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  1. So, to get me back in the groove, a McLaren MP4/4 originally to be built as Senna's car, but I was always a big fan of Alain Prost, so here goes. It's the DeAgostini Kyosho 1/8 model. Been of Japanese origin there is a ban in including tobacco lettering, I'll be using MSM creation full sponsor (i.e. Marlboro) decals and Autograph sets for the monocoque, nosecone, wings and tire scripting. there is so much room for hyper-detailing but I'll take it easy. Need a warm-up. I'll build it as the version used in the 1988 Mexican Grand Prix, won by Prost, my favorite driver of all time.
  2. tu22m3

    CD48016 - JASDF/JMSDF UH-60J

    Any news on this sheet? Thanks.
  3. tu22m3

    Happy Birthday !

    Why thank you Ghost, will do!
  4. tu22m3

    CD48016 - JASDF/JMSDF UH-60J

    Excellent!!! Will these be available in your website?
  5. tu22m3

    In the works: 1/48 JASDF/JMSDF UH-60J

    Looking forward on these! JASDF helicopters have the most striking schemes, if you include the CH-47J I could buy the entire production run hehehe! And I concur with rustywelder's comment on doing a 1/72 series, there are too many kits to play with, not only JASDF but also JMSDF and a bunch of Tokyo police machines.
  6. What maker is the kit? Hase, Academy, Revell? Thanks.
  7. tu22m3

    1/48 CH-53E build

    Outstanding Work, truly inspirational!
  8. tu22m3

    Red Cross/Venezuelan Mil helicopter

    "SERVICIO DE BUSQUEDA Y SALVAMENTO" = Search and Rescue Service
  9. Hello there: I was surfing mexican newspaper websites today and found a photo a helicopter I was unaware of, I'm certain it's a Mil-17 machine but instead of the glass/rounded/flat nose it has wire cutters and a radome almost identical as that of the Bell 412 family, on top of that it has a FLIR pod and a very nice paint scheme. Chopper belongs to MINFRA (Infrastructure Ministry in Venezuela) and the Venezuelan army has its own version: http://www.airliners.net/open.file/1165784/L/ I guess that during today you can still see the pic here: http://www.eluniversal.com.mx/noticias.html I have a pic of the SAR version but since it was taken by AP I guess I can't reproduce it here... Anybody has any knowledge/info of this version. Mouth watering over a scratch built model of this baby... Greetings from mexico
  10. Hi there: I scored big last week getting an old Revell F-15A in 1/32 for peanuts, problem is it has no instructions, by looking at the sprues it looks like an overblown 1/48 Monogram Eagle, but there are many other places where I'm at a loss, anybody around has the instruction book to sell or scan? I'm willing to discuss if a price is in the middle. Thanks
  11. tu22m3

    Abandoned russian aircraft

    ok this hurts....
  12. Hi all from Mexico: Here's a joint project (along with my friend and major Mazinger fan Ulises) for the Bandai Jet Pilder of Mazinger Z fame, it's a rather complex kit since in order to make it close to the actual craft, major surgery is needed. 1.- the first pic shows the cut in the underpan where according to instructions you add wheels (!)... we're putting a fan instead. 2.- the second pic show the work needed for the intake above the cockpit, it's simply too thick 3.- We will use a fan taken from a ATI PC videocard, it took almost a year to find the proper fan, not just diameter but depth and weight, and as an extra it will work. 4.-Taking Evergreen plastic we create the funnel where the fan will be housed, We will put styrene rods beneath to make it match the proper location. 5.- the lower surface will need major surgery, first with evergreeen plastic we cover the area where the fan and lower panels will be mounted. 6.- This is the look from above of the main fuselage, there will be enough room for connections and the instrument panels, also in the next update we will talk about the nose job needed to create the proper shape at front. see ya next time! Ernesto & Ulises
  13. tu22m3

    Monterrey, Mexico

    Hey guys, just as a complement to Mario's information, Hugo Alcocer of Monterrey Hobbies can be reached by email: monterreyhobbies@hotmail.com c ya!