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  1. So what do you think about these here? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Halberd-Models-F-14D-Tomcat-wheels-set-1-48/163850538667?hash=item262640ceab:g:QOAAAOSwCnBdcorc
  2. So what? You're quite a lot nosey. Mind your own business. And I'm not your friend.
  3. ^^^ Oh, why don't you just shut up for once, will you? For your info, that crook is now demanding goods be sent to Panama, not Puerto Rico. Or did you ever read me type I had sent to Puerto Rico? Turn the snark down a bit I'll give you, dweeb...
  4. Larry, Still pressed for time down here. My wife is going to check with her friend in New York whether she received the photoetch set. Thanks a huge lot for your assistance; as soon as I've got confirmation that the set is received I'll let you know. Cheers, Dignan
  5. And your point is? As if I'd have ever needed you to clarify that matter for me...
  6. Larry, hi Yes, I am. I'll drop you an e-mail as soon as arrive home. Thanks a lot! Dignan
  7. $121 + postage! I could purchase 3 KASL dirty wing sets with that - you talk about NOT creating wrong impressions... Think about this: had he been a modeller, Chuck Norris would have been TERRIBLY mad at the way AMK managed their info.
  8. If someone at the AMK camp had come and posted a clear picture of the kit's rear end a lot more sooner, like we are just starting to see them now - all of the sudden -, then I'd have pre-ordered. What did they do instead? Play the Happening Hampster on Facebook, which I don't happen to be a user of. Oh, but they disappeared from the face of this forum, which I happen to be a member of. Won't put up with that, not anyone, not any manufacturor; I don't care whether their kits are the best or not. So what's a wrong impression have to do with the whole it...? I received the Tamiya kit for free, as a gift from one of my best fellas. It's my prerogative if I want to spend $60 on some dirty wings instead of buying the whole AMK kit.
  9. I honestly don't think so, jazz. At a $60 price tag, I might as well get the KASL dirty wings for the Tamiya kitten. Or even go the Skuki road and purchase the AMK dirty wings from those of you who won't use them. Lucio's (Martino) thread has opened a new option for me to modify my collection of Hasegawa Tomcat kits instead. But I'll give you that the new input on the AMK kit has changed my mind with regard to those awful-looking hips. This could have happened a lot more sooner than September 2019 if AMK had wanted to, I guess. Now I'm kind of still angry at having been taken as hostage to the info regarding their kit - hence, I won't buy it just to teach them a very good lesson. That'll teach 'em!
  10. Muy bien, seƱor Terry...
  11. I'm still not buying the AMK kit because I'm not happy with regard to many other features in it. Let's say that the cons still weigh more than the pros in my scale. But I recognise that perhaps I was wrong in having put down the kit for its wrong shaped hips. Besides, it's quite infuriating the awful way in which AMK has dealt with their info. My interest sapped a long ago 'cause of this.
  12. Disclaimer: This is going to cause some stir, I think...
  13. Never mind, the song I was referring to was called Half Life, anyways... so...
  14. Need to buy this set for the Monogram Thud for a commission build. Cheers, Dignan
  15. Gary, wasn't there a song called Panel Life by Lacuna Coil? Or was it Heaven's a Lie...?
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