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    British rock, cars, biking, golf, triathlon, good movies, wines, beers & whiskies. Modeling wise: Russian jet aircrafts and products of the Grumman Iron Works in hi-viz. Both naturally in 1/72 scale.

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  1. A very nice review, Gabor! Hopefully an F-13 will eventually appear too since this seems very pretty!
  2. Some kid would probably call it Minecraft camo!
  3. Damn, only now I realized it's carrying drop tanks. I had stared this picture for quite a while in the morning...
  4. I like it!
  5. That's a good looking probe!
  6. Crap. Seems I'm all late from the party. Brilliant work with the panels on the nose. And that seat! The cushion looks genuinely soft! Gotta start right from the page one and enjoy.
  7. As already mentioned, albeit probably with humor, despite of the markings, this is a very good looking Tomcat. Neat and clean build. Hard to comment on the panel lines since the sun shines directly on to my display... Who can not love hi-viz Navy planes especially if it's an F-14!
  8. That's a nice looking Sukhoi! AKAN paints or what?
  9. Such a handsome aircraft. A great model too!
  10. I hope it really is because of that! Awfully quiet here these days... A magnificent model! One of my favorite choppers of which I've always liked to make a model. Wonderful finish and beautiful markings from just the right period. I would be glad to see more of the cockpit because at least the seats look great.
  11. The bay detailing is Ah, no wonder you're are implicitly suggesting it being as easy as a pie! :D Well, the build continues. The bay is getting ready. Some small details still missing, but first I'll do some dry-fitting with the racks in order to see how much of the walls and ceiling will be visible after installing them.
  12. Wow, this looks great! Actually they both do! I've always liked your three-tone camos. This is one type I had a crush on a few years ago. Maybe I should build one too!
  13. "Casting. Now there's a thing I haven't tried for a looong time." Actually never. To be honest, I've never even imagined doing such advanced stuff. Although lately, after doing several scratched parts for also this project, I've had some distant thoughts. Just out of curiosity, could you give a hint of some good website for a beginner, 'cause you never know!
  14. That would be cool, but since the kit pylons are complete crap, it won't happen. Too much scratching already! :) Also, since the Advanced Modeling's resin FABs are sold out everywhere, this is all I got.