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  1. Hello looking for the HobbyBoss Red Arrows Hawk decals (kit 81738) Only. I have an Hawk kit , but just need the Red Arrows Scheme decals. thanks yossi
  2. Thanks everyone I’m not hunting for perfection, just want the best from what I can get… Have a great week and happy holidays to all yossi
  3. Thanks everyone for your detailed answers 🙏🏻 what is the bottom line? Buy the HB or wait for a new kit to come? yossi
  4. Hi from What I’ve read, in 1/48 scale, the best F-111E kit is the HobbyBoss ( although it have some inaccuracies)? is it correct or should I go for another manufacturer? thanks yossi
  5. Thanks a lot appreciate your help. happy modeling yossi
  6. Thanks Carlos I am asking because of the new Airfix kit. i think i'll wait, as you suggested. hope they will not dissapoint (as in the Meteor ,,,)
  7. Hello are there external differences between the DH Vampire F.3 and the FB.52? thanks yossi
  8. Wow !! perfect ! Wonderfull Job great looking 737
  9. Thanks Geoff I guess Well have to wait and see what will be in the Kinetic Box. Yossi
  10. Hi what Are the major differences between the A and the C? I think I saw somewhere the box art of this kit , and it says only C model. couldn’t find any information or preview about this kit. Thanks yossi
  11. Hi the 48ers on-line shop have the seats available: https://the48ers.com/f-100f-ejection-seats.html good luck
  12. lavony

    USN TA-4J

    Thanks a lot guys I have the MM international orange (which is FS 12197), so I think I'll use it. Yossi
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