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  1. Have Matt McDougall or Phil Flory made an online review of the AMK Tomcat kit yet? I trust everything those modellers say with regard to a kit in their reviews.
  2. Don, I still remember me laughing like a madman when you posted that gif of a moving vehicle on a road with the line "They keep going on and on", or something like that... That one and Skull Leader's: "You would object to the cure of cancer" really cracked me up!
  3. Well, in my case, I will only resource to those pages to see the sprue contents when they're not available on Hobby Search. Anything they say regarding the advantages/disadvantages of the kits I just take them with a grain of salt.
  4. I don't know where he got this crazy idea about me having ever contributed with AMK, or having even offered to help them. Then he goes on about stating that I offered my expertise on the development of a C-17 kit, an aircraft I hardly ever cared about in my life ever since that subject existed. It's like the idiot's convention...
  5. That kind of music tho, I fell asleep at 07:34... The chief came slapping the back of my head to wake me up! Thanks a lot, shion
  6. Darren, I'll send you a PM as soon as I'm back home from work.
  7. Yes, but what brands do you use/like the most, Seb?
  8. Aleck Baldwin? Is this Udo Dirksneider from German Heavy Metal band Accept?
  9. Strato, welcome to the forum by the sea Sit down, sit down, sit down 'Cause you won't get away No, with us you will stay For the rest of your days, sit down As we relive our lives In what we tell you Let us relive our lives In what we tell you
  10. Chris, Thought Google Search would be my friend, but the only thing I was able to find was Armory's Perhaps the assembly and parts would be alike? If not, why don't you drop Illias a PM; he uses to sell the North Star 1/48 tow bars.
  11. Darren, think there's nothing like the stabilator trim tab adjusted all the way up in a parked Scooter; being able to depict that feature in a 1/48th scale A-4 kit makes it look like night and day. We're headed for a two-week stay in Bora Bora the wife and I in just five hours, so I'd rather get going. Have a great New Year's Eve day, you and your folks. Cheers, That's delusional to the max, but you might as well believe it if it makes you happy.
  12. Must have been three to four months now since I've signed in, but I've been lurking on here for what ought to have been over 8 years now. What's your point with that, exactly? Sorry, what was it that I didn't acknowledge of the last bit of your post, the mention that you don't think anyone here is saying that I can't express what is on my mind and be honest? What members, longtime members including yourself, have a problem with is when other members feel that they can demean or speak without any tact or decorum? I've been just called an idiot and I didn't even sweat it, in case that you didn't notice it - that's the difference. Is it worthy to you now?
  13. AKM? Are Martin and Sio renaming their company so that no one would associate their last campaign failure to their new releases? Clever acronym, tho... Well, the B might get to be released in 2060, provided they started working tomorrow morning, I think. As for the A, I'm quite afraid it will never happen after GWH release theirs next year.
  14. Zach, I really can't believe what I read on your post, sincerely. I think it was precisely the AMK Tomcat thread in general which has fueled a lot of what you say to have noticed on it. It's not a bit what you affirm that it has always separated ARC from other forums, though; I wholly disagree there. It will just suffice to compare the abovementioned thread here on ARC with that on Britmodeller, for instance. It's been a long while since the AMK Tomcat thread was closed on Britmodeller - and it only reached to page 52 on the Brit joint - whereas it was already on page 140 + on here when that happened. On ARC by now it has reached an unprecedented post count and pages seldom seen before on any other threads were it not for a joke thread like Moai Vincent's, for instance… And what is the thread still open for today on ARC? So that someone reaches page 300 for their free kits, this endorsed by the very same manufacturers of the thread subject? Tell me, what else did you expect? After all of the lame drama that the thread has witnessed it's still kept open for that? Oh, by the way; you might as well go read what was posted by the same people that are regarded as civil today; just for a laugh (and a big sigh). Everything which is trickling to other subjects is just related to AMK if you cared to go check. And what else do you suppose this happens for?
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