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  1. El Lobo II would be a great Secret Squirrel B-52G, as it was the only one in the SIOP (I think that’s what it was called) camouflage. The greens, brown, White, & dark gray nose would be very different.
  2. I know the MC kit needs their $15 upgrade kit to get the wing fairings and extended & corrected tail gun. That set also fixed the nose shape to a degree I understand. What are other big minus points on that kit?
  3. Thank you no didn’t know there was a new thread, my apologies.
  4. Hello all. I have the Italeri boxing of the venerable AMT B-52G kit. My game plane is to build a Secret Squirrel plane from the opening night Desert Storm. Apart from the wing droop, is there any real advantage to the Model Collect Kit, or should I just stay with the Italeri kit? Thank you for the feedback.
  5. Will anybody your next 1/72 B-52 decals cover the Secret Squirrel G’s from the opening night of Desert Storm? I have the italeri G, and need good decals for one with the Salt treaty wing fairings.
  6. Hi all. Im looking for a set of Eagle Strike 32-046 for the F-86? I’m looking for a sheet to build ‘The Paper Tiger’. please email me atvette1701@gmail.com if you have a set. PayPal is waiting. Thank you. Will
  7. I'm looking for these in plastic, from the Academy Sufa kit. I am making a 1/32 F-16C Barak from the Isracast conversion & Tamiya kit (THANK YOU Patrick!) and I bought the Isra resin Python 4s... Not too impressed. Would prefer them in plastic. I can trade or send a few dollars your way. Please PM or email at vette1701@gmail.com Thank you. Will
  8. Tamiya gloss aluminum from the rattle can is a good match gor the laquered aluminum look.
  9. Alabama Air Guard Please. It's my home town crew, and I have wanted to build one of their recce F-84's for ever and a day.
  10. I've listed my 1/48 Fox One F-102 decals on eBay. http://shop.ebay.com/wrnjr/m.html Thanks for looking
  11. Hi all. Just doing a little housekeeping. I've listed my 1:72 Aeromaster Special Attack Squadrons decal set on eBay. http://shop.ebay.com/wrnjr/m.html Thanks for looking. Will
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