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    British rock, drumming, cars, biking, skiing, good movies, wines, beers & whiskies. Modeling wise Soviet jet aircraft and US Navy birds from the 70's.

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  1. This of course begs a question: What kind of submarine? Or is it classified? 🙂 Happy modeling!
  2. Excellent work! I love your detail work.
  3. This really sums it up. They really are forgiving. I've had experinces where I've thought I have f***ed some larger decal really bad (wrong positioning etc.) and yet the decal has slid away nicely to a position it needed to be in. I've had the exact opposite happening with some other decals. True also that one does not necessarily need any solvents for sinking them into panel lines. I use it anyway cause Cartograph stuff can take it.
  4. Cartograph stuff is certainly much thinner than especially Tamiya decals. In my mind they seem to be delicate but always go on just nicely. In my experience they are very flexible and will adhere into recesses and panel lines like a dream. They are a certain kind of brand after all. I'm one of those who will always trim as much as possible, just my thing. Not always though and they have still gone on perfectly. They also can take any solution, I've never had any problems.
  5. A gorgeous model of such a magnificent looking aircraft. Certainly something I would like to try some day.
  6. I know it wasn't and it's actually been very interesting. Hence the second kit. Yeah, the size definitely is a problem in an average European sized room with their average furniture. I've lost most of the nice wing tip details on the Foxhound...😄 Well surely not the F-14 (if you mean AMK, I've followed with interest the thread here right from the start), but something from GWH: an early type 9-12. Clearly more compact than Flanker and probably an aircraft I like even more.
  7. Now that's clever! 😄 But I do wonder how the end result looked like. No one had ever mentioned you about a paint brush? 😁
  8. No I didn't, actually. But I went back and checked out! I just can't get enough of those box covers. Full of action and drama of war! Out of your lot, I have three kits: T-34, Hanomag and Panzer II. In addition I have a British scout car and M24 Chaffee. I got them as a package of five for 40 euros. A bargain for me, a helluva lot for "old toy kits" for someone else. 😁 I've been trying to get a hold of MiG-21MF (which had markings for Finnish bis, a version it of course didn't even depict) and AH-1G Cobra chopper. These were the first kits I really tried to make prope
  9. Thanks! Sounds about right since after my post I begun to think about my unassembled Tamiya shuttle and how it might be just a tad too small to be accurately represented in Lego.
  10. Some fine scratch building there, Andrew! The rear deck with all the towing equipment really rocks and the cable looks very convincing too. For some reason I've always had troubles finding true to scale chains but luckily you've succeeded better. Actually, on some builds I would have needed even finer chain (at least for mud flaps of my Lancia Stratos rally car). Great work with different lights too. All too often one sees headlights with reflectors painted with basic silver - which just is not bright enough. I have some Tamiya brochures where even the kit examples hav
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