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  1. Thanks A lot it is very informative, although still a bit confusing, since the color profiles in the second link do not match (as far as I understand) to the text in the first link… any way, thanks for sharing yossi
  2. Hello according to Eduard instructions, Pierre Clostermann Tempests JF-E were marked as follow : NV 724 - black Spinner, Lorraine cross on the right side. NV 994 - Red spinner, no Lorraine cross, “Le Grand Charles” writing on the right side. is this correct? Thanks Yossi
  3. Hell Working now on a Red Arrows Hawk, and I’m not sure regarding the ejection seats painting. the frame is grey, but are the cushions black/ dark grey/ dark green? any help is appreciated thanks yossi
  4. Hello looking for the HobbyBoss Red Arrows Hawk decals (kit 81738) Only. I have an Hawk kit , but just need the Red Arrows Scheme decals. thanks yossi
  5. Thanks everyone I’m not hunting for perfection, just want the best from what I can get… Have a great week and happy holidays to all yossi
  6. Thanks everyone for your detailed answers 🙏🏻 what is the bottom line? Buy the HB or wait for a new kit to come? yossi
  7. Hi from What I’ve read, in 1/48 scale, the best F-111E kit is the HobbyBoss ( although it have some inaccuracies)? is it correct or should I go for another manufacturer? thanks yossi
  8. Thanks a lot appreciate your help. happy modeling yossi
  9. Thanks Carlos I am asking because of the new Airfix kit. i think i'll wait, as you suggested. hope they will not dissapoint (as in the Meteor ,,,)
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