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  1. Any time scheduled for release? I've got a kit waiting on those BAS decals! PS any plans for an Argentine option?
  2. The Airfix one is a lot more accurate, especially around the Sponsons and engine housing/exhaust areas. XV370 was Sikorsky built, but had most of the Westland features, like the bulge on the port side of the engine. I was looking forward to the Argentine option they hinted at
  3. Stinking Bishop, bought that once, better toasted.
  4. Might tempt me to do a 1/48th if they also do a turbine one - all the UK military ones were turbine powered.
  5. I know the artist. He says they are printed by Cartograph
  6. Good good - although someone sent me a link to a Welsh Models conversion for the same, which I hadn't heard of.
  7. Dave Fleming

    AVRO Lincoln

    And if you define combat as 'being in contact with an enemy aircraft' the Lincoln still qualifies http://www.spyflight.co.uk/linc.htm
  8. SAMI had it that Airfix were doing all three versions of the Shack - the moulds make it clear that's not the case (and you'd need pretty much new moulds anyway). SAMI are renowned for putting half-baked rumours in their magazine as 'fact'
  9. There were some conversion sets about to do the smaller engine - as the GA11s are converted F4s, you can use the rear fuselage from an F4 conversion
  10. PLEASE someone do a T-37, if only to stop the endless cries of anguish when a new kit that isn't a T-37 is announced!
  11. People are getting worked up over a side view that is the digital equivalent of a fish eye lens. I know the people Kinetic have spoken to about this kit, I have a lot of confidence it will be on the mark.
  12. Knowing who Raymond has talked to regarding information, I have a lot of confidence this is going to be a good kit.
  13. And a Rivet Joint conversion, with RAF Markings, please!!
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