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  1. Are you still looking for ACADEMY 12105 F-16I SUFA? Please contact me at lantien AT juno DOT com.
  2. Is it the first edition (88001) or the revised one (88001-A)? Thank you. Tim
  3. I have one. Please contact me at lantien AT juno DOT com. Thx. Tim
  4. I will check my stash and get back to you. I am pretty sure that I have it. I am mainly interested in jets and modern armor. Do you have the AFV 1/35 M60A1 for trade? lantien AT juno DOT com
  5. Is this what you are looking for? My link Tim
  6. In the world of model trading, DonG is the yard stick by which all of us mortals are measured. Thank you, Don, for the 2 recent transactions which were nothing but pure joy. Tim
  7. Hi Don, I'll take the F-86. Please send your email address for PayPal payment to lantien AT juno DOT com. If the F-100 deal fell through, please let me know. Thx. Hi phantom, Thanks for the offer, but you can keep the Golden Hawks decals. I'll have it wear Canadian camouflage markings. Tim
  8. Hi Don, Are the F-86 and F-100 still available? Thx. Tim
  9. I have a derelict assembled, painted Revell F4U, some parts missing. Wings OK. You can have it if you pay postage. For the wing only, I do not think that it would cost much. Tim
  10. I have the extended wings parts with your name on them, whether you have anything in exchange. In case you do, I am after the Trumpeter 1/32 A-7E clear parts, and the Monogram 1/72 B-1 nose cone. Please e-mail your address to lantien AT juno DOT com.
  11. I lost the clear part sprue of my kit. Whoever has replaced the original canopy and screen of the kit with Zacto set and have no use for them, I could certainly use them. I can buy, trade or take them off your hands for free if you are so inclined. Thank you in advance. Please email to lantien AT juno DOT com. Tim
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