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  1. Just an FYI, 26 Decals have released a sheet for the RAF Rivet Joint that includes those wing walkways http://www.26decals.com/epages/62035508.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/62035508/Products/STS44410
  2. Any time scheduled for release? I've got a kit waiting on those BAS decals! PS any plans for an Argentine option?
  3. The Airfix one is a lot more accurate, especially around the Sponsons and engine housing/exhaust areas. XV370 was Sikorsky built, but had most of the Westland features, like the bulge on the port side of the engine. I was looking forward to the Argentine option they hinted at
  4. Stinking Bishop, bought that once, better toasted.
  5. I know the artist. He says they are printed by Cartograph
  6. Good good - although someone sent me a link to a Welsh Models conversion for the same, which I hadn't heard of.
  7. And if you define combat as 'being in contact with an enemy aircraft' the Lincoln still qualifies http://www.spyflight.co.uk/linc.htm
  8. SAMI had it that Airfix were doing all three versions of the Shack - the moulds make it clear that's not the case (and you'd need pretty much new moulds anyway). SAMI are renowned for putting half-baked rumours in their magazine as 'fact'
  9. There were some conversion sets about to do the smaller engine - as the GA11s are converted F4s, you can use the rear fuselage from an F4 conversion
  10. PLEASE someone do a T-37, if only to stop the endless cries of anguish when a new kit that isn't a T-37 is announced!
  11. And a Rivet Joint conversion, with RAF Markings, please!!
  12. The targeting pod on the centre line is relatively recent for USMC, as noted prior to about 2008/9 it was carried on the wing pod. They also can carry an AN/ALQ-164 pod on the centre line: Note the gun pods arte not Aden pods, but hold a GAU-12 25mm gun in one pod and the ammo in the other.
  13. Thanks guys, the early RAF deliveries didn't have them but it seems they were retrofitted. Although ZZ178 was shown without the blisters last year: http://www.abpic.co.uk/images/images/1370642F.jpg
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