a good friend of mine, but I rarely if ever participate in discussion. I have decided to draw a line there because I very strongly believe that a forum like this would be a much better way to discuss than FB is. I really enjoyed visiting the ARC forums and I still do, but it is a fact that finding a good and active discussion seems harder and harder these days. The smaller sub-forums are dying and it seems the traffic is low everywhere else as well. Ironically subjects like this
  5. So, even though I personally had different favorites along the six year long very thorough program, I guess this was the AF generals' choice from the start. I've of course followed the process from the beginning and since the HX program has been labeled probably the most rigorous fighter procurement program one can imagine where every possible aspect of the contenders' abilities have been evaluated against the demands of the Finnish AF, I'm inclined to believe they made the right choice. I mean there was only one candidate that fully represents the future while one of the planes, Gripen, was a
  6. Whatever it is, it's also very entertaining and a great joy to watch. Even if the subject itself wasn't one's cup of tea. 🙂 An interesting thread!
  7. I'm very confident we'll have a winner here. Good news.
  8. Thanks, never tried a dio before (apart from the childhood experiments...), but that's definitely something I should try.
  9. Yeah, I'm aware of the kit and was pretty surprised when it was announced. But yeah, this might be the only easy way to get Keke's car even tough the particular ride never suited his driving style.
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