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  1. Well, I didn't dare say, but there's always the nice Scaleworx 1/48 resin conversion set while you wait.
  2. Never mind, Curt. Pretty sure that Haneto will have a new batch coming out soon. Those pieces are really awesome. Kind of figured it had to do with death, it's just that the term is quite of a strange language/verb tense mix, like "Morton", or something, isn't it? What nationality is this guy in question?
  3. Practical joke, I'll give you... Stupid joke I'd say.
  4. "Morted"...? Anyway, Curt, get the Fairy-Hobby canopy correction set for your GWH F-15C kit before is OOP.
  5. Oh, no; sorry. I meant my friend Mark Storin, aka, Mstor. Thought you were after the Zacto 1/32 Flanker canopy set.
  6. Oh, I was just saying - and I did ask nice. Well then, don't frown when you see this Jet Modelling section flooded with multiple threads about how happy ResKit make us. Will delete all by default when I'm appointed moderator, you'll see.
  7. My wife ought to suffer watching this! She'll surely get mad. Her sweet heartthrob... I've ordered spares from Hasegawa on a couple occasions, so I might as well try grafting a Hasegawa Tomcat nose onto my future Tamiya kit once I get it. Didn't order it yet in the hope that the AMK kit came out with its known issues fixed. Are the Tamiya and Hasegawa noses that off? I'd have never thought that it was the old Hasegawa nose the one which resembled the real thing more closely. It's good to know. I've ordered a couple of clear part sprues from the Tamiya kit in order to replace the windshield on both my Hasegawa kits.
  8. I got Zacto's 1/32nd scale Su-27 whole deal meal back in the day; didn't know that the canopy set was no longer available. Don't think I'd be building that kit for room space limit. Thought of publishing the whole deal on evilBay, but could spare it to you, Mark, if so you need it. Not quite interested in making a Bunch 'O Bucks out of it tho, just a fair price for you.
  9. Please, guys Let's not open a new thread with regard to how happy customers we are about ResKit because we might as well have a lot of new threads on the same subject, and that's just a broadband waste. There already exists a thread regarding how happy customers ResKit make us, so please, in future, refrain from opening a new thread on the same subject everytime there is a customer who's happy about ResKit stuff.
  10. So, then I'd split the Hasegawa radome in half, horizontally, in order to add the 2mm difference with plastic card stock, instead of sanding/levelling the step on the AMK kit, that is. 2-mil is a lot to tangle with. How do you think that would work?
  11. Funky shapes? Mind you elaborating further on, mister? These are the open ones for the Hasegawa kit, and the funny thing is that the picture of the inner petals for the open nozzles on the real thing which is at the back of the sleeve have got just as long an extension as on the resin bits. Strange grid, if wrong - which I don't think they are, could always be filled and sanded.
  12. Doing that would cost much more than the 20 quid asked by the CMK set, I'm afraid.
  13. Jazz, where exactly is this 2mm step difference between the Tamiya and Hasegawa kits located at? I don't think it's at the radome, right? Is it aft on the forward fuselage?
  14. As Mark has said. I vote for the Katran bits. They're awesome.
  15. Hi Lloyd, Bummer... if there was no luck on part of some modeller, you could still save the build by purchasing CMK set #4146. That a nice set.
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