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    Helsinki, Finland
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    British rock, cars, biking, golf, triathlon, good movies, wines, beers & whiskies. Modeling wise: Russian jet aircrafts and products of the Grumman Iron Works in hi-viz. Both naturally in 1/72 scale.

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  1. A lot of variety there! And the last pic, just wow!
  2. So how is with Imgur's mobile app nowadays when I want to post photos here. Can't seem to find the BBcode link for embedding a photo. I'm very confused! EDIT: I figured it out!
  3. Yeah, I had bought this kit over a decade ago all the way from New York City. The store was supposed to be the sole hobby shop in Manhattan and although the selection wasn't that spectacular, I chose this kit since at that time I had been reading a lot about the Eastern Front and I knew this was supposed to be a nice kit with all the interior details like its bigger Trumpeter cousin. I also had read the fit wasn't necessarily that good and that many parts would have flash on them. That really was the case. Through the years I had tried to start this kit several times but to no avail. I still read about the WWII and now that my 7 years old son is interested in armour (we've watched movies like Fury and Saving Private Ryan and of course B of B TV series and he plays World of Tanks) I finally had the urge to tackle with this kit. This is actually my first proper tank model after chilhood's Matchbox armour. No AM parts were used but for the first time I used several MiG (or AK) weathering products. I also tried to achieve some streaking effects with oils - for the first time as well. My goal was a pretty fresh machine but with some obvious signs of use in dry summer conditions - somewhere in the Eastern Front. The only scratched additions are in the fighting compartment and in the engine bay. The diesel lines and some wiring and cabling were added here. Oh, and the antenna and its spring mount was made from wire. The turret was completely smooth on the surface so I used liquid glue to soften it up and then used an old toothbrush to achieve that harsh look of cast steel.
  4. I really like the dirty and worn appearance of the tank!
  5. I know many people don't like it with everything opened up but I really do. Wonderful job!
  6. Thanks for your insights, Gabor! Very unfortunate they messed up with these details.
  7. Been reading a lot about the program lately. Dug up all my books about the subject. So, although I think I know "everything", it still feels surreal so many years has passed. And we never went back.
  8. Awesome! I really like it! Perfect job with the weathering.
  9. Oh, you're quite wrong, sir. The planes might be based in Hungary, but since they are operated and paid also by several European nations - including Finland - that's the only scheme I'm interested in. Okay I might have a more special connection with this unit since I've visited the base, have got some unit related memorabilia and even the Revell kit I have is a gift from a guy who was working there as an officer. 1/144 is not my favourite scale, nor C-17 my favourite cargo plane, but if I'll ever get to actually build this kit, it will be with Heavy Airlift Wing markings.
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